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HomeDNA promo codeHomeDNA Promo Code:

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HomeDNA coupon code

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An Overview of HomeDNA

Genetic testing is among the millennial mazes that have continued to gain ground in helping people know many things about themselves, and their relations with other people. The complexity of the DNA is so intense that are a composition and the basic root for almost every living cell. The DNA is the home for all the instructions which can also be called markers, and which give directions for the specific function which need to be run in the organism. With its intricate entrenchment in our lives, DNA tells who you are, your origin, and possibly, how the future will turn out to be for you.

Who Are They?

HomeDNA coupon codeHomeDNA is a part of the DNA Diagnostics Center which capitalizes on providing DNA testing services for various needs for the basic purpose of helping people. HomeDNA also sells DNA testing services and products which can be done at home, and without the need of a doctor.

The company has been in the front line to provide accessible and affordable services to everyone in over 168 countries globally. HomeDNA assesses more than 1 million samples a year, and works to help people discover their ancestry origin and other family relationships. The company also works to provide assess crime evidence on forensic basis. The company is also involved in giving back to the society by supporting the Innocence Project. Through this program, there have been more than 7 individuals who were exonerated from their incarcerations after more than 20 years of wrong incarcerations.

The company boasts of the many accolades and accreditations that it has received, being a world class facility with technology that is state of the art. Home DNA utilizes robotics to keep an assurance of quality results.
The company also assures the privacy and confidentiality of all its clients, with a secured facility that utilizes established screening protocols to safe guard your privacy.

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Why Should I Need HomeDNA Test Kit?

HomeDNA results are important for different reasons. You may want to know your ancestral origin, or know better about how you should take care of your skin. It also helps to establish a foundation that can help you to manage your weight thus providing you with the very answers that you may be looking for.

What Are They Doing?

They offer genetic testing services and make it possible for you to take a DNA test while you are at home, and in an affordable way. They empower you with the knowledge obtained through your DNA. The services provided by HomeDNA are proven of accuracy and competence, and are delivered in time. HomeDNA has competent laboratories that have received accreditation from AABB.

Top HomeDNA Bestselling Collection Kits:

HomeDNA offers 4 main DNA testing services through their online website.

HomeDNA test kit review

  • GPS Origins Ancestry Test

This ancestry test is a revolutionary procedure that helps you to find out about your ancestry through taking you back and deep into the genetic history of your family. Most of the tests that are done help you to determine your ethnic origin, and make a broad continental sweep of other parts of your DNA. GPS narrows down to combine the most recent genetic research with the new techniques employed in ancestral tracking to precisely point the origin of your DNA.

The autosomal DNA test is advanced and so targeted that it may get to the inclusion of a village or town where various groups of your ancestors from different cultures met. It builds a very vibrant picture of the migration processes that are a part of the deep cultural heritage, modeled from your cultural heritage.

  • HomeDNA Skin Care

This new HomeDNA DNA Skin test has been specifically developed to help you take off the worry that results from being unsure about how you can best take care of your skin. This test is based on the fact that you can identify the genetic potential of the skin in the following seven main areas: skin elasticity, the quality of collage, wrinkles and fine lines, sun protection, pigmentation, skin antioxidants, and skin sensitivity.

  • HomeDNA Healthy Weight

This Home DNA collection kit enables you to focus on maintain healthy weight with the right information about your genetic capabilities. His product check for your unique genetic make up, and then it provides the diets and the strategies for exercise that will prove useful for your specific genotype.

  • HomeDNA Paternity

This is the number 1 best selling paternity test in all of America. The test is meant to help you in getting a peace of mind in knowing who the father is. The testing of the saliva is done twice and by different lab teams to ensure that the results obtained are of the highest accuracy. The results only need one working day to be processed, and they are signed off by a trained PhD.

How It Works

HomeDNA works in a simple and direct way that can be done in a moment’s short notice. To starts with the process, you get to register your kit online. The second step is to collect a sample of your DNA and sending it back to HomeDNA. The third thing is to wait for the suggested period after which you will be issued with a confidential copy of the DNA results.

What Makes HomeDNA Different to Other At-home DNA Testing Services?

Unlike other DNA testing companies, HomeDNA offers direct-to-consumer testing and the patient will not do the sequencing by themselves. Unlike many DNA testing companies, HomeDNA uses saliva to test for your DNA, thus the process is totally safe for home use.

You also do not have to wait for many weeks to receive the results, since the processing takes a maximum of 7 days to receive the reports of the tests done.

A Few HomeDNA Customer Reviews:

A happy client is glad that her daughter bought her a HomeDNA test for her birthday. She says that she got the chance to learn a lot of things from her DNA. She is glad that HomeDNA has made the DNA testing process simple, since she did not have any problem with collecting the DNA. At last, she says that she cannot wait to take another test.

Another one of the happy clients says that although she never had done a DNA test before, she found the instructions to be very helpful and straightforward. She says that she bought a kit and collected some samples on the same day. And later she sent it by mail and then waited for the results. She says that her results arrived the same day that they were supposed to. What is more, she says that the results were straight forward and easy to interpret.

A Quick HomeDNA.com Review:

Website Layout

HomeDNA DNA Test Review

The layout of their official site: www.HomeDNA.com is simple and easy to navigate. The template sued and the images are of high quality, making the website quite appealing. Everything in the website is responsive and all the pages are easily accessible. The website has an option for changing the language, and a dedicated button for registering your kit. There are buttons for social media on the website too to allow you to connect. The HomeDNA.com site also has a blog which provides articles on relevant topics that concern DNA testing.

Shopping Processing

The process for shopping is quite easy and it is guided on step by step direction. While processing what you want to shop, click the “Register Kit” button. then respond by informing who the kit should be registered for. You then proceed to input a bar code that should be found on the kit you ordered for. The shopping process is straightforward, and can be done without any assistance.

Order & Payment

To order for any product that you need, simply visit the website and click on the commodity that you would want to use. buy the kit after which you will register it using a unique code that comes with the kit. Payment shall be done online through electronic money transfer, using Visa Card or MasterCard.

Customer Service

The FAQ is dedicated to helping people out on what they need to know about HomeDNA. Everything is clearly spelt out for you, so you won’t have to worry about taking the test. They have a support team on a toll-free hotline which is open for all. You can also reach out to them via emails.

How to Order at HomeDNA.com?

Make your order by simply visit HomeDNA.com and purchase the order you need. The process is simple and the website has a dedicated button for making an order. The process is simple, and what is more, please use our HomeDNA coupon code to get discount at checkout.

Special HomeDNA Promo Code:

HomeDNA promo codeHomeDNA Promo Code:

Save 25% OFF on GPS Origins Ancestry DNA Testing at HomeDNA.com!

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