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Medical technology has evolved a lot in the last decade. Many things are possible now which were seemed like a dream in the past. Getting tested from home is one of them. Now you can get genetically tested without leaving the premises of your house by using your computer. HomeDNA is making this possible. In this HomeDNA review, we’ll examine their easy at-home genetic DNA testing kits such as: Skin Care, Healthy Weight & GPS Origins Ancestry DNA collection test.

An In-depth HomeDNA Review:

Who is HomeDNA?

HomeDNA coupon codeHomeDNA allows easy and home based genetic testing that is simple, affordable and accessible. Their tests allow the person to improve their quality of life by knowing themselves better. You can buy their kit from their stores, or you can order it online 24/7 and get it without paying any shipping fee. Their lab is located in Ohio. Their DNA Diagnostic Center (DDC) was founded in 1995. They carry out more than 1 million tests in their lab every year.

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Why Do I Need HomeDNA Testing Services?

HomeDNA testing service lets you know more about your family tree. You can know which skin product is best for you, or you can correctly manage your weight. They have tests that also tell you about your parentage. These DNA testing kits are for families, ancestry, pet owners, animal breeders, forensics, and for the seekers of good skin and health.

What Are They Doing?

Home DNA testing allows you to get genetically tested without leaving your home. They send you the kit to collect the cheek swab and you return the sample to know your results. They have a lab where all the tests are carried out. HomeDNA don’t sell your DNA information to third party and keep your information 100% confidential. They are providing HomeDNA testing service at very affordable rates.

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Top HomeDNA Best Selling Testing Services:

HomeDNA test kit review

1. GPS Origins Ancestry Test

GPS Origins™ is the DNA test that lets you know about your ancestry. It tells you where your DNA began by using the new genetic research along with the new ancestral tracking technique. They report your ethnicity by looking deep into your family history.

  • It is the advanced autosomal test having 800,000 genetic marker, 862 reference populations and 36 gene pools
  • Cheek swab provides your DNA sample for this test
  • Privacy protected service; DNA is not sent to any lab other than theirs
  • Highly accredited lab
  • Easy instructions
  • Results are provided within 2-3 weeks

2. HomeDNA Skin Care

HomeDNA™ Skin Care collection kit is a new skin DNA test on the genetic level. It tells about your genetic skin potential that helps you take the most accurate treatment for your skin. You can take the help of the test results to use the most effective topical and supplement ingredients.

  • Home based test that is easy to perform
  • Cheek swab is used to collect DNA sample
  • Simple instructions
  • Results are available in three weeks
  • This test tells about seven vital genetic skin potential: pigmentation, skin sensitivity, skin elasticity, collagen quality, fine lines and wrinkles, sun protection, and skin antioxidants

3. HomeDNA Healthy Weight

HomeDNA Healthy Weight DNA test offers the best way to reduce your weight by using the way that suits you best. It identifies your unique genetic makeup and guides you about the right exercise and diet that will help you to reduce your weight.

  • Simple to follow instructions
  • Provides personalized fitness and nutrition recommendations
  • Offers you complete control over your health
  • Cheek swab is needed for DNA collection
  • Results are available within three weeks

4. HomeDNA Paternity

HomeDNA™ Paternity test is the America’s #1 selling paternity test. It tells you about your true parentage with 100% confidentiality.

  • Fast and accurate
  • Results are available readily
  • 100% confidential

How HomeDNA Works

It is simple to get tested at HomeDNA.com:

  • Go to their website and register your kit online
  • Collect your DNA as instructed
  • Send back the sample by following the guide
  • Receive your end results with 100% confidentiality

Check this video to know how to collect DNA samples:

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What Makes HomeDNA Different to Other DNA Test?

HomeDNA is different from others because of the following things:

  • Results are 100% accurate
  • Highly accredited lab
  • Confidential results
  • Easy to follow instruction
  • No need to walk to the lab
  • Postage-paid envelope for returning samples to the lab
  • Good customer care
  • Free of charge re-sampling if you have been failed to collect the enough sample in the first attempt

A Few HomeDNA Reviews from Actual Customers:

See what customer says about them:

Dawn said:

“My daughter got me a HomeDNA test for my birthday because I’ve never done anything like this and she thought I might like it. It was the best birthday present ever! I can’t even believe that I was able to learn so much from my DNA. You make this easy, which is great, and I didn’t have any problems with collecting the DNA or anything. I really want to do another test now but don’t think I can wait till my next birthday. It was really fun. Thanks.”

Julie said:

“I’ve never done a DNA test before, so I didn’t know exactly what to expect or what to do. But the instructions really helped make it easy. I got my kit in the store on a Saturday and took my samples on the same day. Mailed it off on Monday and then all I had to do was wait till the testing was done. Couldn’t have been simpler! My results were posted exactly when they said they would be, and my report was easy to understand. Thanks!”

Simone said:

“I was really impressed with HomeDNA. The kit told me what I needed to know, when to expect my results, how to log in to the website to see them and everything. What I liked best is that I didn’t have to go somewhere to get my blood taken. All I had to do was swab my cheeks and mail the samples to the lab. It was great getting update emails, so I always knew the status of my test every step of the way. I’ve already recommended this to two friends. Thanks for everything.”

Quick HomeDNA.com Reviews:

Let’s have a glimpse on a quick HomeDNA.com reviews:

Website Layout

HomeDNA Review

Homedna.com is the very user friendly website that is easy to navigate. All of its products are present at the top bar categorized as the following: Ancestry, Health & Beauty, Pets and Products A to Z. At the end of the web-page, options like Contact Us, About Us, Connect with Us, and Blogs and News are present.

Shopping Processing

Select the product that you want to buy. Add the quantity and click on the ‘Add to Cart’ button. You can also find your nearby stores. But buying it online provides you with extra discount. To see your cart, click on the cart icon present at the top right corner of the web-page. You can proceed to checkout or continue shopping. If you have any promotion code, apply. You can use our promotion benefit to get up to 25% off. Enter you shipping and payment information and confirm your order.

Order & Payment

When you finish ordering, you will get the confirmation email. The DNA kit will be sent to your provided address. You can easily check your order status whenever you want by log in to your account. They don’t accept checks or cash. But you can use your following cards: MasterCard, Visa, American Express, PayPal and Discover.

Customer Service

If you have any general enquiry, you can visit their FAQ page first to get the answer instantly any time: https://homedna.com/faq. If your question is not present at the FAQ region, you can call them at 1-800-281-2916. They operate from Monday to Friday 8:00 am to 5 pm EST. Saturday and Sunday are off days.

Online Support

For online support, you can fill in their contact form https://homedna.com/contact . You can also email them at contact@homedna.com. All your queries will be answered as soon as possible.


How do I purchase my test?

Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, and PayPal, all are accepted at HomeDNA.com website. You cannot pay through cash or personal checks.

Where do I send my DNA samples?

They have a highly accredited lab where the tests are carried out. Not all the tests are handled at DDC. It is specific for the products; you can check the kit instructions for details.

What happens if my sample fails testing?

If you have collected small amount of cheek cells then they cannot run the test on it. You need to submit the sample again if that’s happened. You will not be charged for it; only your results will be delayed. If you want your results soon, it is important that you collect good sample at the first place. Read the instruction given with the kit carefully to avoid this situation.

HomeDNA Review – Bottom Line

HomeDNA.com is the best place to get the ease of mind by knowing your genetic constitution. You can know your ancestors, parents and even get the proper insight of your body to know what’s good for you and what’s not. Order your DNA kit today and avail the best advantage. Get up to 25% off on your orders today by using our HomeDNA coupon code below.

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