Top 5 Best Online STI Testing Services

STI testing becomes highly important when you have unprotected sex, even for once in a while. Formerly, it was a process of embarrassment and due to lack of awareness; people didn’t use to talk about this topic much. But, now things have changes and STIs are not considered as taboo any more. People know that anyone could get the infection anytime. STI testing services are now available online as well. This article will guide you about what STI is and what are the best online STI testing services.

Online STI Testing Service: What You Need to Know

What is STI?

STI or Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs) as the name indicates are the infections that transfer from one person to another during unprotected sexual contact of any kind. They can also be transmitted through other modes as well like kissing or getting in touch with the bodily fluid of the infected person in any way.

Why Should I Need to Get an STI Test?

Best Online STI Testing Services

Getting tested for STI is highly important if you have had unprotected sex, have a new sex partner, or you have multiple partners. The problem with the STI is that their symptoms don’t appear immediately. They could remain silent in the body for years and show their presence when things get out of your hands. Most people have STI but they are unaware of it. STI testing is the only way by which you can know if you are infected.

Pros & Cons of STI Test:

There are many pros of getting online STI test:

  • Simple and easy to follow procedure
  • No travelling needed in home based kits
  • Online STI risk checkers on the testing websites allow you to evaluate your current STI risk
  • No need to visit the STI clinic that means no embarrassment
  • Test can be taken multiple times without any trouble
  • Urine sample is suffice to get tested
  • STI test is delivered to door, and results are often posted to home or emailed

Cons of STI testing online are as follow:

  • Accuracy is not 100%
  • Error and contamination while taking the sample could cause problem in results
  • Postal delays can lead to misleading results
  • Medicine is still required if the test comes out positive; doctor’s consultation will be needed
  • Medical advice is needed if you are already taking any kind of medicine

How STI Testing Works:

Online STI testing can be performed at the home. The testing service provider will send the self-testing kit that contains a container. You need to collect your urine in the container and send it to the lab of the service provider. After testing your sample, results will be provided through the mode you select. You can receive the result on text, on email, by post or via phone call. However, treatment is not offered by many providers and you need to visit the doctor if your tests are positive.  Other than that, it is also possible to order a test online and then visit the offered lab to provide your sample without any appointment.

Check this video for more information on STI testing from MLHU:

How Can You Get Tested for STI?

There are number of ways by which you can get tested for STI. You can go directly to your doctor and ask them to suggest you a test. But this way, your test results will make their place on your medical records. You can also take the services of the online STI testing services. Their benefit is that your identity would remain hidden.

What to Look for While Choosing an Online STI Test?

When you are selecting an online solution for testing STI, there are certain things to check. Online world is misleading and many companies make false claim of accurate results. However, by checking these signs you can save your money and time and make the most from any online test:

  • CE quality mark is the assurance that testing kit is sealed; go for it
  • If you think that test quality is not up to the mark, don’t use the kit; it could lead to infection
  • Always check for the expiry date
  • Poor quality testing kits could be reported to Yellow Card Scheme
  • Follow the instructions properly to get the best results

The benefits of taking online STI test are vast. It has made things easy for the people who don’t want to go to the physicians directly because they are embarrassed of their sex life and the risks it carries.

Where Can I Find an Online STD Testing Near Me?

Here given are the top best online STI testing services that allow you to get tested online:

  1. STD Check allows hassle free STD testing nationwide with its testing centers. You purchase the STD test online and go to any of their testing centers without an appointment. You give the sample and go home. Your results are provided to you directly; if you turned out positive, nothing will go to your medical records. There is no need to include your insurance company as well to remain anonymous.

Key Features:

  • 100% confidential testing; your identity will remain hidden
  • You can get tested for STD at the same day you order
  • Around 45,000 testing centers are located around the nation
  • Testing takes only five minutes
  • Results are available in a day or two
  • Every test is FDA approved


At, all the rules of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) are strictly followed. All the transactions are made securely and data is encrypted at There are no waiting area at the lab testing center, just walk in and provide your sample. Also, unique identification code and you don’t need to provide your name or any other information when you walk in. Your urine or blood sample can be taken. Even the lab technicians collecting the sample don’t know what test to be performed on the sample. On every level, your privacy is maintained.


At, you cannot use your health insurance. It is not accepted because of the privacy issues. STI testing records could go the medical record directly when your insurance company is involved.


A comprehensive STD testing package of 10-test is available at $219.00.

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  1. STD Test Express is one of the national largest online STD labs. STD Test Express works by bringing a team of medical expertise of Analyte Physicians Group to you. The team is smart and keeps your data private. The rates are also highly competitive. It is basically a test center plus health clinic that has checked more than 120,000 people for STD. Also, this test center has connected 16,000 STD patients to the treatment through their own doctors or by providing reference to the local physician.

Key Features:

  • Over 4,000 testing clinics located across United States.
  • 100% confidential testing; your identity will remain anonymous.
  • Taking sample will take less than 10 minutes.
  • Accept insurance covers.


Privacy is cared a lot at STD Test Express. On your email and credit card statement, name ‘AGP Services’ will appear; AGP operates and designs STD Test Express. As the team is working on numbers of diseases and conditions, you won’t find anyone waiting for you in the waiting room. Visit the center and get tested without any trouble.


STD Test Express covers most of the insurance plans.


You may only pay $65.00 if you have insurance covers. The STD test packages start at around $140 for the most common STDs.

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  1. Plush Care

Plushcare allows you to get the doctor’s appointment from anywhere at any time; on the given time, meet the doctor on your computer or phone. Get your prescribed medicine from the pharmacy near you. They also offer similar service for STD testing.

Key Features:

  • Order your test online
  • You can take help from the care team if you don’t know which STD test to select
  • Personalized lab order will be provided that can be taken to the lab
  • Taking the sample will take only 15-30 minutes
  • Results will be provided within three days or less
  • Doctor will also prescribe the medicine if you turn out positive


The company is HIPPA complaint. A private electronic health records system holds all the electronic medical records. Their staff is highly trained to keep all your information private. All other data base or web portals they are using are HIPPA compliant.


PlushCare covers most of the insurance plans.


You need to pay $99 that covers all; there is no hidden fee. You only need to buy your prescribed medicine.

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  1. Personalabs offers easy lab testing service. No need to include your insurance company or have the doctor’s permission, you can order your own test. They offer more than 300 tests to select from.  They have huge variety of tests from heart disease tests to the STDs testing.

Key Features:

  • Around 300 tests to select from
  • 2300 patient service centers present nationwide
  • Quick results time
  • Results are sent to your account
  • Top class customer care


They are HIPPA compliant. Your information will remain secure with them. Your personal data will not be given to any third party.


They accept payments through PayPal, Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, and HSA/ FSA cards.


Comprehensive STD blood test is offered at $251.00 that covers most of the STDs. Other STD tests are present from as low as $44 to $300.

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  1. Walk-In Lab

walkinlabWalk-In Lab offers convenient lab testing service for different kinds of tests including STD. You can order your test online. They have a contract with LabCorp and Quest Diagnostics; that increased their lab location numbers to 3,700. Home test kits are also available. If you want to select this option, you can go for it.

Key Features:

  • In lab plus home testing kit are available
  • More than 3,700 labs are available nationwide
  • Results are available within a day or two; some test results may take even longer
  • Confidential lab record could only be accessed by you
  • Lowest price offered


All the HIPPA policies are strictly followed. No one can access your results without your permission. Your payments are also secure as they are partnered with Braintree.


No insurance is needed as the tests have around 85% lower rates than normal lab tests.


Essential Blood and Urine Test Panel, 9 Tests, is available at $199.00 only.

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How Can I Get at-Home STI Test Kit?

You can also get tested by sending your sample to the lab by staying at home. You don’t need to visit the lab. There are two best companies that offer you to easily collect your sample at home and send it to them for testing. You get your results directly and privately.

  1. MyLAB Box

myLAB allows you to get tested for different STDs from the ease of your home. They offer affordable testing service. Depending on the type of test, you need to provide swab, urine, pin prick blood. They also present help if the test turns out positive. Free phone consultation is offered with the physician.

Key Features:

  • Tests are offered for 10 different STIs
  • Test kit arrived in unsuspicious box
  • Free return shipping to the lab that tests your results
  • Results are available within 2 to 8 days
  • Free doctor’s consultation


The testing is 100% confidential at myLabBox. Also, none of your data is given to any third party.


They don’t accept insurance to keep the privacy of the user intact.


MyLabBox testing is a bit cheaper than others. Gonorrhea and Chlamydia tests start at $79; while HIV test starts at just $73. Their 8-panel home STD test pack is available at $269.

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  1. LetsGetChecked

LetsGetChecked discount offers home STD testing kit for the most common STDs including Hepatitis C, Syphilis, Gonorrhea, Chlamydia, Trichomonisis, HIV and Herpes Type 2. You can send your sample by using their home based testing kit. Urine, swab or pin pricked blood could be used for testing depending on the type of the test.

Key Features:

  • Tests for different STDs
  • Discrete packing so nobody can know what’s in the box
  • Easy sample collection
  • Simple to follow instructions
  • Free consultation when test appear positive
  • Results are available within two to five business days
  • Easy to understand results


They don’t host any data by themselves and thus become HIPPA compliant. Industry standard encryption methods (AES-256) are used to secure any data. Stripe is PCI compliant; they store or process the credit card information. Their website is only accessible via HTTPS to assure secure connection.


In most of the cases, home based tests are not covered by the insurance programs.


Their single LetsGetChecked home STD test kit is available in $99 only that covers most of the STD tests in one run.

Buy Home STI Test Kit at Walgreens, Amazon, or CVS:

Other than these sites that are mentioned above, you can also buy STI Home Test kit on Walgreens, Walmart, Amazon, or CVS. Get the STD kit on your doorstep for hassle free testing.

Bottom Line

Online STI testing is the best way to check your STI status. Online STI tests are cheap as compared to the normal lab tests. STIs could remain hidden in the body for years. It is better to get tested today than being upset tomorrow.

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