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Blink Health promo codeBlink Health Coupon Code:

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How to Redeem Blink Health Promo Code?

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An In-depth Review of Blink Health

With many trials to improve the provision of health to all citizens, many stakeholders have taken the initiative to come up with ways that will benefit citizens and still ensure that profitability of businesses is still profitable.

This review is about Blink Health, which is a company that negotiates with pharmacies nationwide in a bid to achieve a single low price for more than 15,000 medications that can be accessed in over 40,000 pharmacies nationwide.

Who is Blink Health?

Blink Health Promo CodeBlink Health is an American entity that is meant to help people in finding the most cost-effective deal on their prescriptions. Blink Health has developed a technology that allows for the purchase of more than 15,000 medications in a single low and negotiated price. The system allows for online payment of the prescriptions, even before you pick it up. This makes it possible to ensure no prices are increased, sealing all loopholes that would lead to customers buying off medicine at a price higher than what is required. Blink Health offers this opportunity to everyone, whether the person is insured or not.

What Are They Doing at

Blink Health sets up negotiations with pharmacies to come up with one price that is low enough to encourage fair availability of the medication. After the prices have been negotiated, the pharmacies involved will provide the medication to the patient. Up to now, there are more than 40,000 pharmacies involved nationwide. It is in these pharmacies that a patient will collect their purchase. Check this video for more information on why you need Blink Health:


How Does Blink Health Work?

Blink Health uses a simple method to help patients acquire medication at one low price.

To make a purchase for the medicine you need, the following process will help ease your way through. Booking and purchasing the drugs you need is a step by step process that is easy to follow and do on your own.

Here is how to use Blink:

  1. Search on the website for your medication.

The website offers you very cheap prices for more than 15,000 medications. After you visit your medical doctor and medications are prescribed, select a form, pick a dosage of your liking. Then select the quantity that is exactly the prescription made to you.

  1. Enter your payment Details, and pay online.

The good thing with Blink Health is that you can request for a refund of the medication that you have purchased. After you have made a search for your medication, filled a form, and noted your prescriptions, you will process your payment online.

This will present you from paying any amount of money, over and above the known price for the medications.

To prove your purchase on the pharmacy, a Blink card is given, and you can decide to print it out for presenting. The proof of purchase is also texted and emailed to you. The requirement is that your birth date and name must match the details written on the prescription from your doctor.

  1. Collect your prescription from your nearest pharmacy.

As it is normally done, you will fill out your prescription while at the pharmacy. You will also present the Blink Card and ask the pharmacy attendant to process your Blink. The Blink will act as the pay. Blink boasts of more than 40,000 pharmacies distributed nationwide.

Why Should I Choose Blink Health?

Blink Health comes as the best option for purchasing medications for various reasons.

First, they have very reduced prices for the medications that they sell. According to testimonials, medications that could go for as high as $60 will come at a cheap price of less hand $16 through Blink Health.

Blink Health is also a go-to option when you are on Medicare, or if you are not insured. It also saves you a lot of money if you rely on a copay.

What Makes Blink Health Different to Other Companies?

Unlike other companies, Blink Health has stood out as a revolutionary entity, unlike the old days prescription.

With Blink Health, it is guaranteed that you will find only one price for a prescription in the pharmacy you check in. secondly, unlike all the other companies, Blink Health offers you the chance to make purchases that do not expire with time. also, Blink Health does not require you to pay any membership fee to become a member.

A Few Blink Health Reviews from Real Customers:

“A customer who was car accident survivor was glad that Blink Health had come to be of help. The cost of his medication was too high that he, at times, had to decide over whether it was his medication or the groceries that he would buy. The customer is more than delighted that Blink Health has been a solution to the very big problem that he had in allocating finances.”


“One other customer retorts that Blink Health has been the only option she has had, since she first tried it out.  She is glad that Blink Health has helped her save on prescriptions. The client never thought that she could save that much. Normally, she would spend around $47 to buy her RXs but with Blink Health, the prescriptions come off at only $6.58. All thanks to Blink Health.”

Quick Reviews:

Website Layout

Blink Health review

The website Blink Health ( is furnished with an easy-to-use layout that lets you access information in a simple scroll layout. The graphics used are top in quality and there are videos incorporated into the display, making it even better. The website is also responsive, and the response rate is fast. Page buttons are conveniently in place to allow navigation from one page to another. The website also has a “Testimonials” and “About” buttons at the top of the page, for easy access of what it is all about.

The landing page is well laid out, allowing for an intuitive navigation through scrolling. You can also support easily, since the contact buttons have been easily through.

Shopping Processing & Payment

The process for shopping is quite intriguing to say the least. Unlike other pharmacy websites that advertise only to find different prices on the physical outlets, Blink Health will only pay online and pick up your drugs in the outlet.

Customer Services

The website has been fully furnished with detailed and visible information of how you can reach out to the customer service. You can either seek help through the FAQs which are prominently displayed at the top of the page, or you can contact the Blink Health team through their well displayed telephone number or email.

Online Support

You can chat directly on the website through a live chat service offered. The customer care team responds to any queries. You can also send an email to the customer care team for quick response on any queries that you may have.

How to Get Blink Health Membership?

It is free to sign up as a member for Blink Health. The price for joining Blink Health as a member is free. To create an account, select the “Create Account” option from the login area. You will need an email address that cannot be changed after that. Once you create an account, enter your name, and the date of birth.

Blink Health Review – Bottom Line

With all there is about purchasing medication for your prescriptions, it would be a sure idea to try out Blink Health. There are many testimonials that testify of how Blink Health has been of help to everyone. What is more, they are offering a $15 discount promotion for your first purchase on Blink Health. Check our special Blink Health coupons, promo codes below:

Latest Blink Health Coupon Code:

Blink Health promo codeBlink Health Coupon Code:

Save Up to 95% on Your Rx + $15 OFF Your First Order at! Accepted at 57,000+ Pharmacies. Free To Use.

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(Blink Health Promo Code & Review)

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