Where to Buy Home STD Test Kit?

In the modern era, things have become quite easy. Formerly, it was not possible to get tested at home for any disease but with time, this service is made available at home as well. Now you can know whether you have encountered any sexually transmitted disease by leaving the ease of your home. There are at-home STD test kits that make things simple and efficient. Read our article for more information on at home STD test kit and where you can get tested STDs at home.

All What You Need To Know About At Home STD Test Kit

What is At Home STD Test Kit?

At Home STD Test KitAs the name indicated, at home STD test kit is the complete kit that allows diagnosis of particular type of disease from the comfort of your home. It is the securest and secretive way available to test STDs.

Home test STD kits are available for Gonorrhea, HIV, Chlamydia and Trichomoniasis. Depending on the type of test, the collection of sample varies from blood withdrawal and urine collection. The test results are highly accurate.

Who Should Get a Home STD Test Kit?

Technically speaking, anyone who is sexually active should get a home STD test kit. Sexually transmitted diseases are very common in the society. The STDs carriers usually don’t know about the conditions till the things become pretty messy. STDs can remain in the body without showing any symptoms for years.

  • A STD testing kit is necessary for both men and women. Both are susceptible to STI infections.  Most of the STDs that people contract do not have prominent symptoms that can raise your biological alarm for you.
  • People who engage in unprotected sex with their partners should get tested. This is especially so, if you are unsure of the status of your partner.
  • Another category of people who should us an STI test kit are partners who are thinking about starting a new sexual relationship.
  • A home STD test kit is important for you if you do suspect that your partner has put you at risk by having more than one sexual partner.
  • You should use an STD kit if you have more than one sexual partner.
  • You should also use it if you show any symptoms for an STD.

What Kind of STD Test can be Tested at Home?

Almost all kind of STDs can be tested at home and it depends on your selected test. From Gonorrhea and Chlamydia Syphilis, Genital Herpes, Hepatitis  to HIV, different forms of STD tests at home (ex: pricking tests, oral swabs tests, urine tests and savlia tests) are available online to take the benefit from. There are separate STD home tests for men and women as well.

Are at-Home STD Tests Accurate?

The trials done at clinical levels before a product is released to the market are the determinants of how accurate the product is. There are two parameters used in determining the reliability of results, sensitivity and specificity. Sensitivity is a measure of the number of results that show out as positive, when the presence of disease is known. Specificity, another parameter in determining the reliability, is a percentage measure of the negative results, when it is known that the disease is not present.

How to Check for STDs at Home?

Testing for STDs at home is a pain free procedure that takes minimal time, than you would have spent in visiting a local health facility. Most of the home tests done for STDs take less than 5 minutes. Here are step-by-step instructions on how to test yourself for STDs at home:

  • #1. Make an Online Order for the At-Home Test Kit

You will not need to make a queue in the STD testing center in your local health facility.

  • #2. Do the Test All by Yourself

Collect a sample of your urine, tiny blood prick, or swab and then pack it in the envelope provided by the company from which you bought your STD test kit.

  • #3. Wait for an Accurate Presentation of Results.

The results are mailed back to you as soon as the analysis of your sample is done. You can trust the accuracy of the STD test kit, as much as you trust visiting the local clinic.

  • #4. Receive Free Consultation.

After you have received your results, the company where you make your purchase of the STD test kit will offer you free consultation for free through a direct phone call with a certified professional physician.

Where to Buy At Home STD Test Kit?

There are so many vendors present online who offer home STD test kit. Here are the best at home STD kits that are offered by the following:

mylabbox couponMyLab BOX lets you order STD testing kit at your home. It offers a home based collecting kit that has every instruction clearly written. After collecting your sample as the provided way, send it back to the lab. Get the lab certified test results in the time period of 1-5 days. All their drug testing services and kits are approved by FDA. If you get positive results in your test, MyLAB Box offers free consultation over phone. All the physicians are highly experienced and know the disease well. You can select from different forms of testing kits such as MyLAB Box At Home STD test for men, MyLAB At Home Box STD for women or Chlamydia + Gonorrhea Home Test…etc.

How MyLAB Box at-Home STD Test Kit Works:

  • MyLAB Box at-Home STD Test Kit is ordered online, and you take the test at home.
  • Take the samples you need to and mail them back to MyLabBox.com within the span of five minutes.
  • The results of your tests are certified and you obtain them on the go.
  • Free Physician consultation through the phone in case you test positive.

A Few Reviews from MyLab BOX Customers:

MyLab Box Review

A customer was happy to note that MyLab Box sorts the hassle for them. The client loved the very confident and discreet packaging, and the speed with which the results were delivered.

Another customer is happy that MyLab Box is a great idea implemented, and functioning. The excellent customer service and the fast delivery of results were the greatest impression to the client.


MyLab Box sells to you a lot of products but the most common home STD test kit for MyLab Box is sold at $269.00.

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std checkSTDcheck.com offers you a full panel test for the 10 common diseases. Since most of the STDS have no visible symptoms, the possibility of having multiple STDs is high, hence the necessity to have a broad spectrum test for 10 STDs from this company.

How STD Check STD Home Test Works:

  • STD Check offers you a 10 common STD infections check.

You get to test for Chlamydia, Syphilis Hepatitis A, Hepatitis B, Herpes 1, Herpes 2, HIV 1, AND HIV 2 antibody 4th generation.

  • Sample collection

This type of test due to its in-depth analysis for multiple STDs requires a blood sample.

  • Results

The results for your test are provided after 1 or 2 business working, not more than that.

  • Consultation

In case the outcome of the results is positive, STDcheck provides you with instant on the phone consultation with a professional doctor.

A Few Reviews from STD Check Customers:

STD check review

One of the clients says the test was very quick and easy, and it took them only 5 minutes to walk in and out of the STDcheck labs. The client was even more glad that the results were processed within a 24 hour period.

Another one of the clients was happy that STDCheck had a plus in every aspect of their services. The client was impressed with the smooth provision of services. The client would use STD Check in the future.


There are various products of STD check sold but the following are the most popular.

  • 10 Test Panel – $198.00
  • 10 Test Panel with HIV RNA Early Detection – $349.00

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LetsGetChecked discount couponLetsGetChecked provides you with an alternative to the many appointments with a number of STD treatment doctors and lab visits. It provides you with a chance to also collect your results when you feel prepared to receive them once they are out.

How LetsGetChecked Works:

  • Sample collection.

With LetsGetChecked, you are able to collect a sample without having to file an appointment with a doctor.

  • Intuitive Results

You are provided with intuitive and easy to understand lab reports for your outcome.

  • Relevant Insights

You are provided with expert counsel, on how you should make adjustments in life, depending on your results.

A Few Reviews from LetsGetChecked Customers:

LetsGetChecked home STD test review

A happy customer was happy with the way LetsGetChecked made life easy for them in providing a home test kit for them. Even much better was the discretion with which the results and the STI test kits were delivered.


The LetsGetCheck Home STD test kit is from only $99.00

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Free LetsGetChecked Coupon Code:

Letsgetchecked coupon codeLetsGetChecked Promo Code:

Get Full Customer and Medical Support through live chat, email, knowledge base & phone + Free Standard Shipping at letsgetchecked.com.

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Some Other Places That You Can Buy at Home STD Test:

Home STD test kits are available everywhere.  To do your home test, you can easily find a kit from TestClear, PassUSA, MediTest…etc.

Test ClearTestClear is your way to pass any drug test that you are about to test for. They have many different types of drug testing kits that are ideal for parents, school officials, employers and other authentic users. Their testing kits can also be used personally to clear any possible drug test. Their home based testing kits are convenient to order and easy to use. They are highly accurate in providing the results and saving you on the test day. The company (TestClear.com) has been operating for more than seven years.

Latest TestClear Discount Code:

10% OFF TestClear Coupon Code

Get 10% OFF all your drug test orders. Limited time only at Testclear.com

10% OFF TestClear Coupon Code

Get 10% OFF all your drug test orders. Limited time only at Testclear.com

Meditests Coupon CodeMeditests (Medimpex United Inc) has started their operations in 2000. It provides easy and simple STD testing. Other than that, it also offers convenient home based drug testing, alcohol testing, pregnancy testing and laboratory testing kits. Their testing kits are ideal for parents, business owners, school official and personal use. Meditests.com testing kits are FDA approved and cleared. Their drug test kits are checked by a CLIA accredited laboratory. They offer kits for personal as well as professional use.

Latest Meditests Promo Code:

Meditests coupon

Meditests – Medimpex United Inc.

Free Shipping on all orders over $25.00 for customers.

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You can also buy the home STD test kits for Walgreen, Amazon as well as CVS. They are selling OraQuick: In-Home HIV Test. It is the only approved company by FDA to provide a test for HIV at home.

Walgreens couponWalgreens offer so many kinds of drug testing and medical testing kits. They are known for their diverse and accurate home based testing kits. They not only sell Walgreens home STD testing kits but also testing kits for chronic health conditions, pregnancy, DNA and parental tests and so much more. Other than that, they also have health monitoring products like pedometers, stethoscope, wearable, and many more.

Click Here to Get at Home STD Test Kit at Walgreens!

  • Amazon

At Amazon store, you can find different self-testing STD kits that are ideal to detect different STDs including Chlamydia, Gonorrhea, HIV and others. Here, you will get separate tests for men and women.

Bottom Line

Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs) are very common but people don’t know about them mostly. They only know about them when they encounter it. People don’t talk about them with physicians as well due to the embarrassment. Getting tested for STD is another discomfiture moment. Knowing all these facts, different companies offer home STD testing services that allow easy and convenient testing without leaving the house.

People who have multiple sex partners are more vulnerable to get the disease. But having a single partner doesn’t save you. It is better for both of the partners to get tested for STDs to prevent any severe problem.

When you want to keep your STD testing private in all manners, these home STD tests are highly beneficial. These companies take care of the person’s secrecy as well. We have mentioned some best STD testing service providers in our article so you can know where to start when you know it is time to get tested. Knowing your STD status helps you to initiate the treatment right away before it causes severe damage to your body.

(Where to Buy Home STD Test Kit?)



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