Dadi Kit Review & Coupon

Dadi Kit Review – The Innovative At-home Male Fertility Kit

The following article is an extensive review of the sperm collection kit, Dadi Kit. The article will explore what the Dadi Kit is, who needs this at-home male fertility kit, and why they might need it, its key features, and how it works. This Dadi Kit review will also uncover whether this product is right for you, and conclude by providing a quick review of the company’s website to ease navigation for all site visitors.

What is Dadi Kit?

Dadi kit coupon codeThe Dadi Kit is a temperature controlled kit that allows men to collect their sperms so that they can be able to test their fertility and store their sperms in the future. Once the user has collected his sperms, he sends them back to the company, whose lab tests and analyses it. Finally, the lab sends the user his fertility report, as well as stores his sperm for future use.

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How to Use Dadi Kit?

This is done in a bid to combat infertility in the future. By storing their sperms using this kit, men do not need to worry about being unable to reproduce in later years as their healthy sperm will be ready and available for use on demand.

The sperm testing & storage‎ kit utilizes a special preservative that protects the sperms stored overnight, and even during the entire shipping process to the lab.

This Dadi Kit offers men the convenient option of testing their fertility and storing their sperms in the comfort and privacy of their homes. They can do this without ever needing to step into a clinic.

Why We Need Dadi Kit?

Dadi's fertility test kit

Men need the Dadi Kit in order to protect their ability to have children in the future. You may not want kids now, but you might in the future, and this kit enables you to store your currently healthy sperm to be used for that purpose in the future.

Is Dadi Right for You?

Dadi is right for every man, but especially men who are looking to start families in the future, rather than the present. This includes men who are looking to gain some financial stability before they can start families. It also includes men who are currently undergoing different forms of cancer treatment including chemotherapy, individuals undergoing gender confirmation surgeries, or men in the military.

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Dadi Kit Key Features:

The key features of this specialized fertility kit include its unique and highly effective preservative that helps protect the sperm until it reaches the laboratory.

Another key feature of this kit is that you are presented with a fertility report once your kit arrives at the lab, and is analysed. Analysis normally involves evaluating the concentration, the volume, and the count of your sperm deposit. Once the analysis is complete, you will receive an email containing your fertility report as well as an actual video of your sperm.

How Does Dadi Kit Work?

Here is a step by step how to Dadi Kit works:

  • Place an order for the kit in the website by purchasing one and filling in your personal and shipping details.
  • Once the Dadi male fertility kit arrives, open it, and register your cup by sending the registration number to the number provided on the box.
  • If you are not yet ready for the sperm collection process, you should place the kit in the fridge. Once you are ready, take the kit out, and unscrew the cup to open it.
  • Masturbate into the cup, but, avoid using any lubricants in the process. Screw the lid of the cup back on tight, and then push the button at the top of the cup to release the preservative. After the preservative has been released, you should not reopen the cup.
  • Place the cup back into the kit and seal it using the three stickers provided by the company. Then proceed to drop it off at FedEx for delivery to the company.
  • When the kit reaches the lab, and the deposit is analyzed, you will receive a comprehensive fertility report that includes actual video of your sperm.

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Dadi Kit Pricing & Plans:

What is the Total Cost of  Dadi Sperm Testing & Storage‎ Service?

The Dadi’s fertility test and sperm storage kit will cost you $99.99. Once you collect your sperm and send it to the lab, you will be charged a further $99.99 for annual sperm storage of your deposit. The company also offers an alternative monthly subscription plan for storage, priced at $9.99 per month.

There’s a $29.99 cancellation fee if you wish to discontinue your sperm testing & storage‎ service.

In addition, when you are finally ready to withdraw your sperm deposit, you will be required to pay a$299.99 withdrawal fee.

Dadi FAQs:

Where is the service available?

Dadi is at present authorized and accessible over the continental United States.

How long will it take to get my Dadi kit?

When making your request, you may choose your favored conveyance date. The pack can be planned for conveyance as right on time as 3 days from the date of request, excluding Sundays and Mondays.

Quick Reviews

The following section will provide a brief review of the company’s website in order to ease navigation for all visitors to the site.

Website Layout

dadi kit review

The website layout ( is simple making it fairly easy to navigate. The font and style used is appeasing to the eye, and one will enjoy their time browsing the website.

The homepage contains integral information about the company’s main product, which is the sperm collection and preservation kit. This information gives you a background on the product to help you familiarise yourself with the product, and how it is used.

The main links to the other pages of the website can be found on the homepage as well.

Order and Payment

Order and payment of the product is also done on the website. Simply select the kit and proceed to the purchase page by clicking on the ‘Buy Now‘ button below the product. In the checkout page, you will be prompted to fill in your personal as well as payment details. After filling these in, you will be prompted to select your preferred payment method from the options provided.

Authorize payment from your preferred payment method, and once the payment goes through, you will receive an email confirming your purchase. The email will also provide shipping details so that you know when and where the kit will be delivered to you.

Customer Service

The website has a comprehensive FAQ page, where you can find answers to the most commonly asked questions by other customers. You will in most instances find the solution to the problem or issue you may be facing with this advanced sperm collection kit.

If you still cannot find the answer you are looking for, then you can communicate directly with the company’s customer care service department.

The website contains a ‘Support‘ page where you can find all of the customer care contact details including their phone number, email address, and physical address. If you are a medical professional, you can also request a brochure that provides expansive medical and scientific background about the product.

Online Support

The website also comes with a live chat feature. This enables you to speak directly to a customer care representative in real time about any specific product query or issue.

In addition, you can also communicate directly with the company online using the social media handles.

Dadi Kit Review – Should I Buy Dadi Kit?

Yes, you should buy the Dadi Kit as it is a legitimate home fertility test and at-home sperm collection kit. The kit is temperature controlled, which means that the quality of your samples will not altered even as they are in transit to the storage location.

Hurry and purchase this America’s most popular at‑home sperm collection kit now in order to participate in the ongoing promotion that includes free shipping on your order.

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