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Health Test Express Promo Code

Get 15% OFF your at home health test orders with our special Health Test Express coupon code. Expires on December 31, 2018.

Health Test Express Promo Code

Get 15% OFF your at home health test orders with our special Health Test Express coupon code. Expires on December 31, 2018.

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HealthTestExpress promo code

Health Test Express Review At A Glance

Everyone knows what nuisance ensues as one tries to attain an appointment only to have to take a home health test and has to report the next day for the results. However, you can now put those nuisances behind you with Health Test Express. The review gives insight on how Health Test Express offers convenience by bringing the tests and kits right to your doorstep.

Who is Health Test Express?

Health Test Express couponThe online site Health Test Express provides online testing to their clients. With their affiliate labs and physicians, the site gives their clients access to not only testing services but also professional health recommendations. Analyses Health is the affiliate company backing Health Test Express. The company endeavors to provide easy access to medical aid in the most convenient way.

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Why We Need Health Test Express?

The convenience of not having to leave your house to have your home test kit delivered and results mailed back is a definite winner. The site allows their clients to order a kit specifically suited for their needs depending on what they want to test. Apart from this, the site maintains complete confidentiality of the results, which only the physician and lab have access. Only the client can authorize the release of the results to other parties. To top this, the site gives access to physicians for recommendation and ordering.

What Are They Doing at

at-home health test kit

Health Test Express is an online site that personalized provides home health testing services to clients in the convenience of their homes. The site allows the client to purchase a at-home testing kit tailored to their testing needs. The tests vary form wellness, family planning, sexual health, and fitness. The test kits cover the main aspects of testing like STDs, fitness levels among others. The wellness kits, for example, vary from thyroid test, testosterone tests, metabolism tests, and vitamin D tests. The myriad kits provide specific testing for any condition with the help of a physician.

How Health Test Express Works:

Once on the site one can order their tests kits right father filling a medical intake. The site allows the client to choose to from their wide range of home testing kit for various specific tests. For results that are more accurate the site only allows a client to order for themselves. Once the order goes through the client receives their kit right at their doorstep. After this, the collection of samples ensues which may include blood samples, urine sample, swab or stool. The client receives their results within days with necessary explanations and recommendation for physicians. One can even contact the physician directly in case of further inquiry.

Health Test Express Promo Code

Get 15% OFF your at home health test orders with our special Health Test Express coupon code. Expires on December 31, 2018.

Health Test Express Promo Code

Get 15% OFF your at home health test orders with our special Health Test Express coupon code. Expires on December 31, 2018.

Is Their Home Health Testing Service Confidential?

The CLIA-certified partner laboratories ensure the collection of samples is easy enough in comfort of the house. Any data collected by Health Test Express and its partners are under standard health privacy policies. The health information about the test results is only privy to the client, physician, and the laboratory testers. The release of this data is only by law or authorization by the client.

What Makes Health Test Express Different From Other Home Health Tests?

The online platforms offer women’s & men’s health test kits and services but only health Test Express assures you of physician’s help. On can also directly contact any of the physicians for further explanation of the results and recommendations. The client promptly receives results from the partner laboratories on their mail with a guarantee of confidentiality. Another endearing factor is that with Health Test Express, one does not have to wait for long periods in order to get their test results.

A Few Health Test Express Reviews from Actual Customers

The reviews by clients Health Test Express are proof of their efficiency and convenience. One metabolic health test kit client says,

“The process was easy and fast, and I thought the results were understandable and actionable- and my doctor did understand when I showed them to her. I’m planning on taking the test again in a few months to see if I’ve made positive progress.”

Another customer purchased an STD Test kit from Health Test Express and had this to say,

“Test came with clear instructions and packaging. Results are easy to understand. Overall a much easier experience than a doctor/clinic visit and nice to have my health info up to date. Thank you!”

FAQs of Health Test Express:

What do I need to know about receiving my test kit and collecting my samples?

Shipping of the kit may take one to three business days in order to arrive. Once the kit arrived, you may open and go through the instruction on how to collect the samples. The step-by-step instructions also come in video form. After collecting the samples, place the kit back in the box and apply the shipping label. Mail it to certified CLIA partner labs for analysis.

Check this video to know when is the right time to take a test:

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When will I receive my kit?

Depending on the location, the kit takes up to two business days for shipping. Delivery of the kit then takes one to three business days to arrive at your doorstep.

When will I receive my results?

The lab results take about three to five days or less which is inclusive of the initial shipping of the test kit for about one to three days. One receives their results via email and may view them on their account.

What results and interpretation will be provided?

Once you receive the email bearing the results, you may view them on the email account. The personalized results document includes a detailed laboratory report of the test results. For the wellness test, the results include an indication whether or not they are within normal ranges. For the STDs tests the results indicate the presence or absence of the disease. On top of this, you receive care sheets with helpful information on your tests.

How should I prepare for blood spot collection?

This dry spot test simply requires small drops of blood from your finger which you draw using a lancet provided in the kit. Fast for about ten to twelve hours before testing while drinking lots of water. It is necessary for testing for lipids, and other heart health markers like LDL, HDL, total cholesterol, bs1c, Triglycerides, and hs-CPR.

Are your lab partners certified?

All Health Test Express partners are CLIA-certified. Together, they bring the laboratory testing to your omen.

Do kits expire?

The kits should return to the laboratory within six months after ordering.

How do I talk to a doctor?

After receiving the results, you also get information on how to schedule a consultation with Health Test Express physicians. You may also share your test report with your personal physician or local heal department for further consultation.

Quick HealthTestexpress.Com Reviews

Website Layout

Health Test Express review

The Health Test Express website ( is easy to navigate even for normal internet users. The simple links are easy to follow in order to access any page the visitor may wit. The homepage sports a majority of the links to the most important pages, which includes the at home wellness test kit purchasing page. This aspect allows the visitor to find their way around the website. To top this the website’s design sports elegant links and relevant information to the visitor.

Shopping Processing

The website is a stove of information on the services offered by Health Test Express and its partners. This information includes the testing kits and the services offered. The client can, therefore, choose from the various kits for that which suits their needs. The website allows the customer to purchase the test kits directly and have it delivered to their doorstep. The client can access the complete catalog of the test kits by following the link on the homepage.

Booking And Processing

After the customer settles on their choice kit, they can go ahead and purchase it directly on the website. By clicking on the purchase link below the kit displayed, one can add the kit to their virtual kit. This option allows the client to continue shopping or go ahead and check out the product. The checkout process includes providing information for delivery and the payment details. The website allows payments by debit and credit cards as well as PayPal. Once the client purchases the kit, they receive it within five days for shipping.

Customer Service

The website’ design allows for effective customer service for the clients as they shop and use the kits. The website provides information on how to get and use the test kits as well as how to receive the results. The FAQs page of the website covers information on additional quarries. The website also provides contact information through which the client can contact the partner labs and physicians.

Online Support

The Health Test Express website provides contact information in case the client wishes to make further enquires. This includes direct mail, email, and phone contacts. The website also has a FAQs page, which comprehensively answers many of the common quarries. Additionally, the website also provides contact information for the Health Test Express physicians in case the client requires further consultation.

Health Test Express  Review – Bottom Line

The access to medical testing has never been easier with the online testing services. This service is not only convenient it also allows the patient to enjoy the privacy of testing right in their omen. You can now take that test you always dread since you have to go to the doctor or testing clinic. The eventual convenience of technology is stark with the availability of these services at the very finer tips.

Should I Try Health Test Express ?

Convenience is the main attraction of the online testing service. However, while many sites provide the service only a few provide timely and secure services like Health Test Express. The CLIA certified labs and partner physicians ensure that the testing process is secure and efficient. The results come back in a timely manner and are comprehensive. Therefore, to answer the question, definitely, you should try Health Test Express.

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How to Buy at Health Test Express?

Once you visit the homepage of the website, the link to the whole catalog of test kits is accessible. One can choose depending on their testing needs. Once the customer settles on a particular kit, they may click the purchase button to add the kit to their virtual cart. This allows the client to access the purchase page from which they may choose to check out or continue shopping. The purchase page allows the customer to fill in their shipping address as well as payment information. The website allows for debit and credit cards as well as PayPal. The website also offers a fifteen percent discount in coupons for any purchases made on the website. Please check our special Health Test Express coupon codes below to get discount at checkout.

Latest Health Test Express Promo Code:

Health Test Express Promo Code

Get 15% OFF your at home health test orders with our special Health Test Express coupon code. Expires on December 31, 2018.

Health Test Express Promo Code

Get 15% OFF your at home health test orders with our special Health Test Express coupon code. Expires on December 31, 2018.

(Health Test Express Coupon Code & Review)

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