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Sexually transmitted disease or STD contains quite a high risk, but people seem to be ignorant because of some reasons. Because of its nature, many people with STD choose not to do further examination. They are too embarrassed  to admit that they might suffer from one, moreover if the results turn out positive. The cause is none other than privacy. As long as the results would involve medical records, people wouldn’t hesitate to turn medical tests down. As a result, there are more people who are too late to seek help even though their illness is not that severe in the beginning. In our HealthLabs review, you’ll learn more about this #1 online lab testing service for STDs, vitamins, drugs…etc.

HealthLabs Review – The #1 Fast, Private & Affordable Lab Testing

What is HealthLabs?

healthlabs coupon codesHealth Labs is an online lab testing platform which allows you to order lab testing or blood work online. You can find health and wellness testing you need quickly and at a more affordable price than in conventional labs. The services provided are essential for people who don’t have insurance or don’t have enough coverage for desired testing. More importantly, you can order your lab testing anonymously and confidentially receive your results in 1 – 3 days in your secure HealthLabs account. Health Labs works with both major laboratories and local Labs, all CLIA certified, which is the same labs as the doctors use.

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Is Reputable?

Do you ever feel like conducting a health test but you don’t have insurance or coverage for the cost? Or have you ever been looking for alternatives for affordable health testing service with quick results? Health Labs provides all your need of quick lab results with more affordable prices. You won’t need to visit a doctor for medical reference before conducting a health tests here. If you are monitoring your health conditions, diseases or disorders, using Health Labs services could give you many benefits. You can choose to conduct the test at the labs near your area. You can also order online so you could just come and visit to collect blood or urine samples.  If you have a very hectic schedule, you could make use of this feature greatly.


Using Healthlabs could bring you many conveniences. You don’t have to show up for registration process and you could take the tests at most labs, including the ones recommended by your local doctors. All fees are included on the bill, no hidden extra fees. You could also get immediate results, just within 24-72 hours the test results would be accessible in your account. Save more money by making use of their special offer, no medical reference needed!

Best-Selling Blood Testing Services at

There are best-selling lab tests at which become people’s choice when it comes to using our services:

  1. Comprehensive STD Panel

The most popular test panel is this comprehensive STD testing. It does not require fasting, and includes both blood and urine tests for ten kinds of most common STD. Many STDs won’t show any symptoms during its infection period, either viral or bacterial. The comprehensive STD panel includes HIV, Herpes, Chlamydia, Gonorrhea, Hepatitis, and Syphilis. The wonderful features of this test is that you don’t need doctor referral or insurance. You can choose more than 4500 CLIA certified labs to conduct the tests. You could also use the website to get the reference about the tests.

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  1. Comprehensive Vitamin Panel

This test’s purpose is to detect deficiencies among the vitamin spectrum, including testing the blood for 13 crucial vitamins. There are various vitamin tests that you could order from HealthLabs. The beta carotene and Retinol test could measure the deficiency in vitamin A. Using these tests allow you to avoid various diseases that may affect your vision and digestive system. Do you feel like lacking concentration on daily activities? Then it is better to check your vitamin B levels, starting from B2 to B12 to see if lacking of those vitamins is the main cause. There are also other vitamin tests to prevent you from getting a serious illness later on.

  1. 10 Panel Drug Test (Drugs of Abuse Testing), Urine

These tests purpose is to find out if there is an indication of drug abuse through urine sample. Here at Healthlabs, they include more prescription drugs that are often misused, as well as the most popular drugs that are often abused. Besides those prescribed drugs, there are also tests for illegal drugs such as amphetamines, benzodiazepines, marijuana, and cocaine. Most of the drug taken into the body could be identified through urine excretion. This is because our body will break them down and excrete the metabolites through the urine. Pay attention to the detection window required for each drug tests and don’t drink too much before the urine sampling.

  1. Total Testosterone Test

This test measures the total testosterone levels in someone’s body. The testosterone types includes free testosterone, SHBG-bound testosterone, and albumin bound. This test is performed to measure if there is an excess or deficiency that causes anomaly in your body. The abnormal amount of your testosterone level could affect your adrenal and gonadal function as well as tumor activity. Besides men, women could also take this test if there is something wrong with their womanly functions. Nevertheless, there are many more anomalies in your body that could appear because abnormal amount of testosterone. You could find out further on the web page and take the test if you think you’ll need one.

How Does Work?

how works works on online-based platform, it means you don’t need to be at an exact place to order your lab testings. You just need three steps to complete your order. First you need to find which health tests you want to perform, and then choose the lab where you want to do them. Lastly, you should complete the payment process so Health Labs could verify your order. This way you could complete the registration process within a few minutes, and you could just simply walk in on the designated day. In just three days, you can see the result on your HealthLabs account and all the process is done confidentially.

A Few Health Labs Reviews from Actual Customers:

Based on 6065 reviews made for, the rating stands at 4.8/5 at Here are some of other original HealthLabs customer reviews from review sites:

Linda B. from says:

“I was happy to find this service. I want to be able to keep a closer eye on my conditions. The prices are reasonable, and the results are posted quickly.”

Olivia G. from says:

“Excellent service. Quick turnaround with results. Unbeatable pricing”

Vish. from says:

“Easy way to get tested. Arrived results on the next business day”

Quick Reviews:

Here are some quick reviews for that will help you to know about them even further:

Website Layout

healthlabs review

Their official website ( is a simple site that is easy to navigate. In the top menu bar, all their menu are categorized as follow: Home, Find Tests, Find a Lab, How It Works, My Account, Provider/Practitioner Program, Contact Us.

Shopping Processing

Select online lab testing that you want to buy and click on the “Find Tests” button. If you want to find more information about this lab test then click “View Details“, otherwise select “Add to Cart” to proceed to checkout.

Booking & Payment

By booking your order at the checkout, you can select from different paying options. You can go for VISA card, MasterCard, Discover, AMEX  or PayPal. Choose the payment method that you find most appropriate and complete your checkout.

Customer Service & Online Support

Health Labs also offers their FAQs and online support; you can call their support team at 1-800-579-3914 or use their convenient Live Chat feature for fast assistance or visit their contact page: You can fill in the form given at that page to get your queries answered.

HealthLabs Review – Is Legit?

Finally, Healthlabs truly offers you lots of convenience you wouldn’t find in any other conventional health testing labs. All the results are real based on the sample you submitted at your preferred lab. Make sure to have your health check-up regularly, use Healthlabs for more affordable and confidential lab tests! Please remember to check our HealthLabs coupon code to get discount at checkout.

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