How to Test for Hepatitis?

This sexually transmitted infection leads many to wonder on its cause and ways of transmission. Though the hepatitis virus it is often mild on effects, Hepatitis can prove fatal if it occurs in different forms concurrently.

All You Need to Know About Hepatitis

How to Test for Hepatitis

What is Hepatitis?

Hepatitis is a liver infection that causes inflammation and jaundice and can lead to eventual failure if left untreated. The main cause is contamination is the sexually transmissible hepatitis viruses. Yellowing of the skin is a key symptom to check for Hepatitis infection. Other symptoms include fatigue, abdominal pains, and low-key fever.

How Many Kind of Hepatitis Are There?

The Hepatitis viruses occur in differing forms ranging from A to E. While the viral forms A and E are transmissible by contaminated water or fecal contact, B, C and D spread by engaging in unprotected sex with an infected person.

What Type of Hepatitis is Sexually Transmitted?

  • Hepatitis A and E

    Though transmission can happen by sexual contact, it is mostly rare. The symptoms can resolve after days or weeks with good rest and hydration. Common perception hold it as non-lethal medics recommends that the infected persons seek medical screening and treatment for themselves as well as their partners and anyone who has come into contact with their body fluids.

  • Hepatitis B

    Hepatitis B or HBV is a common sexually transmitted with individuals practicing sexual activities with more than one partners having a higher risk contraction.

  • Hepatitis C

    This virus is less common than the previous two and it has no known vaccine yet. Unlike the HAV and HBV, the Hepatitis C virus main transmission is via infected blood exclusively.

How Do I Get Hepatitis?

The hepatitis A virus’s main transmission is by contact with contaminated water of foods. The main method of catching hepatitis is by normal sexual activity, anal sex, or oral sex without protection from body fluid contamination. Since HVC is highly likely to transmit via blood contamination, care while handling body-piercing tools is advised more so when the individual is handling contaminated blood. Despite the lack of any formal confirmations, dry kissing as perceived is sterile in transmission of hepatitis B while deep kissing poses considerable risk due to exchange of saliva.

FAQs of Hepatitis:

How long does it take for Hepatitis to show up on a test?

Medical personnel advise for a test within seventy-two hours from the time you consider to have contracted the virus. The HVC virus antigens take one to two weeks to detect in the blood while the antibodies take three to twelve weeks. It is however, considered safe if the individual seeks testing when they have had unprotected sexual activity with more than one partner within the last six months or one year.

Do you use blood or urine to test for hepatitis?

The test for Hepatitis STD testing is mainly by blood testing. The non-fasting blood test carried out for hepatitis screening only requires a lab order from a physician.

How do you get tested for hepatitis?

After collection of blood samples for the laboratory, necessary analyses are made of the results. The “abnormal” or positive result confirms the presence of hepatitis virus antigens in the blood sample. The remedy recommended is ample rest and hydration. Negative results reveal that the hepatitis virus antigen is not in the blood and therefore there is no risk of transmission.

Where Can I Get Tested For Hepatitis?

The STD test is most preferential while it is private for most people. As one walks into a clinic to book for a STD test appointment the test seems unapproachable. This has prompted the need for a more private STD testing in an accessible laboratory. The results are there after sent via email for convenience and privacy.

Top 5 Best Hepatitis Testing Services:

  1. Health Labs

healthlabs coupon codesDue to the slow appearance of STDs symptoms, it is advisable to undertake the comprehensive test for safety purposes. Medics advise on taking the test within seventy-two hours after the supposed exposure to the hepatitis virus.

At, they offer a few STD tests for hepatitis A, B and C viruses are by screening the early signs of the infection. The non-fasting test for Hepatitis only needs a lab order from a physician and laboratory.

What We Like About HealthLab:

  • The patient can book and have the test administered on the same day.
  • The privacy policy while working with
  • The affordable pricing of the various STD test.
  • The option for Insurance covers.
  • Conveniently located laboratory services.

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  1. STDCheck

STDcheck.comThe test for the STD is flakey considering that the various symptoms only show long after the infection as occurred. The option for testing is therefore more preferable if it were conclusive than exclusive.

At, they offers the option to take a ten-panel STD testing or a separate hepatitis test.

What We Like About STD Check:

  • A network of specialist geared towards providing the best customer service.
  • Follow up services offered in case of needing specialist health care.
  • Privacy assurance from the medical personnel on the safety of information from their various clients.
  • Comprehensive testing of STDs offered in the ten-panel checks for STDs excluding HIV test, which takes place separately.

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  1. Personalabs

Personalabs.comThe convenience of ordering a specific test from a laboratory near you lies unsurpassed. While undertaking this test the, convenience of having the test results sent to the patient’s email is a welcome relief.

This online lab testing service ( provides both individual and packaged tests to screen for hepatitis and other STDs. The comprehensive test for acute hepatitis by Personalabs offers early diagnosis of the infection.

What We Like About Personalabs:

  • Conveyance of the results on email.
  • Location of the laboratories for the convenience of the patient allows for easy testing and fast booking of appointments.
  • The medical personnel serving in the laboratories offer good customer service for the most comfortable experience while taking of laboratory samples.
  • Pricing and privacy are considered with convenient payment methods and

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  1. WalkInLab

walkinlabThe test screens for the hepatitis antibodies as well as antigens in the blood. This test determines whether the patient needs a vaccine or treatment for the hepatitis infection.

The 8 panel test which includes hepatitis B and C tests, covers any common STDs the customer may wish screened. The Hepatitis STD tests come in individual packages for all hepatitis viruses or individual hepatitis conditions at

What We Like About Walk-in Lab:

  • Privacy and convenience portrayed in ordering for the home tool kit.
  • The insurance cover option offers is convenience.
  • Conclusive tests result offer accuracy and in-depth interpretations.
  • Conveniently located laboratories countrywide.

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  1. Health Testing Centers

health testing centers coupon codeIf the test results are positive, it means the antigens for the hepatitis virus are presents in which case the patient should to take ample bed rest and hydration. with its conveniently located laboratories ensures that the patient is seldom alack for a laboratory testing.

It is optional to have separate tests for hepatitis B & C virus, which in this case is by screening for hepatitis antigens or antibodies to determine the need for a vaccine.

What We Like About Health Testing Centers:

  • The trained personnel ensure the patient receives their test result in time.
  • The laboratories countywide for accessibility.
  • Affordable rates of the services offered are a winning point.
  • The federal law that governs all medical personnel in protection of the patient’s health records.

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 Where Can I Get Hepatitis Test Kit at Home?

This Hepatitis test kit conveniently checks for common sexually transmitted infections. To get the at-home Hepatitis test kit, one can visit online platforms and order one formulated for their personal expediency.

  1. myLabBox

mylabbox couponThe personalized experience is always preferable when it comes to personal matters like health. MyLabBox ensures that the personalized STD testing kit especially caters for the gender-based practicalities. After collection and mailing of the samples to the system, test results dispatch is after a minimum of three to five days.

What We Like About MyLabBox:

  • Comprehensive tests options while testing using this toolkit.
  • The gender based personalized test kit will ensure that the samples accent to the gender needs for every individual.
  • This test is private and secure.
  • Quick samples taking and receiving of result, which take a maximum of two to five days.

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  1. LetsGetChecked

LetsGetChecked simple 2 reviewTesting for health related issues might seem unapproachable but it is necessary. The CDC recommends that the testing happen every three to twelve months. The LetsGetChecked STD testing kit especially reverses this perspective. This LetsGetChecked Hepatitis B & C home STD test kit will test for common sexually transmitted infections including hepatitis B & C. the kit eases the collection of samples with easy-to-read instructions.

What We Like About LetsGetChecked:

  • Easy collection of result from the convenience of your home
  • Intuitive results with less of the black and white effect of lab results
  • The follow up health services to ensure you lead a healthy life even after taking the test

The comprehensive test of seven of the most common sexually transmitted diseases for a more conclusive prospect.

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(How to Test for Hepatitis?)

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