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The following is an extensive review of the company, Intolerance Lab. The article will cover who the company is, what it does, and why customers should select the company’s products over the others in the market. This Intolerance Lab review will also inform potential customers of who is best suited for the company’s products.

Intolerance Lab Review – The #1 Food Sensitivity Test in UK

The article will conclude by providing a review of the company’s website to enhance customer navigation.

Who Are They?

Intolerance Lab discount codeIntolerance Lab is an online company that specializes in helping people identify their intolerances to different foods and allergens. The purpose of determining these intolerances is to assist individuals manage their conditions better, and live more comfortable lives.

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What Are They Doing at

The company is providing its customers with intolerance & allergy testing services that will determine which intolerance a particular customer is suffering from. All a customer needs to do is order the test, send in their hair sample, and wait for the results of the conclusive intolerance test. To assess the intolerance levels of the samples provided, the company will test the hair samples against hundreds of food and non-food allergens in its database.

Why Should I Choose Intolerance Lab?

You should choose Intolerance Lab in order to get an accurate diagnosis as to what foods you might have developed intolerances towards. With this information, you can be able to create a more suitable diet for yourself free from the foods or toxins that your body is intolerant of.

Intolerance Lab is also the best option for you because it is simple, quick, and pain free. The tests provided by the company help to pinpoint exactly what could be causing the bodily disturbance without having to play the guessing game.

In addition, you do not have to suffer the pain of having a blood test to determine what could possibly be ailing you. Providing a hair sample is definitely less painful, and much more convenient. Check this video for more information:

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What is Complete Food Sensitivity Test?

The complete food sensitivity test is the gold standard for food intolerance tests. It checks for possible intolerances towards more than 350 foods and 350 non foods.

This intolerance and allergy test comes in two quantities that differ in price. These quantities include the 2+ and the 4+ quantities.

Who Will Need This Test?

Individuals that will need this test include those that are suffering from irritable bowl syndrome, those have acne problems as well as those who experience flagging constantly on a daily basis.

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Get 30% OFF when buying 4+ Intolerance Lab tests with our special Intolerance Lab discount code.

30% OFF Intolerance Lab Coupon Code

Get 30% OFF when buying 4+ Intolerance Lab tests with our special Intolerance Lab discount code.

Are The Intolerance Tests Painful?

Unlike painful blood tests that cannot provide a conclusive deduction on the element causing the intolerance, these tests from IntoleranceLabs are completely painless. There will be no drawing of the blood as the only sample required for the test to be done is a hair sample (hair test). Simply cut off a few strands of your hair, send to the company, and wait for three days for your results to be ready.

How Does Intolerance Lab Test Compare to the Blood Test?

It’s painless unlike the blood test, and there is also less room for error when attempting to get the sample.

In addition, this test is more effective at pinpointing the exact food or non-food element that might be causing the disturbance. This is because the test is analysing the changes caused by the ingestion of or exposure to these elements at a cellular level.

On the other hand, blood tests are incapable of showing exactly which element might be the cause of the problem. This is because blood tests normally just analyses the reactions in the immunoglobulin system that only account for 2% of all known allergies and intolerances.

As a result of these differences, you will find that each test is measuring a completely different reaction, one at a cellular level, and another at a more surface level, and as such, the results will greatly differ.

How Intolerance Lab Works

The customer will order for the test on the website. Once payment has gone through successfully, the customer can then send in the hair sample as directed by the email confirming the purchase.

The company proceeds to check your hair sample against more than 700 food and non-food possible Intolerances. The tests on the hair are conducted at a cellular level , which means that the trigger elements can still be identified even if you have not been exposed to them recently.

You will then receive your results in less than three days after submitting of the hair sample. Your results will include a comprehensive report of all of the items that have an 85% or more chance of triggering unfavorable bodily reactions.

Customers have full access to the company’s after care team that can guide them through the interpretation of the results, and the necessary next steps.

Each of the company’s tests come with a full refund guarantee if the customer is not satisfied with the services rendered.

A Few IntoleranceLab Reviews from Actual Customers:

Based on 655 reviews made for, the rating stands at 9.2/10. Here are some of other original Intolerance Lab customer reviews from reviews sites:

Lesley-Ann Wilson – says:

“Super speedy with the results. Well worth getting the test done for anyone who suffers from skin allergies and food intolerances that the doctors would not take the time to investigate…”

Swan – says:

“Fast service and good communication in follow-up. I have used the test results in augmenting my diet with positive results…”

and another testimonial for IntoleranceLab:

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Quick Reviews:

Website Layout

Intolerance Lab review

The company’s website ( is fairly simple, making it easy to navigate even for individuals who are new to the site. The font is large while the font and site colors are easy on the eyes .

All of the pertinent information including background information on the company and its products can be found on the homepage. FAQS, customer reviews, competitor analysis, as well as product links can also be found on the homepage.

Shopping Processing

Shopping for the company’s tests are done solely on the website. Each test has its own product page where you can find additional, comprehensive information including what the product tests for, its price, and most suitable customer.

You can place the different products in the virtual shopping cart provided by the company.

Order and Payment

To order for a intolerancelab test/ tests, you simply need to select your preferred purchases, proceed to checkout, fill in your personal and payment details, and finally, authorize payment from your preferred payment method. You will receive an email confirming your purchase, and providing you with details on how to collect your samples and send them over to the company.

Customer Service

There is a comprehensive FAQ page on the homepage of the website where you can find answers to the most frequently asked questions about the company’s products.

The website also has displayed the company’s physical address if you wish to go there or send a letter to the company.

The company’s email address is also provided if you wish to get in touch with the company using email.

Intolerance Lab Review – Is Intolerance Lab Legit?

Yes, Intolerance Lab is a legitimate online food and non-food sensitivity testing service that is convenient, easy to use, and accurate. Your sample will be tested against hundreds of common and non-common, as well as specific food and non-food elements in order to conclusively show you which of these elements you are intolerant towards.

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How to Order at

Simply visit the website, select the product, and proceed to the checkout page. Once there, select your preferred payment method, and authorize payment for the service. When the payment goes through, you will receive a confirmation email detailing your purchase as well as providing you with further instructions on how to use the service. Purchase now, and get a special 20% OFF with our Intolerance Lab discount code below.

Free Intolerance Lab Discount Code:

30% OFF Intolerance Lab Coupon Code

Get 30% OFF when buying 4+ Intolerance Lab tests with our special Intolerance Lab discount code.

30% OFF Intolerance Lab Coupon Code

Get 30% OFF when buying 4+ Intolerance Lab tests with our special Intolerance Lab discount code.

How to Redeem Intolerance Lab Coupon Code?

Intolerancelab coupon

Getting the IntoleranceLab discount with us is quite easy. Follow these simple steps:

  • Select the food intolerance test that you want to order.
  • Enter our Intolerance Lab coupon code to redeem the discount.
  • Get the discount of 20% right away on your purchase.

(Intolerance Lab Review & Discount Code)

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