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Save $10 OFF your At Home STD Test order with our special MyLAB BOX coupon code. Coupon Code

Save $10 OFF your At Home STD Test order with our special MyLAB BOX coupon code.

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myLAB Box Coupon

A Quick myLAB Box Review

Today 1/3 of Americans are living with STI, it is known that people don’t want to go for usual testing methods. Being puzzled by discomfort and inconvenient lab tests and appointments, people want to skip the annual Sexually Transmitted Disease tests by putting too much trust on their partners and putting them in danger as well. Even with no clear signs and symptoms, it is not necessary that a person is free from sexually transmitted infections; nearly 80% of infections aren’t visible so easily. The correct way to be sure is through testing and myLab Box provides the most convenient testing service than anyone else.

Who is myLAB Box?

myLAB Box was developed by the entrepreneurs of California who visualized to fill a big distance between our medical standards and sexual health. It is the service that allows the customers to test their STDs from the ease of their home. A customer can order the kit online to send the sample back to them. If the test turns out positive, the customer enjoys the benefit of free consultation and prescription. They offer their services at the most cheaper rates than any other testing service. Nobody allows the STD testing service from the home. has been working from the start with the best labs to make sure the results are accurate and are as perfect as the one done in any clinic.

Check this video to know why you need myLAB Box:


Awards and recognitions

myLAB Box works with labs that are CLIA certified which are highly evolved testing organizations responsible for STD diagnosing tests.

myLAB Box has been awarded with Corporate Livewire Innovation & Excellence Awards 2016 Winner.

What Services Do They Provide at

mylab BOX kitmyLAB tests for Trichomoniasis, Gonorrhea and Chlamydia.

myLAB Box is operational with only the best medical providers, lab facilities, and medical experts inside US. While the HIPAA data storage system keeps your data safe and sound so that it could be accessed anytime you want to.

myLAB Box works to prevent the spread of sexually transmitted diseases. It was developed to give you the control of your sexual health back to you so that you can have more proactive and informed decisions.

How Does MyLAB Box Work?

myLAB Box working process includes four steps.

  1. Order online: Give your address and have the mail-in STD testing kit at your doorstep
  2. Test at home: As instructed, use the STD test kit to collect your sample. This process can be completed in less than five minutes
  3. Get results: Send your sample back to myLab Box and let the test your sample. Depending on the disease, the testing time may vary and may take up to two weeks excluding the shipping time
  4. Get free consultation and prescriptions: If your test results turned out positive, then don’t worry. Have the complimentary physician consultation via phone. Your prescribed medicine will be sent to your nearby pharmacy from where you can receive it easily.

What Make myLAB Box Different? is different from others because it allows you to test any STD from the ease of your home. They send you the STD home test kit in mail in which you have to send back your urine or blood sample which is then tested in their special labs and you can see your results online.

FAQs of myLAB Box:

How reliable are these tests?

Test accuracy is measured by specificity and sensitivity from clinical trials. Sensitivity is the result’s percentage which shows positive if the disease is present. Specificity is the results percentage which will show negative when it is not present. myLAB is not using any rocket science for testing instead it uses the same methods which you get in any labs and the levels of accuracy can be compared.

  • HIV kits: Specificity 99.9% & Sensitivity 99.9%
  • Chlamydia: Specificity 98.0% & Sensitivity 96.1%
  • Gonorrhea: Specificity 99.2% & Sensitivity 97.8%
  • Trichomonasis: Specificity 98% & Sensitivity >95%

How do myLAB Box costs compare?

  • Chlamydia & Gonorrhea testing at myLAB Box costs $79 while at others it costs around $139$150.
  • Trich testing costs $79 at myLAB Box and mostly others don’t offer these testing services but the ones that do cost between $90 and $110.
  • At MyLAB Box HIV testing starts from $73 while other clinics cost $6580.

Can I test with my partner?

Sure there is no trouble in getting your test along with your partner. Just a place an order now and get yourself and your partner tested. Please note every single person needs his or her own myLAB Box account in order to be tested.

Where are the kits made?

myLAB Box is operational with top developers in US, each of the partners is selected carefully to make sure that our customers are provided with the top quality products that give perfect results.

Are the kits certified?

Each and every one of the mail in kits are either using FDA approved test or are validated by myLAB Box lab affiliates. These at home STD test kits are perfect for transport and self collection. The tests are as accurate as done in any laboratory.

Final Thought – myLAB BOX: Safe is Sexy – At Home STD Test Service

STDs are highly prevalent in the society than it was thought before. One in three people have any one of the STD without even knowing. These people are not only harming their own health but of their partners as well. If a person is highly active sexually then it is compulsory for them to get their STD check and myLab Box provides the easiest and cheapest at-home STD testing method at your door step. You can lower the bill further by buying their STD kit with our myLAB Box coupon code.

Special Coupon Code: Coupon Code

Save $10 OFF your At Home STD Test order with our special MyLAB BOX coupon code. Coupon Code

Save $10 OFF your At Home STD Test order with our special MyLAB BOX coupon code.

(myLAB Box Coupon Code)


What is CLIA?

Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments (CLIA) is US federal standards that must be taken in to account by all the clinical laboratory testing done on humans inside US, excluding basic research and clinical trials.




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