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The following article is a comprehensive review of the company/service, OpenCare, designed to provide potential customers with a holistic picture of the company and its operations. In this OpenCare review, we will discuss what the company is, why we as customers need this company, its key features, how it works, where it operates, how much it costs, and how different it is to other dentist matching services. In addition, the article will provide a step by step guide on how customers can find dentists using this service.

OpenCare Review – Finding The Best Dentist Online

This OpenCare review will conclude by providing an overview of the company’s website including its layout, how to make orders and payments on the site, customer care channels, and the provision of online support.

What is OpenCare?

Opencare coupon codeOpenCare is an online dentist matching service that helps customers in need of dental services find the most approachable and convenient dentist for them. OpenCare has a wide network of dentists from all over the country, and the company’s goal is to match the client with a dentist that is personable, local, customer-focused, convenient, and meets the standards set by the client.

OpenCare’s main purpose is to revolutionize how health providers and patients interact by using a streamlined, highly effective appointment booking online platform. Through this, the company aims to improve patient care for the thousands of people seeking quality dental services in North America regularly.

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Why We Need OpenCare?

We need OpenCare because choosing a new dentist is often a daunting task. Open Care provides individuals seeking dentist care with the opportunity of finding convenient, highly reputable, and personable dentists conveniently located near them.

One main advantage of OpenCare is that it is a location based appointment booking platform. Customers seeking dental care are provided with provider listings based on their locations. This makes it easy for customers to find dentists near them.

OpenCare also provides a patient-led rating system for the dentists listed on its platform. This rating system helps patients determine the best dentists for them based on real customer experiences and testimonials.

The platform also provides personalized recommendations based on the answers that patients provide before the search commences.

How OpenCare Works

As a patient, the first step you will need to take is to enter your zip code on the company website’s home screen.

Dentists need to qualify to have their services listed on OpenCare. In order to qualify, the dental practice needs to have a large proportion of positive online reviews on popular customer review sites including RateMDs, Google, and Yelp. also needs to conduct an interview with the practice’s entire staff on-site. Furthermore, the practice needs to have a clean record devoid of any type of professional misconduct including discrimination, malpractice, or fraud.

If everything checks out, and the staff interviews prove satisfactory, then Open Care will list the practice on its platform.

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How to Find a Dentist on

As a patient, once you fill in your zip code, the website will guide you through a series of important, non-invasive questions such as:

  • The reason you need to see a dentist: is it for a routine check-up, is it for a specific medical procedure/treatment, or is it a dental issue that requires immediate medical attention
  • How much time has elapsed since your last dentist visit
  • Are you nervous about seeing a dentist?
  • Do you have a preferred time for a dentist appointment: before 9 am, between 9 am to 12pm, noontime, afternoon, evening, weekends, or no preference
  • How soon would you like to visit a dentist: immediately, as soon as possible, within 7 days, in two weeks, after two weeks
  • Do you have dental insurance – if the answer is yes, you will be prompted to choose your insurance provider, the plan you hold, and your member ID
  • Is doctor’s gender important?
  • Are you ready and willing to book now? If not, what is stopping you?

After answering these questions outlined above, you can proceed to ‘Show My Matches‘ button, after which the website will display a list of matches. Here, you will see each match’s name, practice name, address, map location, and driving distance from your location. You will also be able to see their average patient rating, and the number of patients who’ve booked them through Open Care.

If you find a suitable match, simply click on the Book Now button, and enter your information including first and last name, date of birth, phone number, and email address.

How Much Does OpenCare Cost?

At the moment, OpenCare is absolutely free for patients. Individuals looking to find quality dental care can use this service from several metropolitan areas in different parts of North America.

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What Makes OpenCare Different to Other Dentist Matching Services?

All the dentists that OpenCare recommends have been thoroughly researched to guarantee their quality, and efficacy at dentistry and patient care. In addition, their backgrounds have been exhaustively searched and the dentists interviewed by OpenCare. All of this guarantees that the customer only gets the best dental care available.

Furthermore, the OpenCare website has made it easier for customers to compare and choose their preferred dentist from the recommendations provided. Each recommendation comes with comprehensive information about the dentist including authentic customer reviews, schedule, and an easy way to book an appointment.

A Few OpenCare Reviews from Actual Customers:

Here are some of other original OpenCare customer reviews from other review sites:

Katie H. – says:

“Super seamless experience! Got a new dentist that was only a few blocks from me. Giftcard was easy to claim. I like my new dentist a lot!…”


SG. – says:

“It was really easy to book an appointment on Opencare. The questions asked to get the idea of what do I need from my dentist were really easy and then the list of dentist were provided….”

Quick Reviews

Website Layout

Opencare review

Their official website layout ( is fairly simple which makes it easy to navigate even for individuals that are new to the site. In addition, the site is visually attractive which significantly enhances navigation.

It’s easy to use the service as all you need to do is enter your address or postal code on the search bar provided on the homepage and click on ‘Start the Quiz‘. Once you complete providing answers to the quiz, personalized listing recommendations will appear, and you can select the one that is most suitable for you.

Order and Payment

For patients, this platform is absolutely free to use. For dentists, however, there is a small fee to pay for each new patient referred by OpenCare to the practice. The pricing for each practice may differ based on the location of the practice, and its standing with insurance networks.

Dentists are not charged a recurring fee for the services it provides to dentists.

Customer Service

The website has a comprehensive FAQ page where patients and dentists alike can find answers to the most frequently asked questions about the platform, how it works, and its efficiency.

The website also has a ‘Support’ page where you can find answers and directions for using the platform. You can also submit a support request email on this page if you still need more assistance from the company.

Online Support

The company has provided its social media handles at the bottom of the website. Patients and dentists can use these handles to get in touch with the company directly online.

OpenCare Review – Is OpenCare Legit?

Yes, OpenCare is a legitimate dentist matching service as evidenced by the numerous positive testimonials and reviews found on the company’s website, and several customer review websites.

Should I Buy OpenCare Dentist Matching Service?

Indeed you should if you are looking to find the top-rated dentist for your oral care easily and affordably. Hurry and purchase now in order to be eligible to receive a special OpenCare $75 Visa gift card on your purchase with our OpenCare promo code below.

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