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Personalabs Review – The Genuine Blood Testing Service

For a healthy lifestyle it is necessary that you check your body frequently and do regular tests. This will ensure sound body and help identifying diseases at an earlier stage. If you suspect any disorders in your body you can have any sort of blood test but it can be done only through instruction from a doctor. Many don’t prefer this because they just want to make a preliminary check-up without the intervention of a doctor. The reason is some doctors will create trauma in patients and engage in unnecessary testing just as a phenomena to gather money. So, are you coming under such category and wishing to do a test without the knowledge of a doctor? Well! Personalabs is there for you to do online blood testing which gives you complete freedom to do lab tests of your choice at affordable price. You can have your own blood tests without going through a doctor and you are in safer hands to lead a healthy life. In this Personalabs review, we will find more info about their anonymous STD services and lab work.

An In-depth Review of Personalabs:

Who is Personalabs? is accommodated with more than 300 types of blood tests including blood disorder test, heart and stroke tests, female and male tests, diabetes, cancer, allergy, thyroid, STD, hepatitis, auto immune, drug and alcohol tests, pregnancy and fertility tests, HIV, Herpes, Syphilis and many more. The blood test is done in a well sophisticated lab with experienced lab technicians who do the tests with utmost consciousness. Usually when you go for an allergy test, you will have a painful scratch test. Bid good bye to such old fashioned test and have a simple blood test to collect details of any sort of allergy that you have.

Personalabs is acquainted with tests facilitating food allergy which evaluates IgE levels produced by allergic food varieties. Allergic reactions created by food products involve urticaria, asthma, angiodema and many more. The lab is also facilitated with allergy testing based on the environmental conditions. If you look for drug and alcohol test for any person, you could do blood and urine screen test for the person whom you aim for.

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 What Are They Specialized in?

Personalabs is rendering service at your par that it takes care of all the formalities once you order for the test. The lab testing is available in 4000 locations all over the nation and once you give your specimen, it takes just one or two days to provide you with the accurate result. The results are transferred to your Personalabs account where you can know your results in privacy. This online blood testing methodology offered by is completely confidential and requires a simple process all the more to know your health condition.

How to Order STD Testing at

An important fact of Personalabs is that you can have anonymous STD test. Yes! Of course, today many feel embarrassed to meet a doctor to check on sexually transmitted diseases. Now you are free from this problem as Personalabs facilitates you with anonymous STD service. It means that you can have the lab print out and results with no name on them. You can also provide an alias name for billing purpose. If you are diagnosed with a positive STD, your information will be transmitted to the local health department with no personal health information on it.

Check this video to know how Personalabs work:

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Where Do I Go to Get Tested at

There are 1,700 Patient service centers from LabCorp and 2400 from Quest in which you can attend the test. You can use the location finder to get to know the nearby center in which you can attend the test. These test centers will take the specimen as per the test, and the important thing is that you have to take your ID, the test order and the confirmation copy to the center where you take the test.

Why Should We Choose

Personalabs Review

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You might have a query as why to choose Personalabs out of other online testing centers. Well the experience of the lab industry for more than 10 years with amicable service gives the first priority to choose Personalabs. Many competitors are aiming to succeed Personalabs but with vain. So you should be quiet surprised to know what makes this Personalabs special when compared to others. Obviously, you have ample amazing features that keep Personalabs unique from other competitors.

  • provide devoting customer service for 6 days a week and you can contact the customer service from morning 6 am to 10 pm in the evening.
  • The results are easy to understand and you can get the results directly from the lab
  • The tests are done at affordable price and you have offers frequently
  • The lab results are available in no time
  • The results are checked by a medical director and you will receive an urgent call from the service if you need immediate medical supervision.
  • The online service provided by Personalabs gives ample information and details on all tests.
  • Personalabs works with 2 largest national lab companies in the United States namely Quest Diagnostics and Laboratory Corporations of America
  • Personalabs offers more than 400o lab testing centers nationwide.
  • The website and company processes are HIPAA-complaint and it provides a secure system.
  • Personalabs also offers HAS and FSA payment modes.

A Few Personalabs Reviews from Real Customers:

Based on 4.6 rating on Google made for  and the A+ rating with Better Business Bureau (BBB). Here are some of other original Personalabs customer reviews from other sites:

Javonna W. – says:

“Personalabs has always been great. I have used this company for all my labs needs for the past 7 years. I am able to order my labs online and go right in to get my blood drawn. Customer service is fantastic Edgar is really kind .”

Javonna Wilson – Google reviews says:

“AMAZING COMPANY!!!!! I don’t know where to start the customer service is wonderful and very helpful. I use this company for all of my blood work orders I have save hundreds over the years!!!!

Quick Reviews:


The website of Personalabs ( is really informative through which any person can understand the ins and outs of STD testing and their facilities. The layout of the website is simply superb as it is easy to navigate and the content is much sufficient for anyone to have better understanding.

Shopping Processing

They offer quick shopping processing with advanced technology integrated in the website.

Orders & Shipping

Easy to use facility is provided for order booking and a helpline number has been provided to call and book the orders. The persons who attend the order calls are well trained and polite to get our information to confirm our order.

Customer Service & Online Support:

They render excellent customer service with needed support and follow-up. Their support team is available 24/7 by phone, email & live chat. Call toll free at to speak with Customer Service.


They are HIPPA compliant. Your information will remain secure with them. Your personal data will not be given to any third party.


They accept payments through PayPal, Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, and HSA/ FSA cards.

Personalabs Review – Bottom Line

These are some of the important validating points on why to choose Personalabs. Still you have many other interesting features which you visit on the website of Personalabs. Enjoy safe and genuine online blood testing with Please check our special Personalabs coupon code to get discount at checkout.

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