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A Quick PlushCare Review

Who is PlushCare?

PlushCare is the platform that allows the patients to contact the doctor through a phone call. They have a team of expert doctors who listen to your condition, diagnose the disease and prescribe the medicine. Their aim is to provide the instant, affordable and convenient access to doctors.

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What Services Do They Provide at

PlushCare coupon code

At Plush Care, they provide the following services:

  • Phone call consultation: You can book an appointment on the very same day depending on your schedule and the doctor will call you
  • Easy Picking Up of Medication: If the doctor prescribes any medication to you, you can pick it up from your nearby pharmacy, or any pharmacy of your choice for instant pickup
  • Lab test facility: If the doctor has asked for the lab test, you can take your order to the nearby Quest lab
  • Top Physicians: They have selected the best doctors to make their team; all are experts in their fields
  • Reduced Per Visit Cost: After the first visit, your bill doesn’t remain same but it reduces
  • Insurance Facility: You can use your insurance policy as well; they support many insurance plans including Blue Cross BlueShield, Aetna and Cigna
  • Discount on leading prescription: All the leading prescription has a wonderful discount
  • Same Day appointment: This can be a very convenient option for you if you want to talk to the doctor soon; no more waiting in the waiting room
  • Lab Testing Without Doctor’s Order: If you want to get tested for a special disease and you don’t want to see the doctor first, then you can avail this service and order a lab test without visiting a doctor

Watch this video to know more what PlushCare can help you:


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How Does PlushCare Work?

PlushCare offers the most convenient doctor visit. They allow you to visit the doctor from the ease of your home. Your whole doctor’s visit will be a phone call or video chat. Plush Care working explained in simple points here:

  • You book an appointment at the PlushCare according to your own schedule and select the doctor of your will
  • At the scheduled time, doctor will contact you on the phone or through a video call
  • You tell the signs and symptoms of your condition
  • Doctor will diagnose the disease and recommend a proper treatment plan
  • If necessary, doctor might prescribe you the medication like antibiotic or antiviral drug
  • The prescribed medicine will be delivered to your selected pharmacy for easy pickup
  • If needed, doctor might even ask you to go for a lab test
  • You can take the order to any nearest Quest laboratory
  • Then on the basis of the test results, your doctor will tell you what to do further

What Makes PlushCare Different to Other STD Testing Services?

What happens when you need to visit a doctor of your choice? You need to go to the hospital, take an appointment for the coming date. Then you visit the doctor on the given day, even though it was convenient for you or not, but you have to go on the same day. After that you have to wait in the waiting room for your turn. When your number comes, you go to the doctor’s room. Tell him about your condition. He listens to you and on the basis of your judgment, he diagnoses your disease and prescribes you the medicine you need. If he finds the requirement, he asks you to go for some lab test and then come again. provides all the things that happen when you enter the doctor’s room but all the remaining fuss doesn’t exist when you book an appointment with them. You set your appointment time by seeing your schedule. Generally, you go to the doctor; but here, doctor comes to you. On your set time, doctor will call you and listen to your condition. Other than that, your prescribed medicine will be sent to your selected pharmacy for your convenience.

FAQs of

What conditions can PlushCare treat?

At, these conditions and diseases are diagnosed and treated with the prescribed medicine including cold, flu, urinary tract infections, ear infection, sinus problems, respiratory infection, bronchitis, allergies, pink eye, poison ivy, strep throat, rash or dermatitis, STDs, asthma, lice, and so much more. Medicine refilling is also present.

What conditions can PlushCare NOT treat?

PlushCare cannot treat the conditions for which physical presence of the doctor or paramedic is necessary. Emergency conditions like bleeding, breathing troubles, chest pain, severe traumatic injuries like ingestion of toxic material, broken bones or impaired consciousness are not treated at PlushCare. For these and others life threatening conditions, it is recommended to call 911 immediately.

Where is PlushCare available?

PlushCare is available in many American states including Arizona, California, Florida, Georgia, Hawaii, Illinois, Michigan, Nevada, New York, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Virginia, and Washington. Every month, a new state is being added. PlushCare aims to provide their services to all the states within a year.

Can I get the same STD more than once?

Most STDs are recurring diseases so there’s a chance that you can encounter one STD many times in life. Chlamydia, syphilis, gonorrhea are some of the sexually transmitted infections that can infect you again and again if you have unprotected sex with the person who is already infected. STD testing services like herpes and HIV infect the person for whole life. STDs caused by viruses can be managed by getting the right treatment and care at the right time.

All in all, PlushCare is a great initiative that is helpful in saving time and money. All their doctors are experts in their field. When you can get help at house, then why to go for lengthy and troublesome method of normal doctor’s visit. Take the advantage of the technology world and have special discount on your appointment when you book it with us.

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