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The internet has been one of the places where people have sought to understand more about their health problems. As health care and technology continue to evolve with time, provision of better services, at convenient terms becomes more realizable as each day dawns. In this True Health Labs review, we will examine this leader in online laboratory testing for drugs, STDs, Lyme disease, cancer and more.

True Health Labs Review – Is Legit?

Who is True Health Labs?

True health labs promo codeTrue Health Lab is a company that is considered for its Direct Access Testing. The labs help people know everything, and they provide laboratory test from both USA and abroad.

The company was started to provide people with a convenient method of accessing laboratory tests in an affordable way. The lab associates with CLIA labs to provide the needed services to people.

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Why Should I Need True Health Labs?

True Health Labs is a company meant to offer help to the people who do not have enough, or any insurance cover to access laboratory services. It is also meant for those people whose doctors, for one reason or another fails to order for their testing in laboratories. The lab is as well, meant for the people who consider it their own decision, where they get assistance from for their health.

The numerous CLIA Certified Labs are all around thus you can easily find one that is near you for the test or submitting the samples. You also get reduced prices for up to 80% by negotiation for the tests. The labs are quite convenient due to specialized testing resources, which make the process quicker than in clinics. The labs are run by professional staff thus maintain privacy. This applies to all case unless in case of communicable diseases which they report to the state health department.

What Are They Doing at

True Health Labs provides its customers with the help they need in terms of health care, with the belief that people should take charge over their health care and not what the health care policies say about their health. True Health believes in the use of preventive and predictive medications, hence their provision of laboratory services that are advanced, to smoke out nutritional imbalances. They help you to change your lifestyle for better.

Best-Selling Lab Tests at

truehealthlabs test review

The tests at True Health Labs website allows you to make a choice of with to take depending on what you want to be tested. This way you can consult with your physician for the type of test you need taken. Testing is comprehensive or specific depending on your choice but both case effectiveness and discretion are a guarantee.

  1. Complete Thyroid Panel

Thyroid conditions differ from one person to the next. Therefore, the assurance of specific thyroid conditions is impossible. However, en you feeling depressed, fatigued, or weight loss or gain among other conditions a thyroid test may come in handy. Any of these conditions can sprout from a thyroid condition but the test is effective if you consult with your physician for clarification. This test tests for thyroid imbalances through a testing routine specified to your condition.

  1. DNA Stool test/ comprehensive GI test

The Genova Stool test checks for the health of the digestive tract. This includes the various types of bacteria. It is a common phenomenon where some bacteria are good and some are bad the balancing of both is essential for the digestive tract to work. The good bacteria like anaerobes help in the digestive process while the harmful bacteria brines adverse effects. It is important to check your destine tract health since the body as whole depends on it. The immune system also depends on the health of the digestive tract, which makes this test very crucial. The three-day collection test more comprehensive and detects any parasites.

  1. MRT Food Sensitivity Test 170

This is essentially a blood test, which checks for the food sensitivities of the body. The test checks the white blood cells’ reaction to certain foods. The more reactive the outcome, the greater the sensitivity. The reaction of the white blood cells to foods may lead to inflammations, which may cause long-term effects. The MRT food test is only available in the USA and Canada.

How Does True Health Labs Work?

There are a series of steps in the way that True Health Labs deliver their services.

  • Make a choice for the test you need done.

These are the tests you feel that you need expert scrutiny in.

Add the tests to your shopping cart, and then proceed to find the draw location of your particular test.

Review details on what you have been sent after you made your purchase. With the information, you can choose to make your own lab panel.

Once you have successfully checked out, a form for your application is sent to you in email.

  • Collect Sample

If you called for a test kit, it is delivered to you through mail to the shipping address you included, and it will be delivered using the form you made an application with. You can collect samples for urine, saliva, hair tests, and swabs from home.

  • Checking the Test Results

The results are sent to you through email. To check your results, a special pass code, that is written in red under your “my account will be required for checking the results. In most of the cases, the delivery of results is estimated to be about 4 business days. Tests that are more complex, however, can take even more than 14 days.

Check video for more information on how True Health Labs works:

(Credits: Dr. Brady Hurst)

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What Makes True Health Labs Different from Other Companies?

  • Unlike the other online lab testing facilities, True Health Labs helps you to understand your test results and this will empower you to make good decisions that will benefit your health. True Health offers a one on one results review over the phone with you.
  • Unlike taking a day off from work to visit the doctor, True Heal Labs offer you with the chance of getting your blood before the doctor, before you decide whether you will want to save some more time.
  • True Health Labs also offer you with a more economical way that cans save for up to 80%.
  • True health labs unlike other medical facilities is able to detect diseases early.
  • They also help you to clarify historical family lines, which would be important in determining your health issues and the possibility of the queen.

A Few True Health Labs Reviews from Real Customers:

A happy customer is glad that with True Health Labs, she got to know the underlying problem of her illness that would have gone unnoticed were it not for True Health Labs. The client was glad for the patience and the thoroughness with which the doctor reviewed the lab results over the phone. The prompt email response was also a reason for her to like True Health Labs more.

Another happy customer thanked the company so much for being helped. The client was happy for the provision of customer service that went beyond her needs. The client felt that True Health Labs had taken a mile for them, and for that all loyalty would be to True Health Labs.

Quick Reviews:

Website Layout

True Health Labs review

The layout of the website is very simple and easy to use. All the pages are easily displayed throughout the website for easy navigation. The pages are all responsive and the loading time for a page is less than 0.62 seconds. There are numerous categories in all pages, making the use of the website very easy, and straightforward.

Shopping Processing

To shop and process for a product, simply pick out the test you want done. Click the test that you need and “Order now

Order and Payment

As you do for other online products, add the test product to cart, proceed to giving the contact details, shipping details and then check out. To successfully check out, you can pay for the product you shopped for using electronic means such as Visa Card, Master Card, PayPal, and other methods that have been provided.

Customer Service

Customer Service is guaranteed on this website. There are social links provided all through to ensure that you connect. You can also reach out to the support desk through emailing them directly; calling with the phone number provided on the website, or you can just fill a contact form and submit it by email.

Online Support

The website has an online chat platform where you can communicate directly with the support team of the company. Additionally, the client can have their queries answered on the FAQs page, which is quite comprehensive. You can also send a direct message or call directly with the contact information provided on the website.

True Health Labs Review – Bottom Line

While some may have insurance others do not, while some have comprehensive insurance some are a bit restricted. These situations should not bar the access to health services. This is what fuels the need for Direct Access Testing companies, which are easy to access and affordable and therefore can serve any person. This is but one of the advantages of the internet in the modern life. You can now take your health matters and of those, you love in your hands.

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How to Order at

Simply find the test that you would want to order and then find a draw location. Check out through a valid payment system and collect your sample using the kit you bought. Send the results back to True Health Labs and then wait for your results through email.

True Health provides you with a cheaper, more convenient, and fast solution to receiving a detailed feedback for laboratory tests. The combination of health provision with technology makes the whole process much cheaper than it would have been when visiting a local health facility clinic. With the competitive prices offered by True Health Labs, enjoy a promotional discount of up to 10% on any test that you purchase.

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