Where to Take a Chlamydia Test?

Sexually transmitted diseases are of various kinds. Some diseases are fatal, while others are not. Some STDs are easy to identify while others are not. STDs manifest differently in the body as well. While some may have adverse signs and symptoms, some STDs may have very few or no symptoms at all, making it hard to find them. For sexually active people, taking a test for STDs every once a year can help a lot in knowing your health. Chlamydia is one of the elusive yet dangerous STDs that can affect you. This article is a comprehensive summary of all that you need to know about Chlamydia and where to take a Chlamydia test online.

What is Chlamydia?

Chlamydia is a common sexually transmitted disease that affects both males and females. The infection is known to have adverse effects such as causing permanent damage to the reproductive system of a woman. That would prove it difficult for her to get pregnant. Chlamydia is also a known cause prenatal ectopic pregnancy. Ectopic pregnancies are the pregnancies which occur outside the womb.

Chlamydia is spread through having vaginal, oral or anal sex with someone with chlamydia. You can also get the infection from a male partner even if they don’t ejaculate. An infection is also possible if you have unprotected sex with an infected partner.

What Are The Symptoms And Signs Of Chlamydia?

In most cases, Chlamydia does not show its symptoms in a way that you can feel see or feel. The symptoms of chlamydia may at times be very vague that you may not notice them and you can easily mistake for another disease. It is even common that very few people recognize that they have chlamydia.

Symptoms that manifest mostly in women

  1. A burning or paining sensation when passing urine
  2. Abnormal discharge from the vagina, mostly yellow and strong
  3. Bleeding between menstrual periods.

Symptoms that manifest in men are:

  1. Milky or watery discharge from the penis
  2. Tender or swollen testicles
  3. A burning or paining sensation when passing urine.

Other symptoms might include,

  1. Pain when having sexual intercourse
  2. Pain on the lower part of the belly.

At times, chlamydia may cause redness, itchiness or discharges from the eyes if the infection affects the eyes. Chlamydia infections may cause a sore throat if it affects the throat.

Should I Get Tested for Chlamydia?

It is important that you get tested for Chlamydia at least once in a year if you are sexually active. A clinical test is the only way that you can prove the chlamydia infection. People who regularly have intercourse should regularly get tested for Chlamydia. A chlamydia test takes a short time, it’s not painful, and it’s at times free.

How do I know if I have Chlamydia?

It is hard to tell whether you have chlamydia by simply analyzing how you feel. Testing for Chlamydia is the only sure way to help you know whether you have the symptoms or not. The symptoms may also take time to appear, probably weeks after you have had sex with an infected person.

If you can see any of the symptoms that are known to be signs for Chlamydia, the prudent measure for you is to get tested. It is also important that you get tested if you have had any encounters of unprotected sex, or when you realize that your partner has chlamydia.

It is recommended that a sexually active person be tested for STDs every once in a year. For pregnant women, the test for Chlamydia should be done on your first prenatal clinic visit.

How to Treat Chlamydia?

Chlamydia refers to a bacterial infection, which is managed using antibiotic drugs. Amazingly, Chlamydia is among the most common sexually transmitted diseases, and the majority of individuals that suffer from this condition do not exhibit any symptoms.

What is The Perfect Chlamydia Treatment?

Treating Chlamydia is straightforward. When you go for treatment, your doctor will give you antibiotics drugs to cure the infection. There are two types of Chlamydia treatment. One of the procedures is when your doctor gives you only one dosage of Chlamydia prescription. The second mode of therapy is when your doctor gives you drugs for seven days. Thus, your clinician you assist you to identify the kind of treatment that suits you.

It is imperative to tell your sexual partner to be cured of Chlamydia infection once you receive treatment. If not, you and your intimate partner might keep on spreading the virus to others.

Everything you require to know concerning Treatment of Chlamydia

Here are 6 things that you should understand concerning Chlamydia treatment:

  • Consume all of the medication as instructed by the doctor. Note that the Chlamydia infection remains in the body even when the symptoms have disappeared. Hence, take all of the antibiotics.
  • Ensure your sexual partner also receives treatment to prevent spreading the infection to other people or getting a re-infection
  • Moreover, do not engage in sexual activities after receiving treatment. Even if you have received the one-time dose, wait until seven days are over to participate in sexual activities.
  • It is imperative to be tested again after four months of taking the drugs to make sure that the infection has disappeared
  • Further, do not share your medications with other people. In most cases, your doctor will give you antibiotic medicines for your spouse. Thus, ensure that you consume all of the drugs together.
  • Use condoms since it is likely to be re-infected with Chlamydia as it is not a one-time infection
Dangers of not being treated for Chlamydia Infection
  • Although the disease is widespread and hardly shows any symptoms, the Chlamydia infection becomes a big issue if not detected and treated on time.
  • For women, the Chlamydia infection can multiply into the fallopian tubes and uterus. Thus, the virus can lead to the pelvic inflammatory ailment, permanent injuries, which cause ectopic pregnancies, and infertility.
  • Likewise, for men, the Chlamydia infection spreads to the epididymis and hence causing severe joint pains and hardly does Chlamydia infection does not cause infertility among men
  • When the Chlamydia infection is not treated, there are high chances of contracting and spreading HIV, a virus, which causes AIDS.
  • Pregnant mothers may pass the infection to their babies while giving birth if the disease is not treated. Moreover, the virus can cause pneumonia and eye infections in infants and augments the threat of delivering the infant prematurely.

Please note that testing and management for this infection is easy and quick. Thus, for comprehensive treatment of Chlamydia infection visit a trusted STD clinic near you to get tested as soon as possible.

What Happens During a Chlamydia Test?

A Chlamydia test is easy to take and painless. It can be done through passing your urine in a cup or rubbing the genitals gently with a cotton swab. The cotton swab collects cell samples from the genitals which are then tested for Chlamydia bacteria. An observation of your genitals by the doctor will help them see the discharge if there is any.

Chlamydia may often take the look of other STDs as gonorrhea, and your doctor may therefore want to take more tests. It is important to know that Chlamydia is incurable. The sooner you have it checked, the sooner your treatment and cure will be.

Where to Take a Chlamydia Test?

Chlamydia tests are done by your doctor, in a health facility or clinic. The tests are also offered at the Local Planned Parenthood Health Center. Some states allow you to visit the doctor online and have the test done at home.

Unlike routine checkups to the gynecologist, checkups for STDs should be asked for, and the doctor is always going to help you determine the test you need to take.

The Best Place to Get Tested for Chlamydia:

1. STDCheck

std checkSTD Check offers the best guidance in testing for STDs. They advise you on which STDs you should be tested for if you are not sure. All you need to do is visit a local STDCheck STD center. It takes 15 to 30 minutes to have you order a test and the blood or urine sample taken. STD Check sends the laboratory results to you through email, and within a few days. The proper care and guidance are provided if the results show the need for treatment.

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2. HealthLabs

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3. Personalabs

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Where Can I Get at Home Chlamydia Test Kit?

To take a test for Chlamydia at home, you can buy a home test kit from MyLabBox at discounted prices. There are several packages that you can choose form. Make your order online, after which you will collect the sample and mail it in a short time. You will then receive your laboratory results. MyLabBox offers free consultation from physicians if you test positive.


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Bottom Line

Though Chlamydia is curable, most people have suffered from the disease without getting to know the reason for their disease. It is important that you get a checkup for Chlamydia to help you in knowing our health status. You can either have the Chlamydia test done in a clinic by your gynecologist, or you can still buy a Chlamydia test kit and then mail it to your laboratory for testing and analyzing.

(Where to Take a Chlamydia Test?)

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