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Meditests – Medimpex United Inc.

Free Shipping on all orders over $25.00 for customers.

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An In-depth Meditests Review

This Meditests review is written for the purpose of informing potential clients about the company. The article will discuss the main purpose of the company, what it sells, as well as how it differs from other companies within the industry. The article will also review different sections of the company’s website.

Who is Meditests?

Meditests Coupon CodeMedimpex United Inc (Meditests) is an American company in the business of distributing pregnancy, alcohol, and drug testing kits to individuals, schools, security bureaus, correctional facilities, health care organizations, and companies across the country.

The Medimpex United Inc prides itself in providing the tests instantly to those that require them. The company opened its doors in 1999, and has reported steady growth owing to its ability to provide instant and quality services to its customers.

What Are They Selling at

Medimpex United Inc ( focuses on distributing drug, pregnancy, and alcohol tests to its customers. The tests come in a wide array of testing kits. For instance, the customer can order a single urine drug test kit or a multi panel kit. The company also offers oral drug test kits, which are important if the client wants to avoid privacy issues. Clients can also order for hair testing kits, which are the most accurate drug tests available in the market.

Other tests sold on the website include all inclusive alcohol and drug tests, ovulation tests, forensic test kits, health tests, and herbal pads. In addition, the company also conducts background checks on behalf of clients when requested to do so.

Why Should I Choose

You should choose because this is one of the few websites where one can get majority of the medical tests instantly. The company also has a very strict privacy policy whereby none of the clients’ information is divulged to third or unwarranted parties. The company offers all of its products at affordable prices compared to other companies in the industry.

What Makes Different to Other Sites?

The main feature that sets apart from its competitors is the diversity of the products sold on the website. The site boasts a wide array of drug, pregnancy, and alcohol tests that will meet the specific requirements of any client.

Furthermore, the company ships all of the orders in regular envelopes and boxes to ensure that the privacy of the client is maintained, as well as not to raise any unwarranted suspicion or curiosity.

Quick Reviews:

Website Layout

Meditests review

The website layout is simple making the website convenient, comfortable, and easy to use. The links to the relevant pages are easily visible on the landing page. The customer care numbers are prominently displayed at the top of the home page. In addition, the links and pictures to the most popular websites can be found on the home page, making it easier for the customers to access these pages without much hassle.

There is also a search tab where customers can simply search for the product they wish to purchase. The website also has a Testimonials page where clients can go through the views of other customers who have used the company’s services. These reviews are important as they demonstrate the credibility of the company to potential clients.

Shopping Processing

Clients can shop on the website, and pick their preferred items, which will be placed in a virtual cart. The clients can then proceed to checkout where they are required to pay for the items in their carts. The company accepts different payment methods that include money orders, Discover Cards, Visa, Personal checks, MasterCard, PayPal, and American Express.

Orders & Shipping

Customers have the option of placing their orders either through the website or by phone. The company will only accept returns within 60 days of the order being shipped to the client.

All orders processed by the company are shipped in a discreet manner to maintain confidentiality between the website and the client. The company also provides free shipping for orders that are above $25. Clients will also receive free collection cups when they purchase more than 24 urine drug tests.

Customer Service

Clients can reach the customer care representatives through a toll free number provided on the company’s website.
There is also a FAQ section where customers can find the answers to the most commonly asked questions. is a mass distributor of high quality and affordable drug test kits and ovulation kits. The company specializes in distributing a wide range of medical tests including alcohol, pregnancy, and drug tests. Clients can find the specific test they require on the website owing to the wide variety of tests on offer by the company. In addition, the company guarantees that the privacy of the client is maintained by shipping the tests in ordinary boxes and envelopes.

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Meditests coupon

Meditests – Medimpex United Inc.

Free Shipping on all orders over $25.00 for customers.

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(Meditests Coupon Code)

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