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STD Test Express promo codeSTD Test Express Promo Code:

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STD Test Express coupon

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Quick STD Test Express Reviews

Sexually transmitted diseases are real and mostly caused by having unprotected sex. It is common in the people having multiple sex partners. STD testing is a sensitive matter and because of the embarrassment a person has to face, many don’t go to the clinics to get their STD tested. provides the services to check your STD in a private and confidential environment.

Who is STD Test Express?

STD Test Express couponEstablished in 2009, STD Test Express offers a complete STD testing service. In this short time, it has tested more than 120,000 people for common STDs. The company has treated or connected over 16,000 people to the doctor. is the national largest online clinic. It is the company that offers private, fast, and affordable testing of sexually transmitted diseases with top class online medical support. The company achieves this by working with Analyte Physicians Group, S.C. (“APG”), which is a national network of medical professionals, physicians and certified Care Advisors. All the doctors are specialists of sexual health. The people whose tests come positive get the full help of the medical experts. If the state law allows, they will prescribe the medicine, if not then they will refer a local specialist has the honor to be the national largest online clinic. It has provided it services to more than 120,000 people since the time of its development. The number of their customers has been increasing day by day.

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What STD Testing Services Do They Provide at

Being one of the leading online clinics for STD testing and STD treatment they provide all kinds of testing facility for STD, counseling from sexual health care experts, treatment for different types of diseases included in STDs. They provide easy to use online service using which any person can get completed details about STD testing and types and types of STDs symptoms.

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What Make STD Test Express Different? offers complete STD testing services with doctor’s guidance after the test as well. The services you can find on are as follow:

  • Confidential STD testing; HIPAA regulations are followed for the privacy of your information
  • Testing guidance that tells you which test is appropriate to select
  • Doctors consultation if the results turned out positive
  • Highly helpful customer care service
  • Ability of using your insurance policy without using the name STD
  • Health Savings (HSA) are also accepted
  • Fastest results: Get your reports within three business days only
  • Different payment options to select from

How to Order STD Testing Services at

Using the STD test services at is very easy. The whole process can be completed in four simple steps:

  • Step #1: Select the Test You Want To Go For

They offer a private digital questionnaire that allows you to know which test is perfect for you. If after completing the questionnaire you have some doubts, you can call their certified Care Advisors to know which test is suitable for you. You can call at (855) 368-1338 Mon – Fri 6am-9pm | Sat 7am – 9pm | Sun 9am – 9pm CST.

  • Step #2: Visit Lab to Provide your Sample

You will get the personalized lab order form online. Take that to the lab whenever you want to get tested. You don’t have to take any appointments. Just walk in to your nearby lab and provide your blood or urine sample. It will only take 15-30 minutes.

  • Step #3: Get Your STD Test Express Results

You get an email from “APG Services” that has the information about how to reach your results. Usually your STD testing results are available within three business days.

  • Step #4: Receive Care

If the results turned out positive, the Care Advisor team will connect you to the doctor of or refer you to the local physician. If the state law allows, licensed physicians may prescribe you medical treatment right away.

Why is the Leader in STD Testing Service? is the leader in STD testing service because of:

  • Discreet Billing: To keep your privacy covered, the name STD Test Express will not appear on the credit card statement or on email subject line. All the communication will be done by using the name APG Services.
  • Insurance Acceptance: STD Test Express is the only online testing service that accepts insurance plans. Health Savings (HSA) are also accepted.
  • Prime Care: STD testing is a sensitive matter that’s why STD Test Express has assigned certified Care Advisors to guide you through the whole process. They are just a call away; call them at (855) 368-1338 Mon – Fri 6am-9pm | Sat 7am – 9pm | Sun 9am – 9pm CST.
  • Privacy and Security: STD Test Express protects all your information. All the HIPAA regulations are followed to maintain the medical records.
  • Fast Turn Around Time: Your test are available in the time of less than three business days. You don’t have to wait for weeks to get your results.

FAQs of STD Test Express:

Are STDs curable?

STDs are curable when they are detected early. Delaying of the disease only increases the complications. However, two STDs including HIV and herpes could only be managed throughout the life.

Can STDs be transmitted through kissing?

Not all, but there are some sexually transmitted diseases like Herpes-1 that are spread through mouth to mouth. But many of the STDs are transferred through sexual intercourse only.

How private is your service?

All the people highly expect that this STD test must be highly private and this privacy is considered to be the core values here and people need not worry about the privacy as it is taken very seriously by the people who work here. So, the privacy is highly enhanced by the people who work here and there is no need to care about the privacy problems.

When will I get my results?

People will be really waiting for getting the results after their test and here people need not want to wait more than three days and it is because only 3 days is been taken to deliver the result to the patient. There are some tests like HIV and other such test may take another day to get conformed.

What do STD Test Express results look like?

All the STD test results are easily readable and people need not want to get confused with the test results. If they have any doubts regarding the test results, they can simple make a call to the care advisor. He will give all the details and the ideas about the test and the necessity of the further treatment. They will also help the people to contact to the doctors directly.

What if my results come back positive?

There will be a very clear explanation about the result and for the further treatment and so people need not worry about their results and it will be surely helpful for them in all aspects. The advisor will be there all the time to help the people and the person has to just make a call to clear their doubts.

Is STD Test Express cheaper than a visit to my doctor?

Depending on the insurance plan the price of the test is highly determined. Comparatively this will be highly less when compared to all the other STD tests. If the person is having insurance then the pay will be about $65.00 and this also varies according to the different plans. But the lab tests for urgent cases or primary care will be found to be about $300 to $400.

Quick Reviews:

Website Layout

STDTestExpress coupon

The site ( is user friendly therefore anyone can easily access their information with a single click.

Shopping Processing

You are able to place the order easily and you will get experts assistance in this. All the major credit cards are accepted at STD Test Express including Visa, MasterCard, American Express…etc

Order & Shipping

You can order the appointment. Take the form to your nearby STD Test Express clinic and give your sample of urine or blood and walk away. The officials will send you the STD test results within a few days.

Customer Service

The professionals will give you utmost customer service when you approach them. Here are their contact info:

(855) 368-1338 Mon – Fri 6am-9pm | Sat 7am – 9pm | Sun 9am – 9pm CST.

You can also contact them by mail them at: Analyte Health, 328 South Jefferson Street, Suite 770, Chicago, IL 60661.

Final Thought

STD Test Express is your one stop to get the sound sleep at night without getting worried about the underlying embarrassing disease. People having STD also risk the health of their partners. As STD Test Express gives priority to the privacy, you can have the peace of mind when testing with them. Now you can get $10 OFF on your STD testing order with us. Just use our coupon code to redeem the discount.

Exclusive STD Test Express Promo Code:

STD Test Express promo codeSTD Test Express Promo Code:

Save 15% OFF on at-home STD Tests with special promo code at!

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(STD Test Express Coupon Code)


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