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Food is an item for enjoyment and it often is best when shared. Like all things however, they come customized and it bothers one a lot if they would suffer an intolerance from a food they like. Intolerance to food is common and may cause discomfiture or even allergies, which may prove dire. A health care group in Britain has therefore endeavored to ensure that they test these intolerances and offer advice accordingly. The Test Your Intolerance review below sheds light on this UK based company endeavor to return their clients’ bodies to proper balance.

Test Your Intolerance Review – #1 Food Intolerance Testing

What is Test Your Intolerance?

TestYourIntolerance com couponTest Your Intolerance is a trade name for Healthy Stuff Online, which is a health company base in the United Kingdom. This company specializes in testing for conditions arising from ingestion of foods and other substances applied on the body. The company offers access worldwide for their clients’ convenience.

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What Are They Doing?

They offer testing services for intolerances on their website or locally in the UK. The testing not only allows the client to discover the intolerances they suffer but also possible deficiencies in their bodies. The test is allows for screening for more than six hundred foodstuffs and substances applied on the body. The company receives the test samples from the various clients worldwide and after carrying out the tests, they provide detailed results for their clients’ scrutiny. The company is also involved in charity missions and an example is Rainbows hospice for children.

How It Works

The process is easy and the services are relatively fast. When one purchases their chosen package which ranges depending on the amount of foodstuffs they would like tested the test submission is via email. The client fills the comprehensive test form, which they then submit through their email. The client also posts a hair sample to the specialist to carry out tests on. This is a more effective yet cost effective way of testing for intolerance in the body. The results received within seven working days, detail on possible intolerances the client may or are already suffering.

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Why Should I Choose Test Your Intolerance?

Test Your Intolerance Testimonial

When looking for a health tests company online security, tests results receipt and other factors come into play. Healthy Stuff Online Limited is a group that has created an amalgam of top-notch services to ensure the client is duly satisfied. The privacy policies on the websites and the doctors, who will check and submit the results, ensure that the client’s sensitive information is secure. The hair test used is a proven way of effecting successful test with reduced costs unlike blood tests. The results, which are well detailed and easy to follow, return within seven working days. They also offer a live chat and email option if the client has any enquiry.

What Makes Test Your Intolerance Different from other Companies?

Online testing services are an untrustworthy lot that will often leave the client worrying over possible inconveniences. With Test Your Intolerance however, the risk greatly reduces with a ninety nine point five percent possibility of satisfaction for the client. They eliminate the inconvenience of not having the test done abroad with their accessibility from twenty-six countries worldwide, which include South Africa, India, and America among others. Their wide range of personnel and specialist ensure that the results are reliable and the client can get professional help if they require it. Test Your Intolerance is a paragon of assurance with over 200,000 tests being they main assurances that you can never go wrong with them.

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Test Your Intolerance Promo Code

Save 10% OFF on Intolerance Test, Nutritional Test, Metal Toxicity Test...etc at testyourintolerance.com. Excludes Bundles & DNA. Ends 12/06.

A Few Test Your Intolerance Reviews from Real Customers

The Company’s reputation in service provision is not only self-evident in the tests themselves but also the past clients will vouch on the assured satisfaction. Various customer reviews are evidence of this company’s service provision. In one such review by Mary Rossiter a healthcare professional is quoted to say, “I avoided both when I had the test and nothing showed up. I was extremely disappointed as I had paid €300 euro for the blood test. I searched online for days and spoke to a few different companies about getting a test done. Most companies were very difficult and very expensive. That’s when I came across Test Your Intolerance and have never looked back.”

In another review by Linda from Canada, she effuses her delight in the website’s help and benefits. She is quick to point out the easily understood results, which helped her greatly to discover not only the foodstuffs she was allergic or intolerant to but also the deficiencies she was suffering. This information, she says, was a great help to reorganize her diet and incorporate the vitamins and nutrients that she was lacking.

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Quick Testyourintorelance.com Reviews:

Website Layout

Test Your Intolerance review

Once the client logs on to this website, the first eye-catching aspect is its user-friendly interface. The website offers easily understandable links from which the client can access the various services. The purchases can be access on this website platform, which classify according to the amount of substances the client may wish tested. The platform also offers a live chat option with the health specialist in case the client has any enquiry. Concisely, the website offers an easy layout and in-depth information on the services on offer by the company.

Shopping Processing

While looking for the preferred packages, the clients’ needs to sign into the website whence the client. The link to the various test packages on the homepage will allow the customer to view the various options and make a detailed choice. The packages include family test and individual tests all of which have various prices depending on the amount of substances they need tested. After choosing the preferred package the client may carry ahead to purchase it.

Booking & Payment

The payment option chosen as one signs into the website include debit or credit cards. These are mandatory for one to purchase the testing packages. The payment also includes postage charges. After authorization of payment, the sending of the test submission form is via email for the customer to fill and collect samples.

Customer Services

Test Your Intolerance is a company that boasts of more than a hundred and thirty physicians. Their vast personnel resource allows them to shorten the duration for the results postage. The results also have detailed reports on the various dietary deficiencies the customer may be suffering. The option for consultancy with specialist allows the clients to have further advice from specialist.

Online Support

Test you intolerance endeavors to ensure that the client does not feel that the company is indifferent while administering their tests. In this, they have effected a live chat on their website, which is open for the clients’ use the whole twenty-four hours. The option for emailing allows the customer to gain feedback on their enquiry within seven workdays. These avenues allow the customer a chance to have one on one chats with specialist to help with further enquiry or recommendations.

Test Your Intolerance Review – Bottom Line

Intolerance is a major source of discomfort to many and while to some it is just a minor inconvenience; to others it is a dire allergy. These intolerances may appear harmless but, will in the long-term lead to adverse health issues in the body. It is therefore advisable to take an intolerance test early and limit the escalation of the condition by adjusting your diet.

How to Order a Test at Testyourintelerance.com?

The process of ordering a test is easy on www.Testyourintelerance.com. After agreeing on the preferred package, the client can go on and purchase them with the various avenues provided on the website. The test submission form sent via email allows the client to fill before emailing back. The form requires comprehensive information from the client and a hair sample. After collection of the information, the client emails back the form and awaits feedback within seven workdays. Please check our Test Your Intolerance coupon code to get 10% discount on your order.

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Test Your Intolerance Promo Code

Save 10% OFF on Intolerance Test, Nutritional Test, Metal Toxicity Test...etc at testyourintolerance.com. Excludes Bundles & DNA. Ends 12/06.

Test Your Intolerance Promo Code

Save 10% OFF on Intolerance Test, Nutritional Test, Metal Toxicity Test...etc at testyourintolerance.com. Excludes Bundles & DNA. Ends 12/06.

How to Redeem Test Your Intolerance Coupon Code?

Test Your Intolerance Coupon

Getting the discount on Testyourintelerance.com is very simple. Please choose your allergy test and enter our Test Your Intolerance promo code to redeem the discount instantly.

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