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Advancement in technology has touched every aspect of life, including health. Medical industry has achieved a lot with the new technologies that have been introduced from time to time. Internet has provided many benefits to this industry and now it has taken the doctors to your doorsteps. Now you don’t have to wait long hours to see the doctor. Just tell your needs to PlushCare and a doctor will call you. With, doctors are just a call away. In PlushCare review, we will find more info about their medical care services.

An In-depth PlushCare Review

Who is PlushCare?

plushcare reviewPlushCare is the website that connects doctors and patients. It offers its services as the telephone call medical center that allows the doctors to treat patients via phone or video call. The patient takes an appointment and the doctor will call him and listen to the problem. Then, if necessary, the prescribed medicine is sent to the nearby pharmacy from where the patient can collect it.

What Are They Specialized in? provides medical care. Their specialty is that their doctors are just an appointment away. You set the appointment time according to your own convenience and the doctor will call you at that time. You can also take your order to the lab if the doctor asks. It’s a complete medical care unit with expert doctors who are just a call away.

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How to Order STD Testing at

If you want to check whether you’ve encountered any sexually transmitted diseases, then it’s recommended that you make your appointment at and talk to the doctors. Their medical experts are able to diagnose STDs and provide the appropriate treatment plan. Your selected doctor will ask you to go for a lab test. You can take your order to any Quest lab to get tested. After your reports are sent to the doctor, he will guide you about what to do next. If you will require any medicine, it will be sent to your nearby pharmacy. Check this video for information on

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Why We Should Trust PlushCare?

There are many reasons to trust PlushCare:

  • Many positive customer reviews
  • Highly trained medical experts
  • Affordable
  • Privacy and security of the information

Quick PlushCare Customer Reviews on Yelp, BBB, and Trust Pilot:

In the short time period of three year, PlushCare has made many happy customers:


Here are some of the Yelp reviews that will help you to understand what they are offering.

Kalina R. wrote, “Dr. Rudy was extremely attentive and he asked many questions just to make sure everything was clear.

Tamara M. said, “For the same price with my insurance, I was able to talk to a doctor, and get an antibiotic for my sinus problem.

Rob B. reviewed, “Absolutely blown away and happy as can be!! “


BBB has given A+ to the on its A+ to F scale.

Trust Pilot:

From 0-10, Trust Pilot has given Excellent remarks with 9.8 numbers.

Some of the customer reviews are as follow:

Julie Jo said, “Excellent response time and diagnosis”.

Tracy Genheimer reviewed, “Talking to the doctor over the phone and not having to make my way in for a visit to be diagnosed and treated was really convenient!

Phil said, “Quick, Easy Professional”.

Quick Reviews:

Website Layout: is a highly user friendly website. On the home page, you will find the ‘See Doctor Now’ button that will take you to the doctor immediately. On the top right corner, Login and FAQ buttons are present. Remaining links are present at the bottom of the web pages.

PlushCare reviews

Shopping Processing:

You book your appointment and your selected doctor calls you at the given time.

 Orders & Shipping:

Once the doctor diagnoses the problem, he/she will prescribe you medicine that will send to your selected nearby pharmacy for easy collection.


The company is HIPPA complaint. A private electronic health records system holds all the electronic medical records. Their staff is highly trained to keep all your information private. All other data base or web portals they are using are HIPPA compliant.


PlushCare covers most of the insurance plans.

Customer Service and Online Support

Customers are highly valued at Their contact number is (888) 792-0416 and+1 800-221-5140. You can send them email at Their address is 650 5th Street, Suite 502, San Francisco, California

PlushCare Frequently Asked Questions:

Do I need a doctor’s order for STD tests?

Yes, doctor’s order is important for STD tests and Plush Care does it for you. They provide an order; you print it and take it to the nearby lab to get tested. The prices mentioned are without any hidden charges.

How private is your service?

Customer’s health and privacy is greatly cared at The results of STD testing are sent securely and privately. The results will not be shown on the insurance record. The name PlushCare will appear on the credit card statement, as they take care of many common medical conditions like flu, cold, sinus infection etc. so it won’t be a trouble for you. The testing labs are not only for STD testing that means nobody can know for which test you have come to the lab.

What if I test positive for an STD?

If your STD test result turns out positive, then without asking for any extra charges, the doctor will send the prescription to your suggested pharmacy so you can start your treatment.

What kind of test is the Herpes test?

This is the test that detects the presence of Herpes Simplex Virus 1 & 2 in the body. It is an antibody test that looks for IgG antibody to the viruses that leads to oral and genital herpes. This test can detect the presence of Herpes virus within two weeks of exposure. Review – Conclusion is a great help when our lives are highly busy. It removes the need of going to the doctor for the diseases that can be treated over a phone call. Get the doctor on the call and tell your symptoms to know what cure you need. It is the most convenient and cheapest way to get to the doctor. You can even lower your bill by using our discount code at the checkout. Just click on the PlushCare coupon code and get a special discount on your purchase. That’s all from our PlushCare review; we hope it would help you to select the right kind of treatment option.

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