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Priority STD Testing Review – An Affordable STD Testing Service

There are several online STD testing companies out there but not all of them are reliable enough. If you’re looking for the best of them with a discreet and convenient STD testing organization that will respect your wellbeing and privacy over everything else, it’s Priority STD Testing. They’ve got pretty much everything you need from an organization that will suit your need. Their tests are absolutely close to the highest accurate results you can possibly get and that’s not all. They have multiple STD testing packages that you can pick and you can be assured that all of them are affordable testing methods.

Who Are They?

Priority STD Testing coupon codesPriority STD Testing is one of the established health divisions from the Priority Health Testing organization and they’re well known throughout for their best works in the health field. This particular division is known as a national provider for STD testing services providing trusted and confidential services to anyone in need. Their whole processes are divided into three different stages and you won’t even have to make appointments way ahead of the week. The test results are fast enough so that if something goes wrong, you can be treated as fast as possible. All you have to do is simply order your specified test kit online and stop by one of their locations whenever you feel like it. The important part here is that they have more than 4k locations all over for your convenience.

Their testing procedures are completely non-invasive and you won’t even need an hour to deal with the tests. Priority STD Testing is fully devoted to maintaining your privacy and taking care of your wellbeing is their top priority. Their testing methods and the whole division is certified and approved by the FDA and the facilities are indeed CLIA approved as well.

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Why Should You Choose Priority STD Testing?

The most convenient part of Priority STD Testing is that they have a very large number of testing locations all over the US and you can be pretty sure that you’ll surely have a near testing facility from your location. You won’t even have to visit multiple locations for this and you’ll find it very comforting to deal with.

At the point when you choose to get tested at Priority STD Testing, making an arrangement for your testing couldn’t be simpler because that’s the kind of convenience they’re focused on. At Priority STD Testing, you can plan an arrangement online day in and day out and you’ll still get the same accuracy. their testing communities have helpful hours, including Saturdays, so you can undoubtedly figure out an arrangement time that works for you and it’ll work just fine.

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The 10 Panel STD Test is the best combo package they have and the accuracy it has is amazing. You can pretty much test yourself for STDs anytime and it indeed is necessary to keep tabs on your wellbeing. Even though testing yourself for STDs can be intimidating, it’s always better to be safe than sorry. It’s the best choice for you if you’re getting routine checks or experiencing troublesome symptoms, the 10 Panel STD Test is for everyone in need. With the best convenience, it just works the best when you’re uncertain about what you might have.  The test kit includes tests for Chlamydia, Gonorrhea, HIV 1 Antibody, HIV 1 Antigen, HIV 2 Antibody, Herpes 1, Herpes 2, Syphilis, Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C. Please check our Priority STD Testing coupon code to save some your money at checkout.

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Priority STD testing coupon codePriority STD Testing Special Deal:

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Priority STD coupon codePriority STD Testing Special Offer:

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  • Twin STD Panel

The Priority STD Testing Twin STD Panel is an in-depth and comprehensive test for quickly and accurately identifying the presence of two common sexually transmitted diseases (STDs). Specifically, the Twin Panel looks for Chlamydia and Gonorrhea, which are both highly contagious infections that can cause serious medical issues if left untreated. The panel works by collecting a simple urine sample at a doctor’s office or lab—the results are typically available within 24 to 48 hours after collection. This convenient, timely process ensures those at risk of contracting either of these STDs will get accurate results quickly in order to receive the proper diagnosis and treatment. As such, the Priority STD Testing Twin STD Panel provides a reliable way to identify these sexually transmitted infections as soon as possible so that medical professionals can take action promptly.

Gonorrhea is one of the most familiar STDs around the world and that’s why when in need of testing arises, Priority STD Testing is the right choice for your discreet need of getting tested. Regardless of whether it is vaginal, oral, or anal, and must be determined to have precise gonorrhea testing and their services are completely efficient at doing it. Subsequently, gonorrhea indications can cause too many symptoms and so on. This can incorporate the throat, vagina, eyes, penis, and mouth and that’s not all you can have.

Gonorrhea can be sent in any event, even if you don’t get an ejaculation or when a penis doesn’t completely enter the vagina or anus. The microbes can be spread just by contacting the tainted region with your hand and afterward contacting elsewhere on your or your partner’s body. Semen, pre-discharge, and vaginal liquids all can spread gonorrhea pretty widely. That’s why testing is mandatory before you get yourself treated for this disease.

The most ideal approach to keep away from STDs is through using protection. Condoms, and other protective measures, and even restraint are largely methods of dealing with the dangers of STDs while being sexually active at the same time. The microorganisms that are responsible for causing gonorrhea often doesn’t show side effects and by that logic, transmission can happen rapidly and without either accomplice staying alert. That is the reason gonorrhea is a particularly normal STD but with the proper testing and treatment, it’s only a minor inconvenience.

Hepatitis is the disease of the liver and it causes significant irritation of the liver. It’s very important to get tested since the disease is a serious one and each of the three of the strains can prompt genuine liver issues. At Priority STD testing, their Hepatitis C testing package is the most accurate testing package and you can trust it completely. Hepatitis C can go in seriousness from a gentle disease that keeps going half a month to a genuine, deep-rooted serious issue that needs a lot of thinking.

Intense hepatitis C is a transient disease that happens inside the initial half-year of exposure to the infection and it doesn’t take much time to grow. For a great many people, intense contamination can prompt ongoing disease. Persistent hepatitis C is a drawn-out disease that happens when the hepatitis C infection stays in an individual’s body. A constant hepatitis C contamination can endure forever and lead to genuine liver issues, including cirrhosis, liver scarring, and liver disease. In contrast to hepatitis B, there is no immunization to forestall hepatitis C and that’s why the test is necessary. The best way to forestall the spread of hepatitis C is by having safe sex and not sharing needles or individual things.

Herpes is somewhat a common STD in the US and that’s not all. Herpes can be detected at an early stage and can be treated without even getting fully infected. That’s why Priority STD Testing brings you the Herpes Early Detection Testing package for everyone to access. In the event that you speculate you’ve been presented with herpes, almost certainly, you would prefer not to stand by long to find solutions or treatment.

Herpes early detection testing, some of the time called a herpes IgG and IgM combo test can give you results when ten days after exposure giving you plenty of time to prepare. It’s anything but a straightforward blood test. These herpes blood tests are simple, precise, and fast. It’s smarter to go with a standard herpes test. The antibodies in your blood that the test evaluates for will in general eliminate inside a couple of long periods of getting the infection an HSV disease, so an early herpes discovery test may not be exact in the event that you contracted herpes before the past couple of months. This test is only if you’ve exposed yourself very recently and it’ll help you get prepared for the treatment way ahead.

If you’ve exposed to the herpes virus for quite some time, then this test package from Priority STD testing is for you without any doubt. Despite the fact that there are two unique strains of the herpes infection, the differentiation among oral and genital herpes comes from the side effects identified with herpes.

Herpes simplex infection type 1  will lead to oral herpes. But the second variation of herpes simplex infection type 2 will lead to genital herpes, yet contracting either infection will cause the contamination of the space associated with physical contact. For instance, you could contract HSV-1 as genital herpes by getting oral sex from somebody with HSV-1. For a similar explanation, it’s additionally conceivable to contract the two strains of the infection. Contingent upon the resource, either strain can make bruises show up close by your body parts and that’s not even all. Testing at Priority STD Testing for herpes is accurate and fast enough so that you can seek medical attention if the result comes positive for you.

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Priority STD testing coupon codePriority STD Testing Special Deal:

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Priority STD coupon codePriority STD Testing Special Offer:

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How Priority STD Testing Works?

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  • The process is pretty simple and here we’ll say how things get done in sequence.
  • First, you order your preferred testing methods from the Priority STD Testing Website.
  • After your order, you’ll have to choose your nearest test center where you’ll provide the samples for processing.
  • The next step is showing up at the testing center and providing samples for them to process.
  • Then you’ll receive your test report as soon as possible so that you can move on to the next step.
  • If you test positive, you’ll be asked to consult a referred doctor for further treatment of your condition.


  • Do Priority STD Testing take walk-ins?

There is an option for emergency testing procedures. Simply order the same-day testing from the website. And then you’ll be prompted to take your emergency same-day test. It won’t require an appointment and you can get tested in your nearest testing facility from Priority STD Testing.

  • Are my Priority STD Testing results confidential?

They’re completely safe and protected under HIPAA compliant and you won’t have to worry a thing about your privacy,

  • What can I expect from the collection site?

You can expect full discretion on your testing journey since nobody will be notified of why you’re there at the testing center. These testing centers are never public and your sample data is completely anonymous to the employees.

  • Do I need to fast before getting tested?

You don’t need to fast before getting tested but you do need to keep in mind not urinating one hour prior to your testing.

  • Where do I start to get tested?

You’ll have to place your Priority STD Testing order on the website and the order page is available for taking any time you want.

  • What type of blood test should I take at Priority STD Testing?

If you’re confused about which test you should take, you can call the care counselors at Priority STD Testing to make sure which test you might need to take. Of course, the call record will be anonymous and won’t be used for other purposes.

  • How do I get my Priority STD Testing test results?

You’ll get your test results online via a secure portal which only you will know. The portal is only accessible with credentials that come with your order.

  • Do you offer treatment?

We do offer treatment for patients with chlamydia, gonorrhea, or trichomoniasis.

  • How accurate are my test results?

All the tests we provide are done by CLIA certified labs and the procedures are FDA-approved tests so you can be sure enough that the tests are accurate enough to determine your condition.

  • Do you accept insurance at

In ways, we do by providing your date to file a self claim. But we never bill your insurance with direct billing information which ensures your anonymity from your permanent health record.

Priority STD Testing vs. Health Testing Centers: Which  One Should You Choose?

STD testing is a vital step in maintaining and enhancing sexual health, especially among those with multiple partners or novel ones. Priority STD testing centers offer the highest safety, convenience, and affordability when it comes to receiving quality care for STDs. Not only are theseSTD tests often done anonymously, but they’re also completed quickly using advanced testing methods which provide accurate results within minutes.

Health Testing Centers also offer STD screening services, however their services tend to be more costly as compared to Priority STD Testing. Additionally, while Health Testing Centers have highly professional and reliable doctors trained in interpreting the results of these tests; they do not generally provide same-day results like Priority Testing Centers. Therefore, if time is of the essence in obtaining accurate STD test results, then priority STD testing centers should be chosen primarily over health testing alternatives.

Quick Reviews:

Website Layout

Priority STD Testing review

Their offcial site has the most user-friendly interface ever with sufficient information on anything you may need. It certainly is graphically progressed and simply fascinating to navigate through.

Shopping Processing

The shopping processing is pretty basic. You’ll have to choose your desired testing method and click on order. Then you’ll need to fill in the basic information regarding your location and identity. After that, you’ll be prompted to a payment page where you’ll only have to pay once for your test. After taking care of that, you can check out and wait for your notification of the order.

Order and Payment

Priority STD Testing accepts all types of popular Credit and Debit cards along with gift cards as well. Using Payment cards will allow your payment to be faster.

Customer Service

The customer service at Priority STD Testing is always at your service and they’ll answer any given questions to help you regarding your test. They’re straightforward and very helpful to every customer and that’s how you’d know how committed their customer care service is.

Priority STD Testing Review – Is Priority STD Testing Legit?

Priority STD Testing has been at people’s service for years. They’re currently the lead online STD testing service provider you can have with the most convenience. They’re affordable, their services are completely reliable, they have a fast report delivery system, client privacy assurance, and one of the best customer care services that are available to everyone. So of course Priority STD Testing is legit and you can without a doubt order their services and get yourself tested whenever and however you’d like to do it. The accuracy and affordability are some things you won’t get from other STD testing facilities. And for your convenience, they’re giving away a special Priority STD Testing promo code for you to grab which you can get right from their website!

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Priority STD testing coupon codePriority STD Testing Special Deal:

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Priority STD coupon codePriority STD Testing Special Offer:

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