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Find Lab Testing Review

Gone are the days when you have to do a lot of work before getting tested for any condition. Even for normal routine tests, you must need a doctor’s appointment to get the recommendation. Now, everything becomes very easy. When you think any test is necessary to take you can, by just visiting this amazing website. In this Find Lab Testing Review, you will learn about their services.

Who are They?

find lab testing coupon codeFind Lab Testing is made by a group of people wanting to make health testing easy. They worked to make lab work affordable and quick so that everyone can know their health status without thinking twice. Find Lab Testing works together with Quest Diagnostics to provide a reliable health testing service. They have their labs in over 2300 locations to provide quick access to the lab. Not only that, they have special home testing kits as well to make things better further. They have a team of physicians who prepare the lab order online. With Find Lab Testing, you can have your health in your hands.

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Why We Should Choose Find Lab Testing?

Why choose Find Lab Testing? Just answer the given questions and you will know whether you want their services:

  • Do you want to get tested without insurance?
  • Do you want to give your sample the same day you place your order?
  • Do you wish to have the quick online results of your lab tests?
  • Do you like to get tested but don’t want to visit a doctor due to your hectic schedule?
  • Do you want a discreet testing solution?
  • Do you wish to pay a lower than the usual lab testing price?
  • Do you want to get tested at home?
  • Do you want to give the sample at the lab present near you?

If any or all of your answers are yes then you surely need their lab testing services.

What are They Selling at

At, they sell diverse tests that can tell you about the status of your health and wellness. These tests are not only for the people who are sick but for those as well who want to detect a disease that is not even appeared yet.

The test list is huge and divided into different categories. Some of them are:

  • Allergy and Nutrition
  • Fatigue
  • Fertility
  • General wellness
  • Hormones
  • Liver and hepatitis
  • Men’s health
  • Prenatal and pregnancy
  • Vitamins
  • Women’s health

Best-Selling Lab Tests at

The list of tests is huge at the Find Lab Testing, but some tests are more in demand because of the prevalence of the condition in society. Here are their best selling tests.

  1. Complete STD – 10 Panel

Complete STD 10 panel test is a comprehensive test for the 10 common STDs. This test contains blood and urine tests for bacterial as well as viral STDs. Many STDs remain in the body silently without showing any symptoms. Sometimes, they appear when it is too late. This complete STD testing tells you about your STD status before any symptoms appear.

It offers same-day testing; get tested on the same day of placing an order. The tests include:

  • Herpes Type 1 & 2 Blood Test
  • Syphilis Blood Test
  • Chlamydia/ Neisseria Gonorrhea RNA, TMA Urine Test
  • HIV 1 & 2 Blood Test
  • Hepatitis A IgM Antibody Blood Test
  • Hepatitis B Surface Antigen with Reflex Confirmation Blood Test
  • Hepatitis C Antibody with Reflex

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  1. Complete Wellness

It is the most precise general wellness test that can provide information about the overall health of the person. With this test, you can know any condition developing in your body or if you have any medical issues before. This test also provides information on the thyroid, kidney, liver, and heart conditions along with inflammation in the body, blood count, and many others.

In this one test, a total of 92 tests are included which means when it comes to your wellness, nothing is overlooked. Few of its tests are CBC test, lipid panel blood test, complete urine test, thyroid panel test, C-Reactive Protein test, Hemoglobin A1c  with eAG blood test, magnesium blood test, Sed Rate by Modified Westergren (ESR) blood test, the vitamin D, 25 Hydroxy blood test, and many others. If you want to know where your health stands, then this is the best test to go for and be ready for any condition that might surprise you in the future and damage your health. Get Find Lab Testing promo code for Complete Wellness here:

  1. Herpes Type 1 & 2 Blood Test

It’s a very affordable test that detects the presence of herpes type 1 and herpes type 2 in your body. Herpes Simplex virus can reside silently in the body. There might not be any detectable IgG antibody in the first four months of infection. You can get your test on the very same day you place your order. It is an immunoassay test that detects certain antibody. The test results come out fast and have estimated two days of turnaround time. Herpes Simplex virus can produce great damage to your body and when you have symptoms, it is a must to get tested.

  1. Chlamydia/Neisseria gonorrhoeae RNA, TMA Urine Test

It is the test that detects the presence of Chlamydia trachomatis bacteria in the body using just your urine sample.  These bacteria cause Chlamydia which is a very common STD. This infection is common in males as well as females. It doesn’t produce any symptoms in the beginning, thus, sexually active people must get tested for it now and then.

Gonorrhea is also a sexually transmitted disease. In this urine test, you also get tested for gonorrhea. It is also an infection that affects both genders. The symptoms of gonorrhea are not limited to genital organs only, it affects the rectum and throat as well. Initially, it might not cause many troubles but it can lead to organ damage and cause infertility. Not only that, but it may also cause a life-threatening infection. The turnaround time for these two tests is 4 days.

  1. HIV 1 & 2 Blood Test

This is a very trustworthy 4th generation HIV Ag/ Ab Combo assay that can tell about the presence of HIV1/ HIV2 infections in the body. Whether the HIV1 infection is acute or primary, it can detect. The turnaround time of this test is three days and the electronic results are made available as soon as the lab is done with testing in your HIPAA complaint online account.

  1. Syphilis Blood Test

It is a simple test that can be life-saving because syphilis symptoms don’t appear usually. The disease remains silently in the body and kills from within. If it is not treated, it can be fatal. This disease is caused by Treponema pallidum. This simple and very accurate syphilis test tells about the presence of syphilis in the body. The test results are made available within three days.

An ideal time to get tested for this disease is 3-6 weeks after getting exposed to the bacteria. Here, Syphillis RPR with Reflex to Titer and Confirmatory Testing is conducted. Like other tests, the results of this test will also be available online on your personal HIPPA compliant account.

  1. Heart Disease Blood Test – Complete

Knowing about the heart’s health can save you from many health issues in the future. This test is designed to provide a complete evaluation of the heart’s health. It includes:

  • Apolipoprotein A1 Blood Test: This test tells about the values of apo A-1 in the blood. Apo A-1 protein plays the part in the metabolism and transportation of lipids. Decrease levels of Apo A-1 lead to increased risk of heart disease.
  • Apolipoprotein B Blood Test: Apo B protein is a protein present on the surface of the cholesterol. It is the main protein of LDL which is bad cholesterol. High levels of this protein can cause damage to the arteries and heart.
  • Homocysteine Blood Test: Homocysteine is an amino acid that the body uses to make proteins. High levels of this amino acid can cause damage to the arteries and produce blood clots in the blood vessels.
  • hs-CRP Blood Test: It is a high-sensitivity C-reactive protein test that detects the lower C-reactive protein levels in the blood. This test tells about the inflammation in the body. If the person doesn’t have any heart disease, this test tells about the risk of heart disease and stroke.
  • Lipoprotein (a) Blood Test: This test provides the levels of lipoprotein in the blood. Lipoproteins are the substances that carry cholesterol in the blood. High levels of lipoprotein enhance the risk of stroke and heart disease.
  • Lipid Panel with Ratios Blood Test: It is the blood test that gives the picture of what is happening in your blood when it comes to cholesterol and fats. Cholesterol and fats can clog arteries and lead to cardiovascular diseases.
  • Cardio IQ Lp-PLA2 Activity Blood Test: With this test, you can know about the activity of Lp-PLA2 in the blood. Lp-PLA2 is an independent risk marker for different heart conditions including ischemic stroke or coronary heart disease.
  1. Basic STD – 3 Panel

The number of STD patients has been increasing day by day. The numbers are not even in thousands but millions. Sexually transmitted diseases, or STDs, spread from one person to another through sexual contact. This is the test that tells about your status of STD. It detects the presence of three very common STDs. With this test, you can know whether you have any underlying serious STD.

  • Chlamydia: It is a Chlamydia urine test that tells about the presence of Chlamydia Trachomatis in the body which causes Chlamydia. Chlamydia disease impacts both men and women and produces massive damage to the reproductive organs. Some signs and symptoms of this disease are painful intercourse, painful urination, genital discharge, and pain in the lower abdominal region.
  • Gonorrhea: The gonorrhea urine test checks whether you have contracted gonorrhea caused by Neisseria gonorrhoeae bacterium. This STD also affects both males and females both. In this infection, women can develop cervicitis and both genders can develop pharyngitis, urethritis, and proctitis. Some signs are genital discharge, genital itching, and painful urination. When it is left untreated, the infection spreads to the blood and joints and leads to severe health conditions.
  • Syphilis: This test detects the presence of the Syphilis causative agent Treponema Pallidum in the blood. This disease can remain in the body quietly but can lead to severe complications when it is not detected. It is also a disease that affects both males and females both.

How Find Lab Testing Works?

There are two ways by which Find Lab Testing gets you tested. You can visit the lab to get tested and also go for a home testing kit.

  • Place your order online at their lab and get the lab order
  • You can then visit the nearest Quest Diagnostics lab
  • Present your lab order; you can take the print or also show the order on your device to the person who will take your sample as per the test requirements
  • The lab will conduct the test
  • You will get your results electronically in your online HIPPA compliant account

How Find Lab Testing Home Testing Kit Works?

You don’t have to visit the lab for all kinds of results. You can take your test at home using their home testing kit. Finally, you can place your order online and the company will send the testing kit to your doorsteps.

The online kit will have all the information available related to collecting the specimen. You can collect your sample at home and then return it to the lab. To make the process easier, they have a pre-paid shipping envelope with the kit.

When your results are ready, you can get them online in your online account that is HIPPA compliant. You don’t even have to visit the lab once.

Quick Reviews:

Here are the quick reviews that will make your decision easy.

Website Layout

Find lab testing review

The website layout is pretty simple. You can easily navigate as it is not bombarded with the items on the home page. Further, you don’t get to their list of tests directly. You have to go to the menu bar, then to the ‘Order your Test’ option, and then you will have the categories of the tests being offered. You can easily find the nearest lab and book an appointment using the same tab. Also, you can order your online service kit from here.

Shopping Processing

When it comes to Find Lab Testing, you don’t have to wait long for the shopping processing. You are provided with many options. You can make the appointment before you like it if you don’t want to wait in line. But, walk-ins are also welcomed. Choosing non-busy hours is suggested. They offer a same-day testing facility.

Order & Payment

Ordering is easy as it can be. Your orders are processed readily and you get your lab order. If you have selected a home testing kit for your test, it may take time to reach you depending on your location. Just select the test that you want to have and add it to your cart. Then you can continue shopping if you like or checkout. You can pay via PayPal, MasterCard, American Express, and Visa cards or accounts. Your payment is secured.

Customer Service

They care for their customers and available for their help always. You can contact their dedicated customer support team during the general office hours 9 am to 5 pm EST. There are different means to reach their team. Call or text them or you can take the benefit of their live chat support. You can also fill their online form to get the answer to your query later if you are in no rush.

Finally, Should I Buy Find Lab Testing?

Well, whether you are a health enthusiast or a person who needs to get tested for a certain condition, if you want to have an accurate and pocket-friendly testing lab, then Find Lab Testing is your best option. You also get other benefits when you opt for their service. Testing with them is easy and quick. If you don’t want to leave the house, order the test kit and get it at your doorsteps. When you are in a hurry, just place the order in your car, and give a sample by walking into a nearby lab. All of it is that easy.

The results are also available online so you don’t have to visit the lab again to collect your test results. If all these benefits are not enough, you can get one more advantage. Just place your order using our Find Lab Testing coupon code and get an additional 30% off on your orders. Do you desire more?

How to Order at

Just click here to visit their official site, and get up to 70% off on your order today. Avail the offer right away.

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