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Sexually transmitted infections are real and more prevalent in the society then we think. It is estimated that one in three people have this infection and more than 80% people don’t know it. There are many medical labs that are offering STI testing but the procedure is embarrassing. People don’t want others to know that they even get tested for such disease. myLAB Box is one of the website that allow hassle free testing service that gives total privacy. In this myLAB Box review, you will learn more about them and their procedure.

myLAB Box Review – The #1 Home STD Test Kit Online

Who are They?

mylabbox couponmyLAB Box is the pioneer in the STD screening service that allows STD testing from the ease at home. It is private, easy and safe solution if you want to know about your STD status. Along with convenient testing services, they allow you to have free doctor’s consultation and prescription, if you are tested positive. They send the mail-in testing kit to your address that has the same testing accuracy as any professional testing lab.  The company was conceived by California entrepreneurs

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Why We Should Choose

There are many reasons to trust myLab Box:

  • Easy Ordering: They allow easy online ordering of the test kit. There is no need to go to the lab or wait for an appointment
  • Testing at Home: Get the kit, read the instruction, collect the sample and mail it back to have your results
  • Perfect Results: They guarantee the accuracy of the results. They have a team of highly trained lab experts who use FDA approved testing methods for testing STDs
  • Free Prescription: If your test results turned out positive, your consulted physician will send the prescription to your nearest pharmacy
  • CLI High Complexity testing laboratory is certified in all 50 states and at MyLab Box, only trusted and accurate testing methods are used

What Are They Specialized in

The specialty of myLab Box is FDA approved home STD test kits with complete privacy and ease of home. You don’t have to leave the house to get tested. Just send your sample in the way directed and get the results. The test can be completed in just 5 minutes. If the person has their test positive, they provide free physician consultation for which you don’t have to leave the home. The prescription is sent to your nearby pharmacy.

Check this video for more information on how MyLAB Box works:


Best-selling myLAB Box Home STD Test Kits:

  1. myLAB Box Love Box

myLAB Box love box review

The most common STDs usually spread in twos since most couples are prone to infection if one as the infection. The creation of the Love Box, therefore, addresses the need for testing among couples. Since most couple prefers to take, the test together they can now get two kits for the 8-panel STD tests. The STDs tested are all those in the Uber and Safe Box. The home STD test kits come in female-male, male-male, and female-female combinations of two.

Price: $499

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  1. myLAB Box Total Box – 14 Panel STD Test Pack

myLAB Box Total Box reviews

While most of the other test only skim the top of all the STDs this test takes a deeper into the testing for the STDs. This myLAB Box home test kit comes with a 14-test panel for the common STDs tested and an additional option for HPV. The Add-on, however, is available for persons above thirty years of age. The common STDs tested with this kit include chlamydia, gonorrhea, hepatitis C, HIV 1&2, trichomoniasis, Mycoplasma genitalia among others. The test kit comes with easy collection instructions and the fast turnaround of results.

Price: $369

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  1. myLAB Box Syphilis Home Test

mylabbox Syphilis home test review

In its early stages, Syphilis commonly shows a single painless sore in the pubic area or more. This soon disappears even without any treatment. The other symptoms emerge in the secondary stage, which may include patchy hair loss, rashes in the pubic and anal areas among other symptoms. These too disappear albeit with more difficulty to the first. The symptoms in the latent stages include muscle numbness paralysis and even death. This alternate appearance and disappearance of symptoms make it hard to detect syphilis without testing. After diagnosis, Syphilis is easily treatable with antibiotics in the early stages.

Price: $79

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Frequently Asked Questions of myLAB Box Home STD Test Kit:

What is at Home STD Test kit?

mylab box home STD test kit review

As the internet expands and becomes accessible to more people home testing is quickly gaining popularity. Home STD test kit like many other home testing options is a testing kit that allows you to collect samples for STD testing right at home. The main allure of this method of testing is privacy and convenience since you do not have to cut into your own schedule hours to create time to visit the clinic.

How frequently should I get tested?

It is dependent on your way of living entirely. Sexually active adults should be tested after every 3-6 months. If any of these situation is true for you then you should get tested immediately:

  • You think you have encountered the disease
  • Had unprotected sex in the last six months
  • Never get tested for STDs ever
  • Before going for a new sexual relation
  • If you are positive for chlamydia or gonorrhea, you should get tested again and again

How long does it take to get results?

Test results vary and depend on the test type. For Chlamydia and Gonorrhea, turnaround time is 5-8 days; for HIV and Hepatitis C, the time is 7-10 days.

What happens if I get a positive result?

If you get detected then it is the time to get the treatment. Early detection means minimizing the health damage. After getting your results, contact your health care expert immediately. Stop all kinds of sexual activities unless your doctor allows you. myLab Box also offers health practitioners with whom you can discuss your results. Call them at (888) 362-4321.

Do you offer treatment for positive results?

If your tests turned out positive with myLab Box, you will get the opportunity to have the complementary consultation. You can email at to request the physician consultation. Depending on your condition, doctor may sent the prescription to your nearby pharmacy.

A Few MyLAB Box Reviews from Real Customers:

myLab Box has made many happy customers till date. Here are some myLAB Box customer reviews at Test Pilot:

Jennifer said,

Test easy to do at home with out your doctor and cheaper too.

Taylor M. wrote,

Very convenient! That’s the really awesome part about it.

Many customers said that it is very easy to use and convenient service.

If we compare STD with myLab Box, we can see the huge difference in the price tags as well as overall services. MyLAB Box gives free shipping, home testing nationwide, results sharing, oral and rectal tests, and easy result dashboard; on the other hand, its contender doesn’t.

Quick Reviews:

Website Layout

The website is highly user friendly website with everything instantly present with the click of mouse. At the top of the page, you will find the options like ‘Home Tests’, ‘How It Works’, ‘About’, ‘Register’ and ‘Log In’.

MyLab Box Review

 Shopping Processing

When there is a need to test the presence of any STD, just log in to their website and order the mail-in kit. The procedure is same as any other online ordering website.

Orders & Shipping

They offer free shipping on all of their STD home kit orders. You can order the kit according to your requirement. The test kit comes with sample collection instructions for the different STD test kits. The kits also come customized for each individual be it male or female. This ensures that the individual does not get confused while collecting their samples. Using the instructions provided the client only require five minutes completing the collection process.


The testing is 100% confidential at MyLAB Box. Also, none of your data is given to any third party.


They don’t accept insurance to keep the privacy of the user intact.

Customer Service & Online Support:

Customers are highly valued at Their customer support is available from Monday to Friday 8am to 12pm and 2pm to 4pm PST. For any queries, you can contact them at 213-290-4571. Their email addresses are and  Online support is also present in the given office time. You can fill in the online contact form as well by visiting this link

myLAB Box Review – Conclusion

We hope that this myLAB Box review would have helped you in knowing the details about this company. Online testing comes as a reprieve for many people who would rather not know their sexual health status than a visit to an STD testing clinic. The online testing options like MyLAB Box provide fast and accurate testing in the convenience of your home thus saving you the time needed to make an appointment with the testing clinic. Additionally, the testing on MyLAB Box provides detailed laboratory reports for additional STDs, some of which even the local clinics do not.

If you are planning to order then order today and use our myLAB Box coupon code. We are offering straight 10% off on all the orders if you use our link to place it.

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How to Order STD Testing at

Visit and select the STD home test kit you want to have. Order the mail-in kit online and receive it on your provided address. After that collect and mail your sample. Get the results online.

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