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Alert1 Review At A Glance

Senior adults usually live alone in their houses but at that age, it isn’t easy to fall down and stand right up without taking any help. Sometimes, the condition is that much worse that you couldn’t even pick the phone up and call for help. In this situation, Alert1 provides the solution and in this Alert1 review, you will learn more about them.

Who is Alert1?

Alert1 coupon codeAlert1 (formally known as AlertOne services) is the friend to many elderly people who are living alone and require instant medical help when no one is around to help. It is the private company whose headquarter is located in Williamsport, Pennsylvania. Their offices are present in other US regions as well including Idaho, Utah and California.

The Alert 1 products are produced by using the help from other expert manufacturers and companies that are located in Boston, North Carolina, Utah, Canada, Israel, and Taiwan. The company is PCI compliant and their manufacturing units only use high quality material and fulfill all the major international requirements for making the products.

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What Are They Selling

Alert1 is offering different products that help the senior citizens to get instant assistance when they fall. Their product range includes medical alert system for home and on-the-go. There are five different products having their own special properties. You could select the one that you find most appropriate.

Why Should I Choose Alert1?

The adults who are 65 or over usually fall which leads to life threatening injuries and hospitalization. The outcomes of falling may vary from a minor scratch to breaking a bone or even worse. When the person ages, the chance of their falling down upsurges; but as the age increases, elderly want to enjoy their independence. Alert1 medical alert system is the solution here that keeps you save in many ways.

Top Selling Alert1 Medical Alert Devices at

Here are a few top-selling Alert 1 medical alert products:

  1. PAX Plus: On-the-Go + Home Fall Detection Medical Alert

PAX Plus On-the-Go Home Fall Detection Medical Alert

As the name indicates, PAX Plus allows fall detection at home as well as on the go. It comes as the additional pendant that could be worn in the necklace or wristband. The pendant has the automatic fall detection technology that calls the Command Center when it detects fall; although, pressing the button is highly recommended. The built-in GPS technology sends your location automatically to your helper. It also has a speaker and a microphone for two-way easy communication. This emergency monitoring system is online 24/7 and allows unlimited button pushes.

  1. On-the-Go Fall Detection Medical Alert

On-the-Go Fall Detection Medical Alert

This medical alert system helps you to stay protected when you are on the go with the mobile fall detection pendant. When the device senses the fall, it calls for the help immediately. Although, it could sense the fall without the button push but it is recommended that you should press it if you are in your senses. It also has a built-in GPS technology, so your location is sent right away so you get the help in no time. 24/7 US based emergency monitoring is offered with personalized responders. The system has a speaker and a microphone so you can talk to the Command Center without any hurdle.

  1. On-the-Go Medical Alert Device

Kelsi Mobile Medical Alert Device

The Kelsi Mobile Medical Alert Device helps you to enjoy your independence without any trouble. No matter where you go, it helps you on the go with its advanced built-in GPS technology. You can have the unlimited button pushes and call for help whenever you want with the built in microphone and speaker for two way communication. It offers 24/7 US based emergency monitoring.

  1. Fall Detection Medical Alert Device

Alert1 Fall Detection Medical Alert Device

This Alert1 Fall Detection Medical Alert Device has a fall detection pedant that detects the fall automatically and calls the help center right away. But pressing the button is always recommended whenever you need help. In the base station, this device has a two way speaker and a microphone that allow two-way communication. The bonus point is that the button is 100% showerproof.

  1. Home Medical Alert Device

Alert 1 Home Medical Alert Device

It is the home based medical alert device that allows you to safely live in your home. The POM base unit comes with the small speaker box that is easy to install and could be plugged into the phone jack on the wall and an electrical outlet. Connecting to the command center is easy with its showerproof button. It allows  24/7 US based emergency monitoring with unlimited button pushes. But a thing to remind you here is that it requires a Landline.

How Alert1 Works

The Alert1 provides its services all across the US. They work with local and national emergency services to send help to you immediately when you need it. Their TMA 5-Diamond Command Centers provide instant assistance 24/7. The Alert1 has specially trained professionals who provide quick response. Their support is multi-lingual, which is a benefit when you don’t know English very well. Watch this video to know how Alert 1 home medical alert system works:

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How I Use Alert 1

When the Alert pendant is with you, the help arrives when you push the button. The operator stay with you on line till the help reaches. The response time is quick and the medical emergency arrives immediately. When you push the help button, you get connected to Alert1 US-based Command Center. Their operators provide multi-lingual protection and have special certification that means you get the best help. According to the situation, the operator would call the emergency service or your loved one even if you are in a state in which you couldn’t talk. Unlimited talk time and button pushes are offered. Whether the emergency is small or big, you get instant help. Watch this video to know how to set up and use your Alert1 Medical Alert Systems:

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What Makes Alert1 Different to Other Companies?

There are 10 things that make Alert1 different from other companies:

  1. Modern Senior Magazine has rated it as the #1 Rated Medical Alert System in 2017; which shows how good they are
  2. A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau because of their amazing performance
  3. The great customer service and the customer care operator stays on the phone till the help arrives
  4. Monitoring is done 24/7 with multiple monitoring centers working day and night
  5. Their amazing 30-day refund policy makes it more reliable as the person could return it hassle-free
  6. The price is highly affordable
  7. No restriction of any state, the perfect service is available in all 50 US states
  8. There is no limit of talk time and button pushes
  9. Your emergency response is personalized; the operators are available all the time
  10. There is no cancellation fee or equipment to buy

A Few Alert1 Reviews from Real Customers:

Here are some of other original Alert1 customer reviews from other sites:

Margorie – says:

“First time using Alert 1 device after purchase. When emergency button was pushed a staff member, was very kind and helpful – contacted friends as well as ambulance… The response was very fast…”

Thuy T. – says:

“We are happy with Alert1’s response and very glad to have the service for my mother. Normally when she falls, the operator calls 911 for the Fire Department to help her get up, as well as calling the contact person…”

Quick Reviews:

Here are some quick Alert1 reviews:

Website Layout

Alert1 medical alert review is a simple website with the following options in the menu bar: Home, Products, Pricing, About Us, Blog and Order. At the base of the web pages, options like products, resources, about us and customer service are present. The links to their social media pages are also present at the base.

Shopping Processing

Just select the product that you want to buy. Select the users for the product along with the payment plan from annually, semi-annually or quarterly. Click on the order now button. Enter your information along with shipping details and click Save and Continue to go on next page to insert your billing information and proceed to complete checkout.

Booking & Payment

You can book your product online, Alert 1 accepts payment from debit cards, credit cards and checks.

Customer Service

Their member care or customer care department is open from Monday to Saturday and offers its services from 9am to 6pm eastern time. But their emergency Command Center is open all the time and every day of the week so whenever you need help, you only have to push the button. You can call them at 1-800-693-5433.

Online Support

They also offer online support their FAQ page only. No email or instant chat support is offered. You need to call them to take their services.

Alert 1 Review – Bottom Line

Alert1 medical alert system is a must to have thing for the senior adults who live alone. It is a lifesaving option for them that offer instant help on very low rates. These products appear as a guardian angel for the elderly who is watching their every step to make sure they get helped right on time.

How to Order at

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