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Medical tourism is on the wake in a trend set by the globalization advantage that is offered by the internet. The awareness of cheaper and quality health care abroad has led to the coining of this term. Medical tourism is the term given to people who visit foreign countries in search of quality and affordable healthcare. Medical Departures is involved in medical tourism, where renowned health practitioners are connected to patients seeking treatment. In this Medical Departures review, we’ll examine their online medical service market that helps to link medical tourists with doctors and clinics around the world.

Who is Medical Departures?

Medical departures couponMedical Departures is an online platform that helps to link patients with doctors and clinics over the world. Medical Departures help the medical tourists to find credible doctors and clinics which offer high-quality health care at a lower price.

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What Are They Doing at

The Medical Departures provides a medical tourist with the chance to seek a practitioner and a health facility of choice, before heading out to the designated country. They present to you, doctors and clinics which they have verified and certified of the credibility.

How It Work reviews

Medical Departure works in 3 simple and straightforward steps. You start by finding a clinic or health centers from the wide range of choices in the country you want to go to.  You should also compare the pricing of the various clinics, and confirm the services of these clinics through the reviews of other clients.

The second step involves selecting your clinic and scheduling your date and the procedure you feel you need. After that, the third step in booking is confirming and providing your contact information.

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Why Should I Choose Medical Departures?

Medical Departures offer the best online medical service market in connecting you with the world’s best doctors and clinics. Medical Departures has a 24/7 customer support which ensures that you are always helped. You can also read reviews from actual people, who have sought the help you seek and received excellent help. Medical Departures offer you an online quote for medical insurance. Besides that, the Medical Departures ensures that it has verified and certified all the registered doctors and clinics. You also get free quotes for the services that you need with a backup plan of medical financing with competitive interest rates. They also have a massive gallery that will help you know the kind of clinics that you are visiting. The booking process on Medical Departure is also easy, and you can book a hotel near your medical clinic as well.

What Makes Medical Departures Different to Others?

Medical Departure offers you the chance to interact with your potential treatment team beforehand. They also do not charge any agent fees to connect you to the doctor or clinic of your choice. They also offer you the fastest appointment periods that take the shortest time possible.

A Few Medical Departures Reviews from Actual Customers:

A satisfied customer said that it was not enough that the surgeons and hospital staff could be rated five stars for their great work. The customer was grateful for the care and professionalism provided and ended by saying that he would recommend them more.

Another happy client was thankful to the PPSI and hospital for giving her a chance to make a physical change at an affordable price. She says that the service was of very high standards and would go on to share her experience and recommendation to family and friends.

Watch this video to meet Christopher reviews his Abdominoplasty and Liposuction treatments at Samitivej Sukhumvit Hospital in Bangkok, Thailand.

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Quick Review

Website Layout

Medical Departures Review

The website is amazing on the view. The images on the website are all high resolution. The pages and page buttons are all responsive, and it’s easy to navigate through the website. The pages also switch easily. The loading time is speedy, and the pages take a short time to load. The website is user-friendly, and you can easily use it on your own.

Shopping Processing

Medical Departures offers a directory for the services that you need. To shop process, find your desired area of attention and specifically find the area you need specialized attention in. You will then see all the doctors and clinics which offer the very services that you need. You will also see the countries which they are in, and you will choose the most suitable clinic for you.

Booking & Payment

Booking for treatment is done when you are through with the shopping process. After you have shopped for the medical attention you need and the clinic you need to go to, you should go on right ahead to book an appointment at the clinic. The booking process is easy to follow and accomplish, and it will only take a short time for you to schedule your appointment.

For payment, the website has several currencies that are used by the clinics you wish to go to. Making payments is easy and very fast since you make use of electronic payment systems. The payment system also allows payment through various means such as visa card, MasterCard Express and many other.

Customer Service

The customer service is excellent and great. They have a live 24/7 support to attend to any queries and interests. Medical Departures also have toll free numbers that can easily be used to reach the support team. They have served many customers in the past, and this stands as an assurance that the service is great.

Online Support

The online support is excellent. Two buttons can quickly help you to get a quote and another for leaving your message. They also have an email messaging form where you can send them an email. You can also reach out to them through their social media platforms, and they are always quick to respond.

Medical Departures Review – Bottom Line

Medical Departures is a grand response to helping people access professional health practitioners globally. You can always find better offers on Medical Departures from health centers and hospitals that have been approved by Medical Departures. Medical Departures provides you with an opportunity of experiencing world class health care outside home, for a discount of up to 70% of the price you would have paid at home. With Home Departures, you have access to more than 1330 clinics in 10 countries to choose from for your medical needs.

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