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Save up to 80% on prescriptions, dental & vision care at Exclusive discounts at Walmart, Walgreens, CVS and more. No insurance needed.

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SingleCare Review – Affordable Health Care & Pharmacy Discount Card

Medicines and other health services cost a good sum of money. When you need to take lots of medications, even saving a single penny is worthy. There is a number of ways by which you can save big on your health bills. SingleCare is one of them. In the SingleCare review, you will learn why you need them.

Who is SingleCare?

singlecare coupon codeSingleCare is your medical discount plan. It lets you have your medicines or medical plans at the best rate possible. With it, you can locate the medical service provider that offers the services at the lowest price. This is nothing like insurance. It is free to join and lets you save on health facilities. You can save on dental, vision and video visits along with the prescriptions.

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Why We Need SingleCare?

If you want to save the money that you spend on the health services that are not covered by your insurance, then you need SingleCare. Check this video for more information on SingleCare:

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Benefits of Singlecare Discount Pharmacy Cards:

The top benefit of SingleCare discount pharmacy card is you can avail the discount of up to 80% on your prescribed drugs. This SingleCare prescription card doesn’t need any activation and you can start using it right away. It provides you the advantage to search your prescription, and then see the nearest pharmacy that is offering it at the lowest price. Visit the pharmacy, show your card and get the discount right away.

What are the advantages of SingleCare membership?

Every service is provided at Single Care with complete clarity. The customer knows the exact cost of the services he takes. As it isn’t an insurance company, you only need to pay for the facilities you select without paying any premiums and fees.

How SingleCare Works

SingleCare partners with different firms to provide discount to their customers. Every week, more than 10,000 people take the advantage from their pharmacy discount card.

  • Prescription: They work with over 35,000 pharmacies of the country and give up to 80% off on more than 50,000 drugs.
  • Dental: With over 200,000 dentists in their partner list, they let their customers save up to 55% on the dental care. They lower the work to see the patient and thus the customers get the discount in return.
  • Vision: Around 1,500 Walmart Vision Centers are their partners. They allow the customers to save around 75% on their routine eye care.
  • Video Doctor Visit: MeMD offers fast and easy doctor visits by using your computer or phone. SingleCare’s partnership with them allows the users to pay less and wait for less for the doctors than others. Per visit, you can save $4 on their card.

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Singlecare coupon codeSingleCare Special Promotion:

Save up to 80% on prescriptions, dental & vision care at Exclusive discounts at Walmart, Walgreens, CVS and more. No insurance needed.

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SingleCare FAQs:

Is SingleCare insurance?

No, it is not insurance but it is a company that allows more affordable and convenient healthcare service for their customers who are paying for their health. They have a wide partnership network that lets their card users save amount on the services they take.

How Much SingleCare Cost?

SingleCare membership doesn’t cost anything. You don’t need to pay any premiums at all. The only amount you have to pay is of the services you take during your visit to the provider. The member has to select the payment method, and charges would be billed according to the method selected. There are no extra charges and all the costs of the services – including SingleCare fees – are exhibited on the website.

I already have insurance. Can I use SingleCare?

Anyone can use SingleCare; there are no restrictions for the memberships. It is applicable for the dental, vision, and other medical services that you pay from your pocket. If your insurance company is paying for it, then SingleCare is not applicable. SingleCare offers mostly those services that your medical insurance doesn’t cover. It is the best way to save money on the medical facilities.

Does SingleCare offer savings on dental services such as crowns and implants?

SingleCare offers savings on many outpatient dental services including crowns and implants. On their website, by adding the reason for your visit, you can search for the amount that you need to pay.

What will my medications cost with SingleCare?

On your medication, you can save up to 50% amount. The pharmacies don’t have single price for the same prescription and you can take the advantage to get the medicine in the lowest possible amount. To see the prices of your prescribed drug, you can search their website to know the pricing of your local pharmacies. Your card has BIN, PCN, and GRP numbers; you can call your pharmacy and use these numbers to know the pricing of the medicine.

What pharmacies accept SingleCare prescription card?

More than 35,000 pharmacies around the country accept SingleCare pharmacy savings card including Longs Drugs, CVS, Walgreens, Walmart, Harris Teeter, Kroger, Fry’s, Target, and Duane Reade. Your SingleCare prescription card has BIN, PCN, and GRP numbers; show the card to the pharmacy, they will use these numbers to give the possible discount on your prescribed drug. To search for the partner pharmacies and discounted drugs, you can visit their website. You can also use the SingleCare app for the same purpose; it is available for Android as well as iOS devices.

A Few SingleCare Reviews from Actual Customers

Here are some of original SingleCare customer reviews from other review sites:

Excellent! This saved me a lot of money on my prescription since I have no health coverage.Jenifer from


I have insurance. A one time drug costing $400.00 thru my ins. cost $200.00. Used my Singlecare card at Walmart and paid only $38 and some change. You can’t tell me this card is no good. My friend also uses this card and saves big each time.Mike N. from

Quick Reviews:

Let’s have a look at quick reviews to learn more about them:

Website Layout:

Singlecare review

The website SingleCare ( is a highly user-friendly website. It is really simple to navigate to your desired options. The menu bar has the following options:  Browse, How it Works, Rx Savings, For Providers, For Business and Support. The home page has the option to search your desired drug to know how much you can save it with SingleCare. The bottom of the webpage has the options of customer support, contact, about us, service areas, mobile apps, etc.

Order & Payment:

SingleCare itself is not providing health services; instead, they allow you to avail discount from their partners. When you go for any of the services, you are not paying directly to the health service provider. You will pay your discounted amount through a SingleCare prescription savings card and they will then send the money on your behalf to the provider.

The valid payment methods are HSA, FSA, PayPal and all major credit cards. If you want to apply for credit for paying the service provider then you can use your PayPal Credit account.

Shopping Processing:

From the website, you can apply for the SingleCare free card. After that, you can select from the various dental, vision, video visit services and pharmacy stores to get the discount. You are not paying directly to the service provider. Information about the services along with their charges are emailed to you. You can also see the discount you get right away.

Customer Service:

SingleCare offers great customer care to their every client. They have a team of well-trained customer service agents who are ready to help you. They offer support from Monday to Friday 9 am to 9 pm EST. To get their help, you can directly call them at 8442343057.

Online Support:

Different kinds of online support are offered. To get the answers to your general questions, you can go to their support page: On that page, you get two more options to get the support: Chat with Us or Contact Us. You can either start the chat or fill in the form to get your queries answered.

SingleCare Review – Bottom Line

SingleCare is the best way to save some extra amount on your prescriptions and the medical services that are usually not offered by the insurance companies. You can save up to 80% on your daily medications and more than 5% on different health services.

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Finally, Should I Try SingleCare?

Yes, it is must try thing because there is a number of benefits it offers. Now you can avail the advantage of our SingleCare promotion and save up to 80% more on the services you take.

Latest SingleCare Promo Code:

Singlecare coupon codeSingleCare Special Promotion:

Save up to 80% on prescriptions, dental & vision care at Exclusive discounts at Walmart, Walgreens, CVS and more. No insurance needed.

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