STD Testing 24/7 Review

The following is a brief review of the company STD Testing 24/7 (, which provides STD testing to clients nationwide. This STD Testing 24/7 review will highlight the services that the company provides, as well as the reasons you should order for STD tests from the company.

An In-depth STD Testing 24/7 Review

Who Are They?

STD Testing 24/7 Review is an online company that provides confidential STD testing to individuals wanting to know whether they have acquired an STD due to unsafe sexual practices. The company also provides HIV testing to detect the presence of HIV antibodies in the blood.

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Which STDs Can I Get Tested at

The company provides testing for the eight most common sexually transmitted diseases. These include HIV Antibody, Chlamydia, Gonorrhea, Hepatitis B and C, Herpes I and II, as well as Syphilis.

Why Should We Trust STD Testing 24/7? is a reputable and trustworthy company. The company prides itself in protecting and maintaining the confidentiality of their customers. Thus, you can be assured that your health and financial information will never be disclosed to a third party.

In addition, the company has been in operation for more than 10 years. This means that the company has established a reputable enterprise, and has the expertise of ensuring your privacy as well as accurate results.

The company also has the lowest prices in the industry when it comes to STD tests. Testing for STDs is a basic requirement in this day and age, and it is essential that these tests are affordable to everyone, for the sake of public health.

Furthermore, STD Testing 247 has the largest doctor network so you can receive doctor consultations from some of the most respected minds in the field.

Another reason that you should trust is because of the company’s commitment to customer service. The company has the best customer-care record in the industry, and is trusted by thousands of customers.

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A Quick STDTesting Review

The following section will provide a brief overview of the company’s website. It will focus on the layout of the website, online support, customer care service, shopping processing, as well as orders and shipping.

Website Layout

STDTesting Review

The website layout is simple and easy to understand. The home page has all the relevant tabs that will lead you to the information that you seek.

Shopping Processing

There is a ‘Tests & Pricing’ tab on the home page, and it will lead you to the product details. On this page, you will find all the STD tests that the company provides, as well as their prices. You will also find the price of the HIV Early Detection Test, as well as a link to its own product information page.

Once you have identified the STD test that you want, select it, and then click ‘Order Test’. The test will be added to your cart, and then you can proceed to pay for it using the most convenient means of payment for you.

Orders & Shipping

Once you have placed an order for the test, you will get an email from the company. The email will contain your account details as well as a Lab Requisition Form. Also included is the location of the test center you selected.

When you arrive at the test center, present the Lab Requisition Form, and get tested. The testing process will only take five minutes. No identification is required for you to be tested.

You will receive your test results within three days through the email you provided.

Customer Service

As mentioned before, the company prides itself in providing the best customer care in the industry. At the bottom of the home page is a link to the Contact page. You can send a direct message to the company using a form on the page. In addition, you can call the company at any time of the day using the number they have provided on the page.

Lastly, you can opt to write a letter to the company’s customer care department. The company’s address can also be found on the Contact page.

Online Support

Through its website, the company provides online chat support. Customer care representatives will be able to answer any questions you may have about the services that the company offers. Simply initiate a chat on the website, and one of the representatives will help you in any way necessary.

STD Testing 24/7 Review – Conclusion is an online company that provides affordable, accurate, and confidential STD testing to clients across the country. The company has built a stellar reputation in the industry by providing high quality testing services at a cheap price. In addition, the company is often recognized for its remarkable customer service. You can be tested for eight common STDs that include Gonorrhea, Syphilis, and Hepatitis B and C. you can be assured that the company will keep your results confidential.

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How to Order STD Testing 24/7?

You can order for an STD test by calling the number visibly displayed on the home page of the company’s website http://STDTesting You also can save your money with our special STD Testing 24/7 deals below:

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