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The following is a review of EverlyWell.com that aims to show the public about its health test service, and why they should choose this company.

An In-depth Review of  EverlyWell

Who is EverlyWell?

Everlywell promo codeEverlyWell.com is an online company that provides laboratory testing for individuals who want to monitor their health and wellness. The company offers a large variety of tests that customers can use at home, and then submit to a specified laboratory. The company then provides the customers with the results as well as detailed explanations as to what the results imply about the customer’s wellness.

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Which Test Can I Get Tested at EverlyWell.com?

EverlyWell.com offers a variety of tests that customers can use in the comfort of their own homes. Some of the tests offered by the company include the thyroid test that seeks to determine the health of your thyroid, as well as food sensitivity tests to determine which foods make you feel sick or uncomfortable.

Other common tests offered by the company include sexual health test, at home STD tests, food sensitivity test, testosterone tests, men’s health tests, metabolism tests, women’s health, and fertility tests, vitamin D tests, breast milk DHA tests, cholesterol and lipids, and heavy metal poisoning tests.

Furthermore, you can also have your blood’s HbA1c levels as well as your sleep quality and stress levels tested using specialized testing kits that the company provides.

How Does EverlyWell Work?

EverlyWell Review

If you want to order for a test from EverlyWell.com, you simply need to select the test, you want and order for it. The test will arrive at your doorstep shortly after.

Once the test has arrived, you will need to take the required test sample, and then send it back to the ascribed laboratory for analysis.

Your results will be available within a couple of days once a board certified physician has reviewed the results.

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Why Should We Choose EverlyWell.com?

You should trust EverlyWell.com for your entire home testing needs for a variety of reasons. For starters, the company will provide your lab results in a format that you will find easy and quick to understand. The results will have graphics and in-depth explanations so that you can understand and interpret them.

In addition, your results will always be available to you online every time you log on to your EverlyWell account. You can quickly access your results from the dashboard of your account.

Furthermore, you will be able to share your results with other people who have a stake in your health. For instance, the results are easily shareable with your health care practitioner, spouse, and family members.

You should also go with the company because they offer simple and convenient sample collection. You will not have to make an appointment in order for your sample to be taken, or visit a lab to offer your sample. The good thing is you can collect your sample in the comfort of your home, and the instructions are easy to follow.

Once you receive your results, you will find attached, personalized recommendations on how to improve your health, as well as suggestions on how to make the right decisions regarding your health and well-being. The results will also come with detailed explanations on what each marker means for your health.

Another reason you should trust this company is that it uses certified lab partners who are highly distinguished in their fields. This means that the best lab technicians are analyzing your tests in the business.

Furthermore, the company has an extensive network of qualified physicians who review your results, before they are released to you.


EverlyWell is keen to provide a full privacy policy form that details how well they use the information of their clients. EverlyWell keeps the confidentiality of their patients without revealing their identity. For the case of data usage, the data is used anonymously and there is no way that data will be identified as to belong to you.


EverlyWell does not offer insurance for the continent that you post, transmit, or download through or from the site.

Quick EverlyWell.com Reviews:

Website Layout:

EverlyWell.com Review

The website layout is simple to understand and easy to use. There are a number of links on the home page that will take the user directly to the page they want to visit. All relevant information regarding the products offered is available on the main page.

Shopping Processing

Payments are done on the site and you can use your HAS/FSA account to purchase a test from the company. However, you need to check with your individual insurance plan to ensure that it can cover online home medical tests before proceeding to buy a test.

Orders and Shipping

Once you have made your order on the site, and provided your home address, the test will be delivered to your doorstep.

Customer Service

The company has a strong online presence, and customers can be able to reach the company through its respective Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn pages. In addition, customers can subscribe to the company’s online publications by simply providing their email addresses. This will ensure that the customer stays up to date on all matters to do with the company.

Online Support

The company has set up a FAQ section where users can find answers to common queries. Customers can also contact the company directly using the email provided on their official website.

EverlyWell Review – Final Thought

You need to visit EverlyWell.com today if you want to keep your health and wellness on track. The company provides a variety of health tests that you can use at home, and you will always find a test that is right for you at EverlyWell.

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