Top Anonymous STD Testing Services

Anonymous STD testing is aimed at providing STD results to patients anonymously in order to guarantee the confidentiality of the results, protect the individuals from undue scrutiny, as well as to uphold the reputation of these individuals. The names of the individuals who have requested the tests and results will never be revealed, because these individuals use aliases to order the tests and get their results.

How Does Anonymous STD Testing Service Work?

The individual is required to submit an alias name when requesting for an STD test online. Even though the individual is required to provide their real name for billing purposes, their names will never appear on the lab orders or the STD results.

If the results come back positive, the information will be sent to the nearest hospital or clinic to the individual. Even in this case, the personal health information will be omitted from the results, to uphold the privacy, security, and reputation of the individual involved.

How Can You Get Anonymous STD Tested?

Anonymous STD Testing Services

You can get tested in a variety of ways including booking an STD test using an online service. Selecting this option will involve searching for a reliable online lab service, placing an order on the website, heading over to your local patient service center, providing the required specimen, and then waiting for your results that will come via e-mail a few days later.

A more traditional approach is asking your personal doctor to write a prescription for the tests that should be carried out to determine your STD status. You can also inquire from the local charities if they can provide STD testing, and some even provide the service anonymously.

Top Anonymous STD Testing Services:

If you do decide to order the STD test online from an Internet based lab, then the following are some of the best sites to get anonymous STD testing. These sites will help you book for the STD test, and send you the results through the email that you provided. The following is a brief description of each site, and what you can expect when ordering for an STD test from these sites.

STD Check

STD Check offers private STD testing for a number of STDs that include Hepatitis A, Genital Herpes, Gonorrhea, Chlamydia, and HIV antibody tests. The individual is required to select and order the test either through the website or telephone. He/she is then supposed to visit a anonymous test center to provide a sample of blood or urine, and then wait for approximately two days for the results. The tests are private, quick, and affordable, and the site offers free medical consultation from qualified doctors if the results come back positive. Coupon Code
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MyLAB Box offers private at-home testing for a variety of STDs, whereby an individual orders the test online, collects the required samples in the comfort of their homes, mails them, and gets the results within 1-5 days. The individual will also receive free consultation phone call from a physician on the same day that they will receive the results. Coupon Code

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STD Test Express

The STD Test Express is another website that offers private, not anonymous, STD and HIV testing. The individual orders the specific STD test on the website, and then visits the nearest lab to have his/her samples collected and mailed to the company. The individual will receive their results in three days.

One feature that sets this company apart from the others is that it accepts insurance payments for the STD tests as well as payments made through Health Savings Accounts. Regardless of payment method chosen, the details of the transaction will never appear on the subject line of any email, or in your monthly card statements. Coupon Code:
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On their Personalabs official site, you can choose from over 300 STD tests, and every test comes with a certified doctor’s order/prescription. The individual is required to print the doctor’s order, and then visit one of their anonymous STD test locations for specimen collected, which will be sent directly to the company’s patient portal. The STD test results will be available in three days, or seven days if the test was of a complex nature.

Once the tests are ready, the patient will receive an e-mail notification prompting them to log into their account to review the results.

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Better Lab Test Now

Better Lab Test Now is an online testing website that offers numerous tests for a wide variety of diseases including STDs. The company only works with labs that have received accreditation and accolades within their respective fields. Coupon Code

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In addition, the website allows individuals to select their preferred tests without having to deal with insurance companies, which might prove difficult for many individuals, especially those seeking to use their insurance to pay for online STD testing.

Anonymous STD testing service is meant to protect the identities of the individuals who wish to test whether they have an STD or not. Several websites are now offering private, confidential and anonymous STD testing to individuals who seek to know their STD status.

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