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DNA testing has been one of the most recent progressive centers of interest in science. DNA testing has advanced to help people in tracing back their ancestry, proving the paternal origin of children, and solving crime problems. In this Living DNA review, we’ll examine the world’s most advanced Ancestry DNA test.

An In-depth Living DNA Review

Who is Living DNA?

Living DNA coupon codeLiving DNA is a cohort made of more than 100 scientists, academic researchers, and genetic experts. Living DNA is hosted and led by the DNA Worldwide Group, a company whose specialty is testing DNA and whose services are used in every court case in the UK. The company has been seeking every opportunity to help and show humanity how the concept of race is misguided, and that we have a multi-color and racial origin. Living DNA began in the year 2016, and it took two years to develop it before it launched. The company is based in U.K and its head office is in Somerset, UK.

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Why Should I Need Living DNA?

The knowledge you obtain from knowing your origin in the ancestry line is first amusing, then important. It helps you in knowing many things that might have affected you without your conscious knowledge. Living DNA provides you with the chance to view the history of your ancestry. It gives you a breakdown of up to 10 generations, even to helping you know how your ancestors spread out in all of Europe. Living DNA is also important as it gives you the chance to cover the ancestry of your family line, but also includes the ancestry line of both your mother and father if you are male.

What Are They Doing?

Living DNA offers the DNA testing services that help in tracing the historical origin of an individual. Check this video for more information on Living DNA:


How Living DNA Works:

Living DNA provides you with the breakdown of your family ancestry as it is estimated. They put your results into context by providing a base for its justification through history. The test will help to prove whether you originate from Britain or Ireland, and further on, it will help you know exactly where, within these two places your ancestry originates.

You also get to know the ancestry background of your mother line, showing the various ancestral groups that make up this line.

What Makes Living DNA Different to Other Ancestry DNA Tests?

Ancestry DNA Test Review

Living DNA, unlike all the other DNA testing companies, currently provides an ethnicity breakdown by regions within the British Isles. It is also the one and only company that conducts a 3 in 1 ancestry test.

Living DNA is also able to show you how you can break a person’s ancestry in the U.K. They have also developed the most detailed chip for the genomics of the consumer.

LivingDNA vs. AncestryDNA:

Living DNA test doesn’t comprise of autosomal DNA test only, but it also offers mtDNA and YDNA together with it. On the other hands, AncestryDNA would do only autosomal DNA test. Living DNA’s autosomal test further divides the ethnicity results three times same as AncestryDNA and covers 21 individual regions for the British Isles. AncestryDNA allows you to connect your account to which further provides great many advantages, but it is a paid subscription. At the Ancestry, matching function is present that connects you to other people who have taken the test; however, this function is not offered at LivingDNA yet.

A Few Living DNA Reviews from Real Customers

A happy client was pleased to know that his ancestry was deeply rooted in the State of Virginia, and with a British origin. The client was happy with how the regions were broken down in an understandable way.

Another happy client was so happy for Living DNA. The client says the results were a surprise to her, through finding out that her heritage was quite different from whom she considers herself to be.

Quick Reviews:

Website Layout

Living DNA review

At first, the website would seem a little more exciting for a professional sense, but then you realize how the site is. The website looks cool, and they have made sure to utilize large fonts that make it easy and more interesting to read. The website is not cluttered with baggage of information but it seems quite resourceful I what you may need.

The pages all roll out in good response and they all respond well to the clicks. The prominent buttons strategically placed on the site are key and that is a big plus, since you won’t go deep trying to look out for links on ow to order. The scrolling is perfect and the colors are quite a catch to keep the eyes stunned.

Ordering & Processing Payment

For you to make a purchase, you order for the kit online. Once the order has been processed, the kit is shipped directly to you either on standard or express delivery route, to wherever you may be in the world. After you have ordered the Living DNA test kit, you activate it online, after which you collect a sample with a mouth swab that is easy to use.

Once you have collected your sample of DNA, you resend it back to the company by mail, through the return bag offered to you. The results will take up to 12 weeks to process and explore.

Customer Service & Online Support

Living DNA has an online help that is ratty much the FAQ section of the website. The help center is very detailed with all the questions that you would want to ask about, if you needed any help. The help center contains all the information that you would need to know if you were not interested in a personal conversation with the help desk.

If you need to communicate directly to the help desk, there is a guided pop up Page on the bottom right of your screen. You can click it, select what line of query you want to have a discussion over, and get in touch. The help accorded is 24 hours 7 days, and you can also click the contact us button to reach them through email.

How to Order at

Ordering at is simple and can be done through the order now button. Once you click through the order now button, a prompt will request that you write the name whom the test belongs to and that way, you will be able to follow through the whole ordering process, step by step.

The price for a DNA test kit is $159. If delivery is through standard time, you get to pay $9.95. this may take 5-7 days. For express premium delivery, you will pay a price of $39.95, and it gets delivered in a matter of 2-3 days. The results take 10-12 weeks to process and deliver. Living DNA are running a promotion that gives you a discount of up to 35% for taking a DNA test with them.

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