AncestryDNA Test Kit Review & Coupon

The AncestryDNA test kit enables you to send your saliva to the company, and they test saliva for more accurate reports on your lineage. It provides a complete analysis of your genetics composition connecting you to more people and places. Read our AncestryDNA Test Kit review to know more about this DNA kit & use our coupon code to get 20% OFF on Ancestry DNA testing kit.

AncestryDNA Test Kit Review – The Best DNA Tests for Ethnicity & Genealogy DNA Test

What is AncestryDNA Test Kit?

Ancestry Coupon CodeThe DNA test examines your unique genes through autosomal testing technology revolutionizing how you get your family history; The test is a combination of advanced DNA science and the most significant family history resources to help you get the best result on your other family members. It goes back to multiple generations and provides possibility on what region the ancestors are from and also help identify the relationship with ancestors. You need to register with Ancestry to be able to purchase the DNA kit, and you need to retain the registration details to access the results.

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Why Should I Need to Take AncestryDNA Test Kit?

The DNA results provide a more specific answer regarding your family history and also helps you know the region you are from and your cultural roots. It gives you guiding hints and gives you more relevant and recent information about your family dating a few hundred or a thousand years ago

How AncestryDNA Test Kit Works

Ancestry DNA Test Kit

The company will ask for your saliva which will be sent back using a kit that you receive after six days of ordering. They will test the saliva using microarray-based autosomal DNA testing that surveys a person genome at over 700,000 locations. The test takes 6-8 weeks to process and after which they send you an email with a link to results of the DNA test.The link leads to your account which is password protected, and from the account you can read the results.

Check this video to know how to use AncestryDNA Test Kit:

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What Makes AncestryDNA Test Kit Different to Other DNA Testing

Ancestry DNA test uses an autosomal DNA test that surveys a person’s entire genome at over 700,000 locations making it more inclusive. Ancestry also both the maternal and paternal sides of the family tree ensuring all lineages are covered.

Gender Neutral test meaning the test can be taken by either men or women and still provide the same level of details and accuracy.

Ancestry DNA uses the autosomal technology which enables one to predict the recent genetic history.

Enhances DNA Matching – The autosomal test looks at a broader range of DNA which helps you identify matches throughout the entire family tree.

Recent and more relevant information. Ancestry DNA provides more current data with no time focus.

A Few AncestryDNA Test Kit Reviews from Real Customers

Here are some of AncestryDNA Test Kit customer reviews from reviews sites:

 – says:

“Very interesting. It was very accurate. Ancestry alerted me that I matched someone on ancestry with my DNA being 1st cousin. says:

“AncestryDNA is an easy-to-use tool for exploring your background, especially if you have an Ancestry account and family tree.”

The Ancestry customer reviews range from the DNA test kit to the ordering experience. They explain how exciting it is to use the DNA kit and discover new members of the family.

DNA Test Kit

AncestryDNA Test Kit Review

The client says they were impressed with the level of detail that this section went into to ensure the results work.The clients were also impressed about the time it took to receive the kit as they received even before the time they had expected.On receiving the kit postage charges had been paid for and it was relatively easy to use it.

Ordering Experience

Another client quips that using the Ancestry DNA website was very simple. I received the kit four working days after the order was put through. And the collection tube and instructions were professionally packaged and I got a real sense of excitement about taking the test says another client. The instructions were easy to follow, and I was able to fill the collection tube without any problems. The company had also provided a box to return the sample had also been provided, and the return postage had been paid. The company after receiving informed the client through the email that the package had arrived and the clients say that was super effective.


The registration process is easy, and fast says another client. Another review is in the terms and conditions of use which are quite simple to understand. The fact that the data provided is private also made the client elated to know that their information is private is essential.


The results came in earlier than expected, says another client who says the reporting is excellent. The company also gave an analysis that was easy to follow through with videos to show a thorough review.After receiving the results, a client says she has been able to connect with her long-lost father and family members citing how efficient and accurate the results were.

FAQs of AncestryDNA Test Kit:

Is Ancestry DNA private and secure?

The company takes privacy seriously and to ensure the security of your information they use standard security practices during DNA sample storage. During storage of the DNA, no names are used but instead use common identifiers.The company has privacy terns to ensure security, and since the results are sent to your email, you determine who sees them. The company will not share the client’s names with third parties ensuring that your information is secure.

Can I tell my Native America Ethnicity using  AncestryDNA

The AncestryDNA test kit will be able to know whether you are a Native American including whether you are indigenous to  U.S., Canada, and Mexico. The results don’t indicate any tribal affiliations.

How extensive is the Ancestry DNA database?

Ancestry DNA database has grown over the years and currently has over 4 million clients and remains one of the largest genetic testing company.

How long does it take to get my results?

After sending the saliva sample to the company, it takes 6-8 weeks from the time of receiving the samples. It is necessary to activate your DNA kit online so that processing can begin. The company also states that the results may take longer than eight weeks where there is a high flow of test, but they will effectively communicate in case that happens.

How do I see my results?

You receive an email from ancestry with a link, and the link connects to your account which is password protected. Log into your account using your password, and you can view the result

An In-depth Review of

Website Layout Review

The website ( is easy to navigate, clear with FAQ. The website titles are well labelled to show you the various and link quickly steer you to what you require.

Shopping Processing

Once you create your account, choose your plan and then select the payment method. Pay for the application and download.

Order & Payment

The testing kits are available in the USA, and you can also purchase online. The shopping process is quite easy. After choosing the plan, you require, select the payment method and pay after then download the application.

Customer Service

The customer service is top notch. If you require guidelines there are available online, the company responds to any queries and complains promptly. The company has their emails readily available and prompt response is received.

Online Support

The online support is efficient and prompt. They also have guideline available online to show you how to go step by step. The company also has the ancestry app making it more accessible and convenient.

How to Buy AncestryDNA Test Kit?

On the website ( click on the tab written DNA, click on Order Kit and make the payments using your preferred method. You will receive the kit in six days.

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