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Ancestry Review – An In-depth Review of

This Ancestry review will show you how Ancestry helps you discover your ethnic mix, distant relatives, and ancestors with same DNA. You can also build a family tree and trace your family history.

Who is Coupon CodeAncestry is a geology company that helps you discover your family tree which holds and genealogical and historical records. They also provide DNA tests for Ethnicity & Genealogy DNA test at

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What Are They Doing?

They let you start by adding what you know to their website, then look for the leaf and after viewing the hint, you save it in your tree, and then they bring forth your family tree.

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At, they provide the following DNA services:

AncestryDNA Test Kit

Ancestry Coupon CodeAncestryDNA Test Kit will enable you to unlock your family story, gives you more details about the DNA history and shows your history.

Key Features

  • AncestryDNA can estimate your origin to 26 ethnic origins.9 in Africa and Europe covered in 9 ways
  • Shows your genetic community

Price: Ancestry DNA Test Kit is $99.

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The World’s Largest Online Family History Resource

The Family History Resource comes in packages. There is monthly membership and half -yearly membership. Depending on location there is U.S Discovery, World Explorer, and All Access package. The three packages have different access and pricing

U.S Discovery

U.S Discovery package lets you explore all U.S records including birth certificates, marriage, death, census records, occupation, ages, siblings birthplaces, and addresses. It allows you to connect with millions of other ancestry members, share ideas, make discoveries and discover relatives you never knew. Helps you organize, preserve and share your family tree online and help you grow the tree. It lets you learn from ancestry hints and also allows you to make discoveries in special ancestry collections with focus on African, American and Jewish families. The package also offers you a simple guide to every step you need to take to make discoveries. The U.S package is going for $19.99 per month and $99 half yearly and has a discount of $20 currently.

World Explorer

World Explorer package gives you access to unlimited access to more than 3 billion international, birth, marriage death, census, military and church records. It also lets you discover your immigrating ancestors and learn more about your family original home in details and passenger lists, border crossings and much more. It allows you to travel back to the 16th century in popular UK birth, marriage, and death records and gain access to any documents that are available and hand written. Ability to Learn about your ancestors in more than 80+ countries including the UK, Ireland, Canada, Germany, Australia, France, Denmark, Norway, Sweden and much more. The world explorer has the above features plus the features found in the U.S discovery package. The world explorer goes typically for $44.99 per month and $149 for the half year and currently has a discount of $60.

All Access

All Access package gives you access to the U.S package and the World explorer package but in addition to the above allows one to find stories among 150+ million pages in the Basic subscription. It lets you explore more than 550+ million original military records on The pricing for this package is currently at $34.99 per month and $199 half yearly and has a discount of $70.

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Family Tree

Ancestry Family Tree

The Family Tree connects you with your family story and lets you discover what, where and who and how it all leads to you

Key Features:

  • It takes only one name to find your history
  • Billions of records to search from and to get your family history
  • Collect and organizes historical documents and photos
  • Ability to share and invite family members to view the family tree.
  • Easy to start even with a guess but still gives you quality
  • Gives you hints on your ancestry

Start Your Free Family Tree and Get 14 Day Free Trial!

What Makes Ancestry Different to Other DNA Tests?

The Ancestry databases have a lot of information dating back to the 18th century giving you a chance to discover more. The Ancestry site makes it easy to what % you are of a particular origin. The lets you dig deeper into your family history as compared to others. Ancestry DNA looks at autosomal DNA test surveying a person’s entire genes.

A Few Ancestry Reviews from Actual Customers:

The Ancestry customers are elated at discovering where they came from mainly the adopted ones who didn’t have a clue about their family history. The joy of meeting their lost family through was evident in most clients who have used the application. The client also appreciates the fact that the company will continuously send you updates on any queries and the fact that the application lets you create a family tree from what you know.

Set Up and Interface

The client appreciates the wide range of offers to choose from ranging from $19.99 to $99 per year and the free trial to be able to know what you are paying for and gauge whether it’s worth your money. Signing up is quite easy and offers compatibility as all you need is a web browser.

Building the Family Tree

When it comes to information the clients were surprised and at the same time excited at the amount of information, and with just hints, you can build the tree and the ease with which one assembles the family tree.

Check this video for more Ancestry testimonial on Family Tree:

Premium Extras

The clients didn’t forget to review the new feature which lets you order a DNA sample kit and send it back with your saliva. They send you back the DNA information in 6-8 weeks and includes ethnic background and matched with other members. They feature also allows you to hire an expert.


The clients also commend the company on the customer service and say if you require assistance, ancestry offers a lot step by step guide in its online community and documentation. Support is also available from Monday through Sunday from 9.a.m to 11 p.m.

Quick Reviews

Website Layout Review website is easy to navigate and use. They provide guidelines on how to use the site and in case of any question they have documents one can check through.

Shopping Processing

The purchase process is easy to follow, after choosing the plan you would like you to create an account to hold your details. After that, you decide your payment method, and after making the payment, you can access the plan.

Order & Payment

First step is to check the various plans and choose the one that suits your need. After you choose the one that suits you either monthly or half-yearly, you choose the mode of payment, and you receive your package. You can renew the package once the one you have has expired.

Customer Service

Ancestry .com has top notch customer service. They deal with any complains and queries promptly. They are available on the phone every day of the week from 9 a.m to 11 p.m in the night.

Online Support

The company’s  online support center which also has helpful articles on its site. They also have an online community that discusses various issues. You can even leave messages, and in case you need an expert you can hire one online.

Bottom Line

Ancestry .com offers you premier services, and you are looking for historical information this is the best deal, and with a 20% off discount with our special coupon code, it cannot get any better.

Special Coupon Codes:

Ancestry coupon codeAncestryDNA Test Kit Coupon Code:

Save $40 OFF on Ancestry DNA test kit for only $59 (reg. $99) at!

Check It Out coupon codeAncestry Coupon Code:

Start Your Free Family Tree & Get 14 Day Free Trial at!

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