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An In-depth JScreen Review

With research showing that over 80% of newborns with genetic diseases are largely born to parents who have absolutely no known history of those genetic diseases in their family, then early genetic screening is definitely an important step towards planning for healthy families. Nevertheless, screening may not be available for people who live long distances away from testing facilities, or those that can get enough time to go for screening as a result of having a busy schedule. If you are among such people, then JScreen is for you.

What is JScreen?

JScreen coupon codeIt is a non-profit, home-based carrier and education program for the Jewish genetic diseases. The main objective of this program is to provide individuals and families with easy access to information and most importantly allow them to carry out testing conveniently from their homes.  Testing is mostly done by a certified laboratory. Thereafter, the results obtained are carefully reviewed and reported to the relevant participants by genetic counselors.  There are some states whereby results are reviewed and then reported by a particular healthcare provider. In such states, JScreen counselors are supposed to work with that specific health provider for purposes of ensuring the participant receive their results in a timely manner.

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What Are They Specialize-in?

JScreen testing normally includes over 200 diseases, and it particularly specializes in testing for genetic diseases that are predominantly found in members of the Jewish populations. Some of these diseases that the screen normally tests for include Mizrahi, Ashkenazi and Sephardic among other diseases. Most of these diseases that this JScreen testing specializes in are largely inherited in recessive patterns. This simply means that, the children can only have these conditions if both of their parents have the non-working genes for these conditions. Persons who are carriers normally show no symptoms for these genetic diseases thanks to the fact that such people only have a single copy of the specific non-working gene. Where the two parents are carriers, the child has 25% chances of inheriting up to two copies of non-working gene, thus meaning that the child will definitely have that particular condition that their parents are suffering from. Apart from testing for genetic diseases, JScreen further screens women for the Fragile X syndrome, a condition that leads to a spectrum of behavioral and developmental problems.

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How Does JScreen Work?

Here’s how the JScreen work in 4 steps:

  1. Request your kit online

JScreen offers carrier testing for genetic diseases testing. Basically, the JScreen Genetic Testing Kit cost about $149 with a private insurance. But if you don’t have insurance, or if you can’t afford it, you shouldn’t worry because you might be eligible for financial assistance.

  1. Take Saliva Test

JScreen’s DNA saliva collection kit, also popularly known as Spit Kit, marks the beginning of JScreen testing process. This kit is designed to help you perform your genetic screening from your home. Basically, it entails spitting into the small tube that is enclosed in your testing kit. Due to the state-of-the–art technology, you can be able to use this test for analyzing your genetic makeup and most importantly identifying your risk of over 200 diseases. Most of these diseases are predominantly within members of the Jewish community.  Once you fill the small tube with sample of your saliva, you can then seal it using the cap that is provided in the kit. This process takes anywhere between 2 to 5 minutes. Thereafter, you can send your saliva sample to the laboratory.

  1. Send to the Lab

Once you have collected your saliva sample in your kit, you can send it to the lab for DNA analysis. Just place your saliva sample into a specimen bag that is also provided in the testing kit, and then put in the envelope that is also provided with your testing kit. Send your kit to FedEx drop-box once you are done with testing and wait for the results. You can call 1-800 GoFedEx to locate the nearest FedEx drop-box, or you can just visit www.fedex.com.

  1. Get your Results

Upon mailing your testing kit, your work is done. You can leave the rest to genetic counselors and lab technicians to analyze your DNA results. They will be ready with your DNA results within 4 weeks. In case you have been identified as a carrier following the DNA test, you will be required to participate in a through genetic counseling follow-up via telephone with one of the genetic counselors. In some instances, genetic follow-up may be recommended in your area of residence so that you can get advice on how to best plan, prepare and reduce risk of genetically inherited diseases.

What Makes JScreen Different from Other Screening Programs?

Unlike other screening programs where one has to visit a physical screening or medical center for screening, this is not the case with JScreen.  For this particular DNA testing, participants can easily screen for genetic diseases from the very comfort of their homes. This is definitely the most fundamental difference of JScreen from other screening programs.

How Much Does JScreen Cost?

The price of JScreen Genetic Testing Kit is normally $149 for persons with a private health insurance. Where the entire cost of this test is catered for by insurance, the testing fee is non-refundable.

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JScreen Reviews from Real Customers:

“Anyone can be a potential carrier of any genetic diseases. I didn’t know how easy and convenient it can be to get tested for genetic diseases, until I used this program” – Desire Miller


“JScreen test is super easy and simple to perform. It offers the most convenient way of doing genetic testing to establish possible illness that may affect you and your future generations” – Meghan Cooper


“JScreen uses a very interesting concept while testing for genetic illnesses, I particularly liked how simple and fast the test is and that I was able to get results in an incredibly short duration of time. This would have been impossible if I were getting screened in an ordinary screening facility.” – Liz Mays

Quick JScreen.org Reviews

JScreen review

  • Website Layout: Their site has minimal graphics thus making it easy to navigate. It also loads extremely fast on all devices.
  • Orders & Payment: Ordering for the testing kit and paying for it can be done online devoid of any hassles.
  • Customer Service: Their customer service is truly exceptional. They are there to help right from purchasing your testing kit to getting your results after the test.
  • Online Support: Their online support is unrivaled. Their online support staff is available 24/7 to answer to clients queries as soon as they raise them.

JScreen Review – Final Thought

JScreen is not just beneficial for members of the Jewish community, but also to all people as well. JScreen.org takes testing to the next level, thanks to the fact that you can be able to test for a wide array of ailments from the comfort of your home. This is crucial for ensuring healthy families in the future. Therefore, try JScreen today and get tested for any genetic aliments that may affect your offspring particularly if you are of Jewish origin. Please the take a JScreen Genetic Testing Kit and use our current JScreen coupon code to get discount at checkout.

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