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MyHeritage DNA Kit Review

The following article is a review of the product, MyHeritage DNA Kit, which is sold on the company’s official website, This MyHeritage review will cover what the kit is, its key features, ease of use, and how it works. In addition, it will provide comprehensive answers to the most frequently asked questions about this product from customers. The last section of this article will cover the use of the website including letting visitors know how easy it is to navigate it, how shopping is conducted on it, how payments are made over the site, and finally how to get in touch with the company.

What is MyHeritage DNA Kit?

myheritage coupon codeMyHeritage DNA Kit is a DNA test designed by the company, MyHeritage, to help individuals discover their ethnic background, as well as help them identify new familial relations. This highly affordable DNA test will help you discover things about your family history that you previously had no inkling about. You will get to learn about the ethnic groups that you come from, as well as the geographical regions that make up your genetic profile.

This test will also help you find out new relatives that you share DNA with, but had no clue about them previously.

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Key Features:

One key feature of this test is the conversion of your DNA into digital characters that can be analysed using a computer. Your sample is analysed by highly experienced technicians that are able to upload your sample into the company’s extensive database by converting your biological information into digital data that can be analysed by powerful software. From here, the analysts are able to connect your DNA to the different regions of your ancestral origin, as well as to familial connections that you previously had no clue about.

Another key feature is the fact that the test and your results will remain private and confidential. The company utilizes multiple layers of encryption to guarantee that your DNA information remains safe and out of reach of unauthorized users.

The laboratory where the DNA test analysis is carried out is certified by the CLIA, and has been accredited by the CAP.

It is also important to point out that the results from the DNA test analysis will have two components. The first component is that the results will show you where in the world your family, including ancestors, is from. The regions where our ancestors lived is encoded in our DNA, and the analysis will be able to show you the different regions that have contributed to your genetic makeup as well as the different ethnic groups that you share genetic characteristics with.

The MyHeritage DNA database supports over 45 ethnicities, which is by far the largest offered by any other company offering the same service to the market. With such a large database, you are guaranteed of getting the exact percentages of the ethnic groups contained in your DNA.

The second component will be the discovery of actual individuals whose DNA matches to yours. This is ideal for people looking for their biological parents, children, siblings, and close relatives amongst others.

How MyHeritage DNA Kit Works

Myheritage dna kit coupon code

Once you order the test, and it is delivered to you, open the kit, and ensure that everything is in place. There is an instruction manual accompanying the kit that will provide you with a checklist of what should be in the kit. If everything is there, activate the test in your account.

The next step is to swab your cheek using the cue tip provided, which should only take two minutes at most. Place the cue tip with the cheek swab back into the envelop, and mail it to the company’s laboratory for detailed analysis.

After 3-4 weeks, your results will be ready, and you will be able to view them on your online account that you created in the company’s website. Check this video to know how to take a My Heritage DNA test at home:


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MyHeritage coupon codeMyHeritage Promo Code:

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What type of sample do I provide?

This DNA test does not require a spit, blood, or a urine sample. You will only be required to provide a small swab of the inside of your cheek as a sample for this test. Swabbing the inside of your cheek should only take 45 seconds, after which you place the swab back into the vial provided, and send the sample to the company for further analysis.

How long does it take to get results?

It generally takes about 3-4 weeks for your results to be delivered to your online account located in the company website. You will receive an email notification letting you know that your results are ready, as well as instructions on how to view and interpret the results.

How do you process my DNA sample?

To process your sample, the test will use a technologically advanced testing method known as microarray based autosomal DNA analysis. This method is considered the authority the world over when it comes to ethnicity and ancestry tracing and analysis. Using this test, it is possible to identify previously unknown DNA matches, as well as provide an in-depth view of an individual’s ancestry lines from both lineages.

How does  MyHeritage DNA Kit cost?

Currently, the test will only cost you $ 59 if you order now. So hurry, and purchase now before the promotion period comes to a close. Please check our MyHeritage DNA test kit coupon codes, promo codes to get discount at checkout

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MyHeritage coupon codeMyHeritage Promo Code:

Get MyHeritage DNA test kit for only $59 (Reg. $89) + FREE shipping on 2+ kits to

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Quick Reviews

This section will discuss the various aspects of the company’s website, including how to navigate it, to shop on it, to make orders and payments on it, as well as how to contact the customer care department of the company regarding issues or queries to do with the product.

Website Layout

myheritage dna kit review

The website layout ( is simple making it very easy for most people to navigate. You will not experience any issues moving from one page to the other as the pages load effortlessly. In addition, the Font used in each of the pages is clearly visible and easy to read. All of the pertinent links and information can be found on the site’s homepage.

Shopping Processing

Shopping for the company’s products is done on the website. Each product has its own unique page where you can find all of the information about that specific product, including its price, a product description, as well as how to use the product.

You can place each product that you would like to purchase in the online shopping cart provided.

Order and Payment

When you are done with the shopping, you can proceed to the checkout page where you will be required to fill in your personal and payment details followed by authorizing the payment for these goods using your preferred payment method. When the payment has gone through, you will receive an email informing you that your order has been successfully placed. The email will also provide guidance on the shipping process.

Customer Service

The website hosts a comprehensive FAQ page where you can find the answers to the most popular questions that clients ask. In addition, you can reach the customer care personnel using the contact details provided in the ‘Contact Us’ page.

Online Support

The social media handles of the company can be found on the site, and you can use this to get in touch directly with the company.

Bottom Line – Should I Buy Products?

Indeed you should if you are looking into finding out your ancestry, and true lineage all at an affordable cost, and guaranteed convenience.

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How to Order at

Simply visit the website (, and order for the DNA testing kit by making the payments from your preferred payment method. Order now, and be a part of the ongoing promotion where you can get up to 15% OFF on this testing kit.

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MyHeritage coupon codeMyHeritage Promo Code:

Get MyHeritage DNA test kit for only $59 (Reg. $89) + FREE shipping on 2+ kits to

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