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Walk in Lab Review – The Leader in Lab Tests & Wellness Screenings

This article provides an in-depth review of WalkinLab.com, which offers direct access lab testing to customers. The purpose of the article is to inform readers about who this company is, the services it provides, and why customers should select the company for all of their testing needs.

Who is Walk in Lab?

Walk In Lab promo codeWalk In Lab is an online platform that offers direct to consumer laboratory testing to its clients across the country. The company offers a wide selection of laboratory tests without the need of necessarily having a referral from a physician. The purpose of the company is to empower people by giving them access to tools that can be used to monitor their health.

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What Services Do They Provide at Walkinlab.com?

The company provides direct access testing to consumers, and these tests cover a wide range of categories. The tests that the company offers its clients include allergy tests, anti-aging tests, immunology tests, liver function tests, diabetes blood tests, hormone tests, stress and fatigue tests, thyroid tests, cardiovascular tests, and drug and alcohol tests.

In addition, the website also offers cancer screening blood tests, tests for the digestive system, vitamin, and nutrition blood tests, STD blood tests, and infectious disease blood tests.

The company also provides tests that are specific to men, and those that are specific to women

How Does WalkinLab Work?

Walk in Lab review

The first step in using the services at WalkinLab.com is to order for the tests online. You will find a wide array of tests available on the website, and all you have to do is select the ones that you need. Add the test (s) to the cart, create an account or login to your account, and then proceed to checkout. There is no need for a doctor’s order for any of these tests, and you can order them at your own discretion.

The next step is to visit a local laboratory where you will provide the sample required by the lab technicians to carry out the requested tests. You will receive an email that requests you to login to your account and print the Lab Order associated with your purchase. Carry this order with you when you visit the laboratory.

Once the results of the test are ready, you will receive an email notification alerting you that the results are ready. You will then be required to login into the account you created on the website to view the results. You will find them under the ‘Confidential Lab Record’ tab in the main page of your account.

When will my results be ready?

Your results will be ready within one or two days after the lab has conducted the test on the sample that you provided.

Check this video to know how Walk In Lab work:

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What Makes Walk In Lab Different to Other STD Testing Services?

Several aspects make Walk In Lab different to the other STD testing services online. For starters, the company provides a quick turnaround of the results. You will have your results within one or two days after the tests have been conducted. This is a remarkable feat considering that other websites usually take on average 3-5 business days to release your test results back to you.

In addition, Walk In Lab also prides itself in maintaining the utmost confidentiality of your STD results. You will not have to worry about third party access to your results because the website only gives access to these results to you. You will need to login to your account every time you would like to view the results. This means that your employer or insurance agency, or any other third party will never have access to your STD results thereby promoting and maintaining your privacy and confidentiality.

Furthermore, WalkinLab also provides you with a convenient mode of testing any number of diseases in a bid to keep your health in check. You do not require any doctor’s orders because the company always provides a doctor’s order with every test that you order. In addition, the company will help you find the laboratory that is nearest to you through its innovative ‘Lab Locator’ technology. You will also have access to your results online without having to visit a doctor or anywhere else to access them.

Lastly, you should choose your STD tests from Walk-In Lab because the company offers these tests at highly affordable rates. There are no hidden processing fees, and the company offers its tests at up to 85% less than other laboratories. Furthermore, the website also offers tests to individuals without insurance at affordable prices.


All the HIPPA policies are strictly followed. No one can access your results without your permission. Your payments are also secure as they are partnered with Braintree.


No insurance is needed as the tests have around 85% lower rates than normal lab tests.

A Few Walk in Lab Review from Real Customers:

Here are a few original Walk in Lab customer reviews from other review sites:

Joshua B. – yelp.com said:

“Been several times over the years. Have been mostly satisfied with the results. They have treated me for many things (none of which they diagnosed as allergies). I have only had positive experiences…”

giantsfan – resellerratings.com said:

“They deliver what they promise: a very inexpensive way of getting blood tests. You take they invoice that they generate to any Labcorp location…”

Walk In Lab Review – Final Thought

Walk In Lab is one of the most prominent direct access testing websites on the Internet presently. The website provides a wide array of laboratory testing services to its customers to help ensure that they have control over their health. The company offers affordable, convenient, and confidential testing services to its customers. Hurry and order a test from the company now and get a special Walk-in Lab coupon code to redeem.

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WalkinLab Coupon Code

Get up to 15% OFF all your orders at Walkinlab.com with our special Walk in Lab promo code below.

WalkinLab Coupon Code

Get up to 15% OFF all your orders at Walkinlab.com with our special Walk in Lab promo code below.

(Walk In Lab Promo Code & Review)

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