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The perfect laboratory settings are difficult to find in the normal scenarios. For most people, the inconvenience of having to make appointments and waiting in line simply does not sit well. The laboratory visits also have one major disadvantage, the seeming lack of secrecy. Health matters are sensitive more so for the sexual health which needs laboratory testing the most. This is why online testing service such are those offered by LetsGetChecked come in handy. Read our LetsGetChecked home STD test review to know more about this top STI testing services. Check our LetsGetChecked discount coupons for Simple 2, Basic 3, Standard 5, Common 10…etc.

An In-depth Review of LetsGetChecked Home STD Test

Who are They?

LetsGetChecked discount couponLetsGetChecked is a company based in Ireland but with a presence in the USA. The company provides laboratory services in the various centers countrywide. Their online platform allows the client to easily access laboratory services and even collect the samples at home. LetsGetChecked mostly deals in STI testing and even provide self-collection kits for the client to do the collection of samples right in their homes. Their efforts ensure that the laboratory testing services are more accessible to the individual client.

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Why Should I Choose LetsGetChecked Home STD Tests?

Matters of sexual health require discretion or so do most people prefer. This is, however, is hard to maintain the normal walk-in laboratory setting. While using the LetsGetChecked platform, you have a guarantee for discretion in the packaging of the test kit and all personnel handling your test results and samples. The platform ensures you receive the results within two to five days. Additionally, the STD test kits are accurate and the kits are self-collectible. You, therefore, do not have to get out of your house to collect your samples or receive your results.

What STD Testing Options is Offered at LetsGetChecked.com?

The customer can order each of the test kits, which also come with self-collection devices directly from the LetsGetChecked website. The kits come with a prepaid envelope for mailing backs the samples or results. Once the affiliated laboratories receive your samples you can expect the results within two to five days. The option for STD testing includes the Basic 2 Panel, Basic 3 Panel, Standard 5 Panel, and the Complete 10. The test screen for a different number of STIs increasingly from Basic 2 to Complete 10 panels. LetsGetChecked provides the following STD Testing options:

  1. Simple 2

LetsGetChecked simple 2 review

This test screens for gonorrhea and chlamydia, which are among the most commonly known STIs. These two have a characteristic of not showing symptoms until it is too late. When the symptoms finally show up the situation may have already gotten out of hand. The symptoms include pelvic inflammatory disease, epididymis among others that all could lead to infertility in both men and women. This is why you need to take this test in case you suspect contact with these tow STIs or you have an active sex life. The test requires a minimum of 3 weeks after intercourse for the most accurate results. You can order this test directly from the website for only $99.

  1. Basic 3

LetsGetChecked home STD test review

This test adds Trichomoniasis to those in the Simple 2 test. Trichomoniasis too is an undetectable STI in its early stages and may cause adverse health effects if left undetected. However, with early detection and treatment, the infection causes the patient little to no trouble. This is why one needs regular STI testing more so when one as a sexually active life. This three-panel test option provides you with accurate results if taken within three weeks after intercourse. The results sent to your user account come with a consultancy option with the various physician affiliated to LetsGetChecked.

  1. Standard 5

This test covers five STIs same as those covered by hospitals and government health schemes. Apart from those on the Basic 3, this Standard 5 test adds syphilis, hepatitis B, and HIV. These are among the most common STIs and most have adverse effects on your not only sexual health but also general body health. These STIs can even lead to severe infertility cases if they go undetected or untreated. Regular testing ensures early detection and prevents the transmission cases to your spouse.

  1. Common 10

Common 10 home std test

This is the most comprehensive STI testing panel available on the Lets Get Checked website (https://www.letsgetchecked.com/) and it provides through screening of virtually all common STIs. This at home STD test adds Gardnerella, Ureaplasma, Mycoplasma, and herpes 1 and 2 to the list of STIs tested on the Standard 5 test panel. Some conditions like the Mycoplasma and Ureaplasma are uncommon in the normal laboratories and clinic tests. This option is best for cases where you need a full STI check, which also gives insight on any underlying conditions that would not come up in a normal test.

How Does LetsGetChecked At-home STD Testing Work?

After creating your account, you can go ahead and order your specific test. To complete the order you need to use your specific activation key to authorize the test kit. You receive the test kit at your doorstep and you can then follow the easy sample collection instructions. The STD test kits come with a prepaid packaging with which you can mail the samples to an affiliated laboratory. Once received at the laboratory you should expect your results back in two to five days. This comes with support and consultation options depending on the test results.

Check this video to know how LetsGetChecked sexual health testing from home works.

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When Will I Get The STI Test Results?

LetsGetChecked as a myriad of affiliated laboratories and you can be sure to have your results back quicker. Depending on how fast you results in rec the laboratory, the results take two to five days to reflect on your user account. A registered nurse follows up with a call in case your results are positive to support and treatment options.

What Makes Letsgetchecked at Home STD Test Different From Others?

Sexual health is a private matter and may prefer to have their tests discreetly. The Lets Get Checked platform provides discretion in the delivery of STI test kits and results. The only parties’ privy to your information is the laboratory physician and yourself. The platform requires your authorization to disclose any health information to third parties unless in the case of HIV. In this case, it is a law requirement to notify the health board. Additionally, the website has the fastest results turnaround thus; you do not have to wait for long periods to receive your test results.

A Few LetsGetChecked Home STD Test Reviews from Real Customers:

Here are some of real LetsGetChecked customer reviews on home STD test kits from other review sites:

Good service – product/tester kit well packaged and explained. Follow-up phone call professional. Would use again…Andrew from www.stdtestcompare.com.


Great service, fast and confidential. The follow up call from the nurse is also great…Mark from www.trustpilot.com.

LetsGetChecked Home STD Test Review – Bottom Line

Sexually transmitted infections are no lit matter and it is a person’s responsibility to maintain their health always. While the trip to your local clinic or STD testing facility may be, cause for shyness online testing option is easier to approach. You can now order a test, collect the samples in your own home comfort, and eventually receive the results without setting a foot outside. Such are the conveniences of the digital age. Please check our special Let’s Get Checked Home STD Test discount coupons to save your money at checkout.

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