Finding The Best At Home STD Test Service

Internet has provided so many benefits to the society. From books to clothes, everything is available online. Different types of services are also obtainable in a single mouse click. One of these services is at-home STD test service. Now you can know about your STD status without leaving the ease of your house.

What is At Home STD Test Service?

At Home STD Test service is the confidential and safest available option that allows you to test whether you are suffering from any sexually transmitted disease or not. It helps you to know your STD status without visiting your doctor. It is embarrassing for the people to go to the clinics for STD checking; for these diseases being private is better.

Home STD tests are done by taking the urine or blood samples or by swabbing. The test results are available immediately or in less than a week, depending on the type of test. The testing kits have complete instruction with the proper instructions that are required to conduct the test. The secrecy of the results is the major aim of home STD test service.

When Should to Take a STD Test at Home?

At Home STD Test Service

A STD test becomes necessary for the person who becomes sexually active. People who are around the age of twenty-five are at increased risk of getting STD. Having multiple sex partners increase the chance of countering STD many folds. However, it doesn’t mean that having a single partner doesn’t make you vulnerable.

Even if you get the STD, your routine medical checkup might not help in detecting the problem. STDs remain silent in the body for long and may show the symptoms when it becomes too late. Common STD symptoms are abdominal pain, genital lesions, troublesome urinating, abnormal genital discharge and bumps. If you counter any one or few of these symptoms, it is vital that you go for home STD testing right away. It will not only help you to detect the problem before it affects your body, but also leads to proper diagnosis for better health.

Benefits of At Home STD Test Service?

At home STD test service has numerous benefits; home based STD test service:

  • Puts privacy at the top; if you are infected, you don’t have to feel embarrassed in front of others
  • Leads to end of suspicion and initiation of comfort from the ease of your home
  • Provides enough time to make the right decisions for yourself
  • Offers convenient and fear free testing
  • Proposes availability of the medical staff over the phone or internet for consultation
  • Keeps all the information confidential without showing anything on insurance records and bills
  • Eliminates unnecessary visits to the labs and doctor’s clinic

What Kind of STD Test Can Be Done At Home?

The most common tests for STDs involve the common STDs that are known to man.

You can do a test for Gonorrhea and Chlamydia. You can also get tested for HIV, Syphilis, Hepatitis, genital herpes, and HPV.

There are many types of STD tests that can be done at home. Oral swabs tests, pricking tests, saliva tests and urine tests are some of the ways in which STD tests can be done at home.

How Does At Home STD Test Work?

At home STD testing is very simple and convenient. It is designed in a way to provide easy screening methods from the ease of the home. That’s how it works:

  • Order Online: Open your PC or laptop, and place your order. No need to take the appointment or wait for the test in the lab
  • Home Testing: It is just a matter of mere 5 minutes. Read the instructions, collect your sample and mail it
  • Get Results: The results are same and accurate as done in the lab
  • Free consultation: After receiving the results, directly call the suggested physician and discuss your results

Finding The Best At Home STD Test Services:

STDs are becoming more common phenomena that occur amongst people nowadays. There are many ways that STDs can be transmitted and some of them are not as prominent as we would think. Given that contracting an STD is as easy as contracting a common cold, there is a great need for knowing your status at least once in a year. Thanks to technological advancement, taking a test for STDs can be done right at your home using an STD test kit, without you having to physically visit a medical doctor. When you search online, there are many home STD test services available. Some are highly reputable because of the benefits and accuracy they offer. The top at home STD test services are as follow:

myLAB offers another easy STD testing service. It provides easy home STD testing service that involves collecting the sample at home in the home based collecting kit and mailing it back to the lab. Just order online and receive the complete or selective kit for any desired STD. Get lab certified test results within 1-5 days. If your test results turned out positive, get the free consultation from the top physicians. They use FDA approved technology for testing STDs.

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Get 20% OFF on your myLAB Box home STD test kit order + Free shipping at offers STD testing service from the ease of your home. They offer appointment 7 days a week from 5 a.m. to 8 p.m. You need to set an appointment on your suitable place and time. On the scheduled time, a lab collection specialist will arrive to collect your blood or urine sample. The whole process will not take more than 15 minutes.

The person who will arrive at your doorstep is a medical certified professional. Only after providing identification, he/she will initiate the procedure. During the whole process, your privacy will remain the top priority. You will get your results in less than three business days.

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Common 10 home std offers easily at home STI test kits.  It has so many testing methods in their product range. LetsGetChecked provides the best way to the customer to take a STD test without going to the health center. It makes things easy and less complicated.

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At home STD test service is a convenient and easy way to know your STD status. STD testing is important for you and yours partner’s health. STDs lie within the body without showing symptoms, so it is always better to test before it gets too late. Different services are available online. Take the advantage today without being embarrassed.

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